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Legend of the Goddesses

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It was a known fact that there were other worlds like earth out there, but it wasn't considered a threat until now. An alien race, far stranger and stronger than humans alone was ruled by one king who reigned in fear would stop at nothing to find one woman who he believed had escaped to earth. A woman with powers and abilities that were far superior to his own...Not a woman at all but the guardian of the ocean, the moon goddess herself. In a time long forgotten she helped maintain peace between the goddesses of that world and kept other kings from overstepping their boundaries. She was revered, respected, and feared. Stormy, a woman with a very strong personality was one of the girls captured and had killed quite a few of her captures. King Rohan quickly realized that she would a great asset to him, he just needed to teach her a few things and transform her into something of beauty. note-I started age of the goddesses a while ago and was going to write some more but couldn't sign into my account for some reason so I have a new account and have continued writing it haha...

Erotica / Fantasy
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The Lady in Red

“Your excellency, you know the legend. It is only a matter of time until the goddess returns to us and destroys us all. Surely after how we have treated humankind, she will not look kindly upon us.” An old man bowed as he advised the king. King Rohan was surrounded by four of his sex slaves. He lazy sat in his throne, his hand stroking the head of a woman sitting beside his throne.

“Relax old man, I have my best spies working on it right now. If she does show up, I’ll make her head of my secret service. If she refuses, I’ll simply kill her just like the last time. The moon goddess is no threat.” He dismissed the man’s concern, but in time it would kick King Rohan in the royal ass. Proving his undoing.

“Yes, your majesty.” He bowed and exited the throne room, “Old fool...” He muttered to himself. Suddenly a woman dressed in nothing but leather pants and bra walked straight into the throne room with such confidence that one would think she owned the place. The king watched her with interest, but knew in a matter of moments she would be killed by his guard. Yet when they tried to capture her, she only looked at them and they fell to their knees.

“Impressive woman. Why are you here?” Rohan asked amused,

“I know where your moon goddess might be.” She stated flatly and grinned. That got his attention and this mysterious woman with pink eyes and bloodshot red hair nearly made him have an erection right then and there. He wanted to touch her, feel her curves...

“Do you go on my young temptress” Rohan placed his face in his right hand and waited.

“I know for a fact that you killed the goddess all those years ago, but I also know she had a baby girl that was hidden. I know she gave her baby to a human boy and ordered them to take the baby to another place. A place much more peaceful than this world, a world ruled by humankind.” This woman crawled under his skin. He growled at her and wondered how in the world she knew this information. When Rohan had defeated the moon goddess 500 hundred years prior, he made sure no one knew yet this woman knew. She more than he liked and she would have to dealt with, yet she could be a serious asset.

“How do you know this.” The king questioned crossing his arms.

“Because. I heard her say it.” Rohan was very perplexed and stood up, “Who are you?!” He screamed in fear and anger. He knew that the only way for a woman to be alive after all this time would have to be a goddess herself or something close to it. The mysterious woman smiled and walked closer to the king,

“My name is Freyja and I’m the last remaining daughter from the goddess Venus. I want the child of the great moon goddess to come back home. That is what I want, and what I will get.” Freyja stared the king straight in the eye and waited for him to answer. The king smiled and paused,

“Venus, Goddess of lust and sex. Interesting.” He stroked his manly chin and continued, “What do you want with this child?”

“Look around you, your people are ruled with fear. The world is suffering, namely the great oceans. With the moon goddess gone the oceans are dying and life with it. If this child doesn’t return we will all suffer.”

