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“What happened?” Dorian questioned Ezekiel, the second they exited the room where Kazan— who is in a critical condition, is undergoing treatment by some of the pack’s best healers.

“That stray... She bit him.” Ezekiel lowered his head in shame. After all, he blames himself for the tragedy that befell his alpha, his best friends and big brother. Therefore, he didn’t dare look his grandfather —whose probably disappointed in him — in the eyes.

If he had known it would turn out this way, then he wouldn’t have let the alpha meet this girl. He should have killed her. “I failed to protect the alpha, grandfather. Please punish this useless grandson of yours.”

Dorian sighed deeply before saying, “What’s done is done.” He wanted to scold little Ezekiel for allowing something like this to happen under his watch, but the poor kid is already beating up himself over the tragedy. That’s punishment enough.

“Is he going to be alright, grandfather?” Ezekiel’s voice was soft, filled with sorrow and guilt as he asked.

“Well, some of our top healers are doing their best to keep him alive.”

“I don’t understand. It’s just a bite.So why is he in such a severe condition? Why is he not healing?”

“Be at ease, my child.” Dorian patted the troubled Ezekiel’s head to comfort him. “I assure you. The alpha won’t die.”

“How can you be so sure?” Did his grandfather know something he doesn’t? Now that Ezekiel thinks about it, his grandfather is behaving rather calm over the whole situation. That is unusual.

“Where is the stray girl? You didn’t kill her, right?”

“I wanted to, but I was so concern with Kaz. I had her locked away in the dungeon. Why?”

“Take me to her.” Dorian commanded.

“Alright.” Ezekiel did as his grandfather ordered. And with their speed, it took them only a few seconds to arrive down in the dungeon where the stray is imprisoned.

“Please tell me you at least bring something down here for me to eat.” Leah groaned while rubbing her stomach. “I’m starving.”

“What the hell have you done to Kaz?” Ezekiel interrogated. This stray reminds him of how much he fucked up, so of course he was upset by the sight of her. Right now, he’s barely managing to keep himself under control. In fact, if his grandfather wasn’t there, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill her.

“Kaz? Is that something to eat?” Leah played dumb. She knew the little twerp was asking about that arrogant young alpha brat, who almost succeeded in killing her. Now he’s the one in the process of dying. Serve him right.

“You bitch!” Ezekiel had finally lost it and made after Leah. However, Dorian get in his way and he backed down.

“The symptoms the young alpha is displaying;extreme pain and constant fainting. The inability to self-heal, which I assumed is only temporary. Those are all signs that a lycan is in the process of being claimed by force. So I think it’s safe to say that you have claimed the young alpha, right?” Dorian voiced his speculation after a brief thought.

“Claimed?” Ezekiel uttered puzzled by his grandfather’s illogical assessment of the situation the alpha is currently undergoing. He might not know the technique or spell that stray used to harm Kaz. But he’s a hundred percent sure, that stray did not claim his alpha. After all, it is common knowledge that only a male Lycan can claim a female, not the other way around.So why would his grandfather, the wisest man he knows, come to such a bizarre conclusion?

“I know it is taught that only the males of the Lycan species can claim a female. But there are rare cases where a female can actually claim a male.” Dorian said, which stunned and confused Ezekiel even more. He then questioned Leah. “Who are you exactly? Which pack are you associated with? You can tell me willing, or I can strip you of your garment and let your mark tell me that.”

Ugh! That’s the last thing Leah wants to happen right now, her mark exposed. It will only bring her unwanted trouble. And now that she is this weakened, death if the wrong person learns who she really is.

“You think I claimed that, arrogant little punk?” Leah glared hard at the old dog with the physiques of an appealing young man for a moment before she shook her head and chuckled. “That’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. That brat was trying to kill me, so I’ve decided to take him down with me. But this little coward bastard here." She pointed at Ezekiel. "He attacked me out of nowhere before I could finish that pup. Humph, are all the men of this pack cowards who bully defenceless and innocent young girls?”

“You.” Ezekiel snarled.

“Ezekiel, leave us alone.” Dorian ordered.

“But grandfather—”


Ezekiel lowered his head, then leave.

“You are from one of the five first bloodlines, correct?” Dorian concluded after a few moments of thought. “Only special females birthed from any one of these strong bloodlines can claim a male Lycan. So which one is it? White Clover, Yellow Spade, Golden Hearts, Blue Diamond or the Emerald Ace?”

“Blue Diamond? Emerald Ace? Are those perhaps something you eat?” Leah asked, seemingly clueless about his statement.

“You are from the White Clover pack, right?”

“I’m just some unlucky stray that got caught by a pack that bully defenceless young girls,” Leah replied. "Have you no shame?”

“Alright, I won’t question this matter any further.” After all, Dorian now has the answer to the questions he sought. However, if that turn out to be the case, then her truth will definitely bring trouble to his pack — his alpha if the wrong person should uncover it.

“Does that mean you are letting me go now?”

“Well, that is for my alpha to decide,” Dorian answered.

“Then just kill me right now.” If that bratty alpha does somehow survive her spirit death bite, which is highly unlikely, there is no way he would ever let her live. But if this old dog is right about her claiming that little punk, then him killing her would only be his demised as well.

Leah doesn’t know toomuch about the claiming process, but she does know that when a lycan claim another. They share a bond stronger than love and deeper than hatred. Well, according to her decease father, that is.

But she’s very sure that’s not the case here. You see, her spirit death bite is a technique taught to her by her mother. And she had strict orders not to use it, unless she is in a life and death situation. Call it a trump card if you will.

As for what the spirit bite does. Well, it basically allows her to invade the soul of anyone who falls victim to her bite and take them out from the inside out— not claim them.

“I would like to do so more than ever. Unfortunately, my alpha’s fate is now bound to yours.”

“Argh! That again,” Leah uttered, annoyed.

“I’ll send someone in with a meal asap. So until then, sit tight.” Dorian stealthily leaves the dungeon.

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