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Erotic Short Tales

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An Assortment Of Short & Erotic Tales ~|~

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Coffee & Cream

As I left my home and sprinted towards my jeep this morning, I sighted two u-hauls across the street. Two pairs of bulky movers were carrying furniture and appliances, into the house that has been unoccupied for months. Behind the trucks, a gray vehicle was parked. Just then, a slender, middle-aged Caucasian man stepped out of the car and came around to the passenger side. He opened the door and a striking brown-skinned woman with shoulder-length hair emerged with poise. Wow, she was breathtaking.

The woman grinned seductively at the man as he leaned in and kissed her lips, hence slapping her butt, then squeezing. She giggled, then sprinted around the car as he gave chase. Cute. When he had caught up to her, she squealed in delight as he peppered her neck and lips with kisses. Unbeknownst to myself, I chuckled, causing them to glance up at the sound. When the couple realized that they had an audience, they both stopped and acknowledged me by waving.

Returning the gesture, I shouted, "Welcome to the neighborhood."

"Thanks, but we aren't the ones moving in. Our daughter and her best friend will be the occupants," the man declared.

"Lovely. Our neighborhood is uneventful, they'd be comfortable here," I answered back.

"That's a huge consolation young man. Thank you. By the way, we are the Strath's," as he draped an arm over his wife's shoulder.

"I'm Xavier, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I've got to go, but I'll see you around sometime," I responded as I tossed my luggage into the back seat of my jeep.

"We'll see you around Xavier."

Waving goodbye to them, I got into my jeep and drove off. As I drove into traffic, I discovered that the guy's wife seemed oddly familiar. After about twenty minutes, I gave up on trying to unravel where I knew her from.

I was on my way to a seven-day Cruise, that my best friend Paz had won at our work's annual lotto. I wasn't so thrilled, because two other colleagues, had also won tickets. They were the restaurant's snitches and bitches. We fucking disliked them.

Nevertheless, I agreed to accompany Paz, because I knew that she'd make it all worthwhile. It took me roughly forty-five minutes to get to Paz's apartment complex. When I got there, she was already waiting for me.

"Yes, finally! You're on time for once," I leaned over and shouted at her.

"Shut up Xavier, you know that I have been preparing for this day for weeks now. So I had to be on time. Plus, we must get there before snitch and bitch.We have to see their facial expressions when they discover that we got there before them," she retorted excitedly.

"Alright, jump in, and let's get a move on," I said hyping her up. Paz was of Puerto Rican descent. She had short curly black hair, a thick figure, and an accent that gets more pronounced when she's arguing. She also had a flair for flamboyant clothing that often matches her mood. Today, she wore yellow shorts and a tropical-colored shirt.

Twisting to me she inquired, "Are you waiting on someone else Xavi?"

"Nope," I confirmed.

"Then let's fucking go papì, come on."

Burning rubber to the asphalt, I sped out of there, as she turned to me and screamed in excitement.

An hour later, we were onboard the ship, our pieces of luggage were in our cabin, and we were at the bar, comparing the bartender's drinks-making techniques, to how ours were made at work. Although he was experienced, we knew that with a dash of Angostura Orange Bitters, instead of the triple sec, those Margaritas would have tasted way better. Nevertheless, when in Rome right! We knocked our Rocks glass and toasted to a promising seven days ahead.

By the time we had our fourth glass of Margaritas, we noticed that snitch and bitch hadn't arrived yet.

"Wouldn't it be something if they missed the cruise?" I leaned over and noted to Paz.

"It would be the best thing," she replied with glee. Then she groaned with frustration. "Speaking of demons, look who just materialized, Urgghh," she mumbled, offering an indication with her head.

Twisting my body in their direction, I was astounded by their appearance. They were gorgeous.

"Wow. They look stunning," I remarked trance-like.

"Who?" Paz questioned, gazing about to see which woman had attained my interest.

"Them," I admitted.

