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Three is a Crowd

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Lucas is the perfect boyfriend anyone can have. Agatha is so lucky to have him and a lot of women envy her. He's a total hottie ad a lot of girls are going crazy for his great looks and oozing sex appeal. He's also very generous about anything and that means everything. Henry is a handsome guy with a prince-like aura. Many girls are also crazy about him but he's not just interested in anyone. He is Lucas's best friend and his most trusted pal. So when Agatha met Henry, Lucas saw how she looked at him. He immediately has an idea to have a threesome with him. They all went into his vacation house to give Henry as his gift for Agatha. He seems to like the idea of seeing his best friend satisfying his girlfriend. He's cool with that because he likes playing games with other girls in bed too. Agatha always agrees to his idea and it's time for him to give her a treat. It's all fun and games between the three of them until Lucas needs to go for a business trip. He left Agatha under Henry's care with special instruction to keep her satisfied. That means that Henry and Agatha can play with each other while he's gone.  But Lucas forgot to consider that his best friend and his girlfriend can fall in love. When he returns, Agatha is already crazy about Henry instead of him. Will Lucas share Agatha's heart as well with his best friend? Or will he take back what is rightfully his?

Erotica / Romance
Jaymie Suh
Age Rating:

Erotic Fantasy

"Ooh...baby...you feel so hot!" Lucas said while banging me so hard.

"Lucas...fuck me harder...Ohhh...yes!" I replied to his dirty talk in between my moans.

"Ohhh...fuck…" Lucas growled trying to stop himself from cumming first.

"I'm so close...fuck me more...Ohhh...I'm cumming…" I screamed at the top of my lungs and exploded while he's still fucking me.

That's what Lucas is waiting for so that he can also release his cum inside. He fucks me some more and shoots his cum to my pulsating entrance. My pussy seems to recognize his orgasm and close around him to milk his dick a little more.

Lucas collapsed on top of me and I hugged him tightly. That was another mind-blowing orgasm that I had ever since I dated him. We met at a party last year. One of my friends introduced us and we fuck at our first meeting.

I don't normally do that but Lucas is so hot and my panties come off without even noticing it. His hands are skilled to take off any clothes from a woman's body. When his hands start to linger since it means that you will be having an exploding orgasm afterward.

We started playing around with each other for a few months before deciding to be exclusive. I never dated a guy like him before so I agreed right away. He can make me cum by just whispering dirty talks in my ear. So being his girlfriend is an honor.

He's very adventurous when it comes to sex. We kept a list of hot girls that we both wanted to sleep with and contacted them one by one for a threesome. I guess I'm a bi-sexual since I like tits and pussy as much as balls and dicks.

But Lucas is a jealous guy and he doesn't want to share me with another guy. That's understandable and I don't mind if we just sleep with some women instead. He always tells me that his dick is should be the only one that will enter my pink pussy.

"Agatha, baby!" Lucas called me out of memory lane.

He's still on top of me and wraps between my arms. This is how he likes it after sex. His weight on top of me and me hugging him like a baby. I can feel his dick is stiffening again when he calls my name.

"Yes, baby?" I responded.

"Do you remember my best friend Henry?" He asks in a bedroom voice.

"Yeah, the one who is in the US?" I asked just to make sure.

"Right, that one! He will be back next week and settle here for his job. Do you want to meet him?" He asked and rolled on my side.

Lucas grabs me and I roll over on top of him. Now he wants my weight on his body and holds me to his right arm. I'm not sure where this conversation is going but we kissed first before I replied to his question.

"That's cool! Why do you want us to meet each other?" I curiously ask.

"You have been very cool about having threesomes with other girls. How about I let my best friend fucks your pussy as I watch? He smiled widely with his idea.

I got a little excited because from what I can remember, Henry is very handsome. Not to mention, getting fucked with two men is my ultimate sexual fantasy. Having his best friend's dick inside me is not a bad idea.

"Are you sure about that? I mean, you don't have to do it if you feel uncomfortable with that idea." I secretly wish he will say yes.

"Yes, I'm sure about that! I've known him since we were kids. He's clean and has a decent size of cock. It's my gift for both of you." He's really into it.

"Are we inviting other girls as well?" I ask just to make sure.

"Of course, not! You can have me and Henry by yourself." He said and I can feel that his dick is now hard as steel again.

"Are you getting turned on thinking about me getting fucked by your best friend?" I ask him while teasing his dick with my pussy.

"Hell, yes! I wonder how hard he will cum when he feels you inside. Your pussy is very hot, baby!" He said and slipped his dick inside of me.

I ride him and go up and down on top of him. It's one of our quiet nights when we don't have another girl around. During this time, I can have his dick multiple times the entire night. He's a horny guy and can rise to the occasion easily.

"Do you want me to ride Henry like this?" I ask him since I know it's turning him on so much.

"You dirty slut! Do you want to ride him like this as well?" He asked and slapped one of my butt cheeks.

"Ooohhh...I want to ride his dick like this. Then you can fuck my ass too!" I replied while feeling good about the mix of pain and pleasure.

"That's my girl!" He said and rolled me to bed. "Go on all fours so I can fuck you deeper! You horny slut!" He told me and I complied.

Lucas pushed his long dick inside of me in one move. I almost cum prematurely because he went too deep. His dick can find my g-spot in every position. But banging me on doggie style can make me feel his whole length. He has a huge dick that fills my pussy completely.

He humped me like there's no tomorrow with the thought of his best friend fucking me. I also seem to be turned on with that idea. He calls me a dirty slut a few more times while fucking me deep and hard. Then we both cum at the same time. When he pulled out his dick, some of his cum spilled on my thighs.

"Have yourself ready for next week! You will get two dicks fucking that hot pussy of yours!" He reminded me.

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