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Biblical Sins

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She’s praying but it’s not to the father .

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"Perfect," he groaned. "You are perfect." He sank his teeth into her ass, hard, drawing blood. "And now you wear my mark," he finished proudly. "Your ass is mine."
― Hanna Lui,


"Forgive me father for I have sinned" I said steering my piercing grey eyes at the red curtain that separates me from the poor bastard that must listen to my most recent sins.

"Continue" a deep unexpecting voice answers from the other side.

I squeeze my legs shut at the command of the priest.

" My last confession was six days ago" I pause then when I hear nothing back, I continue.

"I love getting naked and showing off my body. when I'm home alone I stand in front of the mirror and admire the blush tinted color of my nipples that sit perfectly on my plump soft breast. I love the way my ass is molded perfectly into a tan globe that is neither too big nor too small. And I especially love teasing my divorced neighbor. "I said getting excited in the cold pew that rubbed against my thin lace panties every time I moved.

The coldness teased my sensitive bud pulling me to the edge of a premature orgasm. It only excited me more being aware I was in the presence of god and the poor priest who probably never seen let alone touched a pussy before in his life.

At this point I thought 'fuck the confession' and with a sinful smile on my face I reached down and pulled my now soaked black panties down , spreading my legs to give my fingers more access to my leaking cunt.

A quiet grunt could be heard from the other side of the confessional as I let out a loud moan and slid one finger into my greedy cunt.

I was wet, I knew it and from the sound of my fast-paced fingers working my soaking cunt so could the priest next door.

I let out a few more moans as I added another finger working them even faster to get my high. I didn't realize my eyes were closed until the ripping of the confession curtain startled them open.

A youthful priest with tattoos climbing up his neck and a huge raging boner stood in front where the curtain used to be.

I didn't stop, I worked my fingers faster staring into his lust filled green eyes. I was close but so far. I tempted the priest to join me.

I wanted him to touch me, I wanted him to sin with me.

He grabbed a hold of my wrist and pulled my fingers into his mouth staring into my eyes daring me to pull away. My breath hitched I never seen anything sexier.

With a hand on the back of my neck he pulled me to him capturing my lips with his own. He tugged the bottom lip with his teeth a short distraction he used as he insert two thick fingers pumping them into me with a raw dominance, I didn't know a man of god could possess.

As quickly as my high came I was thrown back down to earth as he grabbed me by my hips and instructed me to grab a hold of the pew.

my ass was facing him and my lust drunk face facing the long-forgotten bible.

I could almost laugh; adultery couldn't compare to the sinful fucking we were both about to endure.

He threw the clerical collar to the cold church floor and stripped off his robe.

I wiggled my ass teasing him, taunting him.

He grabbed a hold of my hips once more pulling me to what I assumed to be his rugged handsome face.

There were no sounds from me that sounded even remotely human as he thrusted his thick tongue into me.

I gripped the pew head harder while slowly pushing my pussy further on his face.

He added one finger curving it upwards as he sucked on my clit, that's what finally pushed me over the edge.

I came hard as he lapped up my juices with his impressively skilled tongue.

He wasn't done, not even close.

It had barely been a moment when jerked my hips upwards and slammed his rock-hard cock into my unexpecting pussy.

I wasn't complaining.

I let out a prayer "forgive me father".

I was a moaning mess.

I could hardly hear what he said over my own moans of pleasure.

"Storm not god, if anyone is going to fuck you into forgiveness it's going to be daddy not the father." he groaned speeding up his relentless thrusts.

We fucked, groaning and moaning in sync for twenty more minutes. I've had six orgasms since then when he thrusted one final time Cumming hard onto my sweaty shined back.

I slumped against the pew as Storm picked up the clerical collar and robe slipping them back on then proceeding to pick up my long-disregarded panties and placing them into his pocket.

I silently stared, thoroughly fucked with the dull delicious pain still throbbing between my legs.

He turned to me with a sexy smirk crookedly stretched across his face and said " "God has forgiven your sins. Go in peace."

I tiredly mumbled "Thanks be to God", as I watched him walk out of sight taking my confession and five hundred-dollar black laced panties with him.
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