"Them who? Are you referring to s+b?" Shaking my head, she then flung her head back and chuckled with laughter. When she discovered that I wasn't partaking in the mockery, she quit snicking, then inquired, "Are you serious right now Xavi?"

"Yes, Paz. Put aside our differences with them and look," I implored, attempting to persuade her.

Rolling her eyes at me, she turned all the way around on the barstool and gazed at them for a bit, thus looking at me and announcing, "They are staring at you Xavi, and you are doing the exact thing. Why don't you go over there and talk to them?"

"After all of the disagreements that we've had over the years with them? How am I suppose to make civil conversation Paz?" I challenged.

"People change Xavi," she unexpectedly encouraged.

"Not overnight Paz," I admitted in awe.

"Boy, stop being so ridiculous and get your ass over there and speak to them or I will," she declared seriously.

I stared at her in surprise as she nodded her head and flashed me her pearly whites, "Don't wait up for me mamí," I declared as I leaned over and kissed her cheek, then walked over to meet the women.

A Few Minutes Later

As I approached them, I heard Amelia mumble, "Xavier is sauntering our way Eve, fuck! I'm not in the mood to argue with him today."

"Then you need to act civilized, and be normal Amelia."

"Me? What about him?"

"Be the bigger person. Here he comes."

"You demons cleaned up nicely. And FYI, I heard every word that you said, " I announced greeting them. To both of their astonishment, I leaned in and kissed both of their cheeks.

Amelia stared at me suspiciously before clarifying, "Xavier, we are not in the mood for your games today, okay? We just need to relax and unwind. So please leave."

"Ladies, you can rest assured that I'm not here for conflict either. Scouts honor," as I positioned my fingers over my heart.

"Okay," Eve replied.

"Can I get you all something to drink?"

"Thanks, that would be great," Eve answered sweetly.

"Wonderful, what's your poison?" I inquired as Amelia rolled her eyes.

"Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri," she answered suspiciously.

Glancing at Eve, she then answered, "Pimm's."

"Nice choice," I complimented, and got them a table. "Enjoy the view, and I'd be back with your drinks," I announced seating them.

At the end of the night, I had gotten to know these ladies quite well. And we had a lot in common: Painting, Scuba Diving, and an Oenophile.

We all were amazed by our repertoire. Neither one of us wished for the evening to end just yet, so I offered to escort them back to their cabin. On the way there, we made idle conversation until we came upon their door.

"Well ladies, this is your stop, I'd see you all tomorrow, have a great night." Eve hesitated for a moment, then asked, "Xavier? Do you want to come in for a nightcap?"

I thought about it for a second, before answering. "Sure, why not, what's the worst that can happen, right?"

They glanced at each other and bit their lips before answering sweetly, "Right."

Amelia unlocked the door, and we entered simultaneously. Their room was similar to mine, except for the painting on the wall.

"Have a seat Xavier and get comfortable, we'd be back in a second," Eve informed me, as they made their way into what I presumed to be the bedroom.

They returned ten minutes later in pink silk robes and stood beside my leg.

Amelia asked seductively, "Coffee?" and Eve finished with, "or Cream," as they slowly opened their robes and let them slide to the floor. Damn!

They both sat opposite me and crossed their legs.

I gawked at their busty breasts and bald pussy, hence licking my lips.

"Both," I replied as I stood and moved towards them. "Open your legs, Amelia, I want to see your dripping cunt," as I knelt between her thighs. Dropping my head, I inhaled her sweet aroma before wrapping my hands under her thighs and pulled her roughly to the end of the couch. She squealed in delight as she saw me broaden my tongue, and licked her ass, straight up to her clit. Flickering my tongue over and over on her bud, resulting in her moaning and wiggling her hips.

"Fuck Xavier, I didnt know that you had it in you," she whispered breathlessly. Snatching my head closer to her pink pussy and moaned with satisfaction. Twisting my head sideways, I latched on to her swollen clit and bit down gently, as I felt her shudder when she climaxed. Slowly, I lapped up her cream as I gazed up at her as she came again.

