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Slave to No One

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"You sure Alex? I'm not one of your flin-." I wanted to make it clear that this was something serious. I would not be friends with benefits but his forefinger stopped my words by pressing them on my lips, "Your not some fling babe. I've been wanted to tell you for so long, but I wanted to make sure you liked me too." His voice was dangerously sexy. He raised his nose to my neck and licked me, kissing me ever so gently. I knew I was going to go limp under his touch in a matter of minutes. I loved the way he touched me, was addicted to this feeling. I whimpered as his fingers teased my folds. My back arched when his rough fingers found my clit and applied pressure. "Babe!" I moaned and screamed at the same time. I felt like my wet pussy was going to explode. I pulled his hair, arched my back and my boobs leaned into his face. "That's it my girl." His voice was raspy and I could sense the passion and feeling behind it. I couldn't believe what was happening right now! He was touching me, holding me teasing me with his touch and I let him! What the hell was wrong with me?!

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I ran so fast through the dark alleys of this great city. I could feel the chill of the night embrace my small body. I felt the sweat trickle down my neck and slowly down my bobbing tits. Damn it, why did I have to have big boobs?! It was really inconvenient in situations like this...I had to get away from him as fast as possible and I could run all night if need be, I was in great shape. Who's chasing me you ask? Funny story really and a bit embarrassing. The memories flooding in even though I tried so hard to repress them, but even so you could really sum it up in one phrase...I fucking hate werewolves.

He was actually my mate and no I was not a submissive human who wanted to be fucked by him. I was not submissive, not in the slightest, I was not fragile. I was bossy, hated being told what to do and I killed people for a living. I was a sick son of a bitch and no one messed with me unless they wanted to be skinned alive of course. I had already been fucked in a previous life, which I hated remembering. I promised myself no one would ever hurt me again. I would be the one hurting them. I would never be taken advantage of again...

I heard his running shoes get closer and I knew he would catch up to me if I wasn't careful. I turned and saw anger in his eyes. His dark handsome face was so manly and tempting. I gasped and quickly ran faster. Why couldn't he just leave me alone....that's it he asked for it.

I knew this city like the back of my hand by now. I made a quick turn and rickashayed up the building like a boss. I smiled and saw his shocked expression.

"Damn baby, your good." He laughed and followed me still.

"What the fucking hell! Stop following me like a lost puppy! Leave me the hell alone or I will hurt you!!" I screamed and jumped off to another building. He jumped too. I kept running but soon came to a dead end.

"Fuck!" I quickly turned only for him to pin me to the ground. Shit! He knew my full abilities and was pretty good at fighting himself, but I didn't train my ass off to be pinned by him.

"I'm your mate Bella and I want you. Fuck I want you-" I maneuvered around his grasp and pinned him to the ground. I planted my ass on his member and felt it bulge between his leather pants, yet my sexual desire wasn't there at all.

"I know you do but I don't feel the same way, so for fucks sake leave me alone!" I yelled in his ear making him wince. I smiled. I loved making men feel vulnerable because for so long I was vulnerable and now I could return the favor.

"You and your goddamn werewolf instincts." I fumed, "All men are the same. They always tell you what you want to hear, fuck you, hurt you then fucking leave. So...I. Am. Not. Interested. Got it?!" I screamed and applied pressure on his wrist feeling the bones crack. He grunted and smiled seductively at me. Oh, God! I was wet with pleasure. No! Shut up I don't want this!

"I can almost taste your juices baby. I am your mate. I can read your mind remember? I know that you've been hurt before but believe me when I tell you that I'm not capable of hurting you. It's against my werewolf instincts, trust me." His voice was so damn sexy, husky, and sarcastic. I blinked twice and knew he was right. He turned me on like no one ever had in that moment. That's why I could never let him have me. I was afraid that after he fucked me, I would fall desperately in love with him and I vowed a long time ago to never let myself love another man again.