“Oh please! Spare me the speech about saving this wretched world. There’s something more at play. You’re a demigoddess of love for crying out loud. You don’t put effort into something unless you care deeply for that thing....Now tell me, who are you doing this for my little Freyja.” He asked with a husky voice. This king was playing a game with her and waiting for her turn. He loved toying with women, making them weak and under his control. Freyja smiled sweetly and tilted her head to the side,

“You don’t disappoint Rohan.” She paused and shifted her weight, “But I don’t need to tell you my motives. You are in no position to question little king. I know more than you, and you need my help. The fact of the matter is, your royal ass is deep in mud and you need a woman to get you out.” Freyja smiled sweetly and raised her head. She knew she was winning. She had brought many men and women to their knees before and he was no different. Rohan growled louder stood up quite suddenly.

“It’s not smart to anger the most powerful man on planet Norasea, Freyja!” He growled and his eyes started glowing bright yellow. Freyja loved to make men squeal, to make them weak. She laughed and her eyes glowed brighter pink,

“Oh Rohan, I love making men weak. It’s what I do, and you’re no different. Now, do we have a deal?” She crossed her arm over her chest, spread her legs in a confident manner, and waited. She already knew what he would do and say, no man was able to resist her before and she was a little impressed this king was able to resist her thus far. The king laughed and raised his head,

“You are an incredible woman, but I never make deals with women. There weak and powerless! You will prove no different.” He turned and sat back on his throne without a care in the world. Freyja chuckled,

“You surprise me, your majesty.” She was silent for a solid minute before continuing, “The only reason why I made my presence known to you was because I thought you loved war and sex. I would have thought you would jump at the opportunity to ravage an unknown planet full of an inferior race. But make no mistake, with or without you I will find her. I don’t need you, nor will I ever need you. So don’t kid yourself.” With that, she closed the doors to the throne room behind her and walked away. King Rohan stood up and was absolutely pissed. He realized she was nothing like all the other women he bedded, she was different, she was in control, she oozed sex and he wasn’t gonna let her get away. Rohan stormed out of the throne room and walked down the hall.


Freyja sighed and shook her head. She was disappointed. King Rohan acted like all the other men she had encountered.

“I heard he was fearless and bowed to no one. What a disappointment.” She pouted and walked faster out of the palace gardens. Suddenly she realized there was a bright yellow sort of magic rope around her waist. She poked it and it dissipated. She turned around and cocked her head,

“Don’t you know love is the most powerful thing of all. How disappointing your majesty.” She frowned and sighed. Rohan was clenching his fists and his eyes glowed brighter yellow, his sharp teeth were white and imposing, but this didn’t phase Freyja. She just shrugged and shook her head.

“We weren’t done!” He fumed.

“No you weren’t, but I was. You’re a waste of my valuable time.” she walked away and smirked. Rohan stopped in thought and chuckled.

“I’ve never met a woman able to resist me before. Color me impressed.” He smiled. Freyja turned and returned the smile,

“Get over your royal ass.” She said with attitude which only made him smile wider.

“You like my ass” He stated and stared straight through. Freyja’s eyebrows lifted scoffed, “In your fucking dreams. I’m way out of your league.” There was a long silence between them. Servants and knights alike were watching the scene with much interest. They were making bets whether the king would end her life then and there. Freyja glanced at the crowd in the corner of her eye.

“Well played Freyja.” He was clearly impressed and walked closer to her body making contact, “We have a deal under one condition.” He cocked his head and placed his index finger on her clavicle. She breathed heavier and could feel the electricity.

“What’s your condition?” She grabbed his hand with force and slapped it away, “I’ll allow you to touch me when I give you permission.” Freyja growled and placed her hand on her hip. Rohan swallowed hard and furrowed his eyebrows,

“Stay by my side, please Freyja” He pleaded knowing full well that he was under her power. Rohan liked it more than he would admit. Freyja tilted her head and narrowed her eyes.

She nodded and smirked, “Very well, I’ll play your little game, Rohan. But remember this, I was the one that brought you to your knees and that this woman is powerful and fearless.”

She was cocky and fearless. Freyja walked back into the palace and Rohan followed her bewitched. The servants in the courtyard watched the couple utterly shocked, their mouths hanging open. Never before had they seen a woman make the king beg.

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