She rode out her satisfaction on my mouth, as she screamed my name. I didn't cease my torment until she let go of my hair. Licking my lips, I moved on to Eve as I observed her playing with her pussy.

Kneeling between her opened legs, I requested her to stand. She glanced at Amelia's flushed face and stood on unsteady legs. Grasping her ankle, I set her delicate foot on Amelia's thigh, as I opened her glossy pussy lips, and smirked, "mmm, seems like your cunt is excited to see me, Eve, let me give her a proper welcome," as I latched onto her small bud.

Thinning out my tongue, I applied pressure to her clit, as I fingered her moist tight pussy. In no time she was squirting in my mouth. I rubbed my face in her juices, enjoying her smell and taste.

"Are you a virgin Eve?" I queried, lifting my brow in marvel at her.

"Not really," she replied out of breath.


"Umm, I popped my cherry a few years ago when I started using tampons."

"Oh! You poor thing," I mumbled sincerely. "Now make yourself useful and taste Amelia's cunt as I remove my clothing."

Withdrawing the condom from my pocket, I opened one with my mouth and rolled it onto my rigid cock.

Turning towards her I said, "Sink your back Eve." as I rubbed my cock along her slippery pussy. "Don't tense up, it won't hurt for long," I reassured her before gently slipping into her warm cunt.

"Mmm, Xavier, go slow," she begged as I kissed her hip before gently thrusting. Her pussy clamped down around my cock, as I heard her muffled groan on Amelia's pussy. As she moaned in ecstasy I slapped her ass prompting her to arch her back.

"Yes, just like that Eve, hold that position. Fuck! You're so tight," I commented before hammering into her.

"Jesus Xavier, not so hard," she pleaded, pushing me back and clenching her walls around my cock. My eyes rolled with glee. When I opened them, it was to see Amelia smirking at me as she brought Eve to her lips and kissed her, all the while ogling me.

The wicked glint in her eyes, caused me to unleash restraint and slammed into Eve's pussy, fucking her without mercy.

Moaning on Amelia's mouth, Eve reached around and opened her butt cheeks, offering me full domination for ruining her pussy. With the strength of my thrust, Eve held onto the couch for stability as Amelia latched onto her nipples, prompting her to shudder and cum. When her climax ceased, I took out my cock and instructed them to switch positions.

Amelia took Eve's place, as I bent down and spat in her butt. Gently, I eased my cock into her tight ass and began thrusting at a steady pace.

She proceeded to rock her hips fiercely, as I held on and slammed into her ass. "Harder," she demanded with desire. Opening my legs wider, I instructed her to sink her waist as I got in deeper.

"You motherfucker, stop teasing me. Fuck me as if you hate me Xavi, do it!"

I railed into her without compassion, until she reached her orgasm and her legs trembled. Before long I felt that familiar feeling. Withdrawing from her ass, I peeled off the condom and began playing my hand up and down on my cock. I was ready to explode.

"Both of you, knees, now!" I instructed in a strained voice. They scrambled before me with their mouths open and tongues out. "Mmm, such beautiful cumsluts," I whispered, as I came, into their mouths, breasts, and hair. They greedily took turns sucking my cock and licking my cum off each others bodies.

"Damn! Such a good fuck you both turned out to be." Addressing Eve, I announced with a wicked smirk, "that ass is mine, don't think that you got away."

They begged me to stay in their cabin as we fucked for all seven days. When the trip came to an end, we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

As I dropped Paz off at her apartment, she inquired. "Did your whore ass have a grand time?"

"Immensely," I answered without guilt.

Laughing merrily, she announced, "You're a male whore Xavi. I'd see you at work on Monday."

Shutting the door, she waved goodbye.

When I got home and pulled into my driveway, I noticed that my new neighbors had just arrived and were going inside.

When they turned around, I was taken aback, because it was none other than Amelia and Eve. That's why the woman seemed familiar! The couple from last week were Eve's parents.

Smiling devilishly, I waved at them and headed inside my home, contemplating our next encounter.

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