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Dahlia is alluring, witty, sociable, creative, and high maintenance nonetheless. The love bug had stuck and she found herself in another romance entanglement… Ivy is beautiful, classy, intelligent, sophisticated, Practical and Hard Working. She would do anything to make her marriage work even if that meant killing someone… Cataleya Lane is very attractive and good looking. She has a beauty and charm not a lot of people carry for themselves. Having grown bored in her relationship, she craved something new and exciting. She gets her very wish… but usually what we want doesn’t always come in the best packages… Gianna Delator is smart, flirty, fiery, passionate, and spontaneous. Her creative and warm hearted nature landed her in a situation she’s not sure she can get out of. While facing her marital issues…she managed to fall in love with someone unexpected. Neurotic is Passionate, pleasurable, & promiscuous. It tells a story about how one's imagination can go too far. Author Nye has written an hypnotic novel that captures the attention of her readers.

Erotica / Romance
Nye Butterfly
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I grabbed my phone from off the nightstand and cut it off. It was 5:30 a.m to be exact and I usually woke up this early. I slowly got out of my king sized bed and went into the bathroom that's connected to my bedroom.

I didn't need a huge bed, nor did I have a man to share it with, but I did love the space. Truth is I've never trusted men and it all began with my father Ishmael De La Garza. One day I came home early from school and saw my dad in bed with another woman.

After I told my mother, he moved out and we only saw him on the weekends. Eventually he just stopped coming around and I came to the conclusion that he was a coward.

I'm not an only child and my older sister Ivy, who was seven years older than me, was raised in New York by our mother Daphne. We both have our mother's beauty and the same hazel-green eye color as our father.

As quick- witted as I was, I managed to make the worst decisions when it came to love. I wish I could say I was married and have children, but that would be a lie. In fact I was very much single and I hated it. Love wasn't perfect, and neither was my relationship...

Instead of taking a shower, I slipped on some workout clothes and headed down stairs to my at home gym. After I had my workout, I took a shower. As I stood under the shower head, I got dressed for work. I wasn't one of those boring lawyers who wore suits and penny loafers. I loved to dress up and my hair always looked damn good.

My outfit for today was a red illusion dress that came down to my thick thighs. My hair had bouncy flirty curls from the flex I rods I placed in my hair the night before. Lastly I put my signature M.A.C Ruby Woo on my lips and a pair nude daffodile Louboutins.

For breakfast I made us my famous Strawberry cheesecake French toast. It was our favorite and we ate it almost every morning. My heels clicked along the floor as I went to my seven year old daughter Dakota's bedroom.

"Come on Mamas it's time to get up for school" I said to seven year old daughter Dakota.

She was a spitting image of her father Luke, with the same eye color as me. Around seven we headed out the door and I dropped Dakota off at school. I didn't have to be at work until ten so as I did every morning, I drove to my boyfriend's house. When I rang the doorbell and his handsome face peered in the doorway.

"...Hey," I smiled.


I kissed him and walked inside. He was tall, handsome, almond complexion, waves, deep set eyes...had the body of a god, and did I mention he was very much well endowed.

Just half way up the stairs I peek back at him, before I disappeared into his bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed and gave him a view of my freshly wax pussy. With my index finger in my mouth I sucked on it and put it into my wet pussy.

His dick was long, thick, and hard and I could see it through his shorts. I smirked and pulled out my red fur handcuffs. After I unlocked them he cuffed my wrist tightly.

He placed his dick in my mouth and sucked. I gagged, choking his dick. I gagged again, he fucked my face faster. When he put his dick in me, I gasped from the stroke.

"...Mmm" I panted as he fucked the shit out of me.

My walls tightened around his dick from my orgasm and I came.

It was never my intention to fall in love with him. We met at a nearby dog park, when his Golden Retriever ran over to me and my Yorkie Bentley. When the handsome man came over, I knew for sure I was in trouble...
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