Training at Barracks

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Warning: The following is a sexually explicit story intended for mature audiences. My stories are heavy on descriptive sex, because that's what I like to read. If you are offended by stories of such nature, do not read it. All characters are fictional and not intended to resemble any real people. Comments welcomed (especially constructive comments that I can use to improve).

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Female Sergeant's Dorm

Jack had spent five weeks in basic training so far. He was not a military man, but the benefits of short stints in the military were becoming obvious. The training was tough, but the only serious problem was the lack of women. The female soldiers were in the opinion that Jack and his platoon were ugly. That night, the men of his platoon were getting drunk and boasting. Finally, they started to dare one another. Jack found himself agreeing to steal the flag from the commanding officers car. Watched by the rest of his platoon, Jack left and snuck towards the car. He had removed the flag and had it in his hands when he was seen by two military policemen. They shouted at Jack.

As he ran away, they gave chase. Jack ran as fast as he could. He realized that what he had done was very stupid and if they caught him, his life would be made more miserable. Jack ran between the buildings and into a section of the camp he did not know well. Suddenly, ahead of him, he saw more policemen and realized that he was trapped. He quickly tried the door of the nearest building. Finding it open, he shot inside. It opened into a small hallway. Jack locked the door. He could hear the police outside searching and moving away. He was safe. Jack tried to reopen the door, but found that he could not unlock it. Jack realized that he would have to walk through the building. Jack was amazed. In the room were eight beds and eight large women in various states of undress. Jack realized with horror that he was in a female dorm and that he was in serious trouble.

Jack said, “Oh sorry girls, wrong room. “

A large blonde women said, “What the hell are you doing here this is the female sergeants’ dorm.”

“I took the wrong turn. I will go.”

A short, plump, dark-haired girl, who was exposing a pair of heavy white breasts said, “Oh yes! The police were after you, true or false?”

“Yes, I was stealing the C.O.’s flag for a joke and had to run away”. This statement was greeted with laughter.

The topless women stood up and approached Jack saying, “You are in big trouble. If we complain, you would get six months hard labor for being here.”

Another extremely large blonde girl wearing a black night-dress that showed large expanses of wobbly flesh approached and said, “Yes sexy, you would be in serious trouble. Six months, plus another three at least for the flag. I wonder if you could survive that? Still I am sure we can work out a better punishment for you and one which entertains us as well.”

The two women grabbed Jack’s arms and pulled him fully into the room. They pushed him onto one of the beds. Jack found his body crushed between the women while his hands were grabbed and placed on the dark haired girl’s large breasts. She said, “Here is the deal sexy. In return for our silence, you agree to be gang banged by us tonight, then serve us either as a group, or individually five times a week until we get bored with you which will take many months. Pick, it’s us or prison”

Jack said, “Please do not report me. I will serve you.”

The blonde girl said, “Excellent. I am so randy tonight. We will have so much fun making you pleasure us and I am sure you will enjoy our kinky ideas. Well, maybe not all of them.”

The dark haired girl pushed Jack up and said, “Remember we are sergeants and in this camp we can make your life hell and fix you up to go in the can at any time so do not think you can escape us.”

The blonde girl said ” I work in postings and I will keep you here until we have finished with you. Now strip, get your dick hard and erect, and lap dance for us. Tonight you are going to discover what it is like to be gang banged by eight hungry women.”

Jack stood in front of the women and slowly removed his clothes. As he did so, they made lewd comments about his body. They urged him to put some effort into his dancing and to shake his body around. When he was naked, he was forced to play with himself until he became hard. Then he was to dance around waving his dick from side to side and sing “I am a happy love slave, use me, abuse me, I want to make you come”. After five minutes of this, he was told to lap dance for each girl. As he approached the first girl, the topless dark haired girl, she grabbed his dick and as he danced in front of her, she played with his dick and balls as well as smacked his ass. The next girl was the same. For the next twenty minutes, he danced for each women while he was groped and insulted. Jack also noticed that each woman was large, and none of them could be described as pretty. He started to dread having to serve them all, as he was not sure he could manage it.

When he had finished dancing for the last girl the large blonde girl said, “Okay sexy, time to pleasure us. Remember, you have got eight girls to serve, and do not think that any of us are going to be happy with just a quickie. So keep your spunk in and your dick hard, because if you fail to please we can guarantee that you will wish you had never been born.”

Another girl