"I don't trust you." I cracked his radius and heard a whimper. I knew that one hurt. That was good, maybe he was getting the message that I was not to be trifled with, not to be followed like his fucking prey.

He smiled and sighed, "Fuck, you're an amazing woman." He laughed and closed his eyes. I smiled and took in the compliment. That's right, I was pretty good, wasn't I. I waited for about five seconds before he spoke for the last time,

"Alright baby I'll stop chasing you, but I will always keep an eye on you." He moaned and furrowed his eyebrows. I realized that my ass must have turned him on or something and that moan...wow maybe he really did like me. My mouth twitched and decided to end it. I hit his head against the concrete building which knocked him out long enough for me to escape.

I looked back up to where I left him and sighed, "I'm sorry babe". I really was sorry. He was still my mate and I never wanted to hurt him, but that was the only way to get him off my ass...

I gasped and jerked out of bed. It was a dream and this was reality. I moaned and covered my hands with my face. I had been having the same dream six times in this past week alone. It always played out the same, and every time I felt the need to touch myself...everywhere. Including my wet folds. That man was just too sexy for my own good. What girl in their right mind wouldn't want to spend the rest of their life with him? I would, that's who but something else bothered me. That was me in the dream, I knew it and I had gotten very badly hurt. Why? How? How could I stop it? Was my subconscious trying to tell me something? Well, there was nothing I could do about it now...I needed to pleasure myself. Now.

I began to pinch my nipples and touch myself in all the right ways. I let out a moan when my fingers touched my clit. Going in small quick circles, I felt amazing. Moaning and arching my back I moved my hips up and down. I loved this feeling, but could never make myself cum. I lay on my bed shivering and smiling to myself. I wondered what a dick would feel like inside of me. Yes, I was a freakin virgin and had no one to call mine, but I really wanted someone. For a long time, I had this really bad crush on this boy named Alex. He was a jock, tall, olive-skinned, black wavy hair and green eyes. He was simply beautiful. Alex had been in and out of relationships all throughout high school, none of them serious. He would often sit next to me during lunch and ask for advice on homework and sometimes girls. It was kinda cute and I was flattered he wanted to talk to me about these things. He even kissed me once, but we were just friends and I didn't want to ruin anything so I just shut up. I was just shy and really inexperienced. Plus it didn't help my mother was like really controlling with everything in my life....like really controlling. And that included boys. I had a curfew, had to do my homework, never been to a friend's house, and never talked about boys. To be honest I kinda hated her. I wanted to be free, to fly and experience life but I wasn't of legal age yet so I had to shut up and deal with it.

"Isabella Black! Why aren't you up yet young lady! You'll be late for school!" She fumed. I sighed and pulled the covers away from my chubby naked body. Yup, I was no model but I loved my body. I know I was a little chubby and my mother teased me about it constantly but I didn't care. I couldn't help I loved food and I wasn't fat or anything. Maybe that's why no guy liked me...at least that's what my mother said. Maybe she was right...

I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my blue ocean eyes reflecting back at me. My dark brown wavy hair gently touch my butt. I smiled, I loved my hair. That was something I took pride in. My hair was luscious and thick and beautiful. I loved it. I liked my body too, except for my boobs. I had to wear a G cup and every time I had gym they bobbed up and down and were really annoying because I loved running. I felt my small waist with my hands and my big hips. Yeah, that definitely ran in the family. My mother had big hips and she gave that to me. I heard her scream my name again and quickly put on my favorite outfit. Short gym shorts and a loose crop shirt. The shorts to cover my belly and crop shirt to feel a little sexy. Every girl wants to feel sexy, at least this one does. I grabbed my bag and opened my door.

"Good morning." I nodded at my mom who had her arms crossed criticizing me.

"That outfit is unacceptable. Unless of course, you want to get raped." The criticism was very real and I just rolled my eyes.

"I've always worn this mom, and never gotten raped. See you later." I quickly grabbed an apple from the counter and ditched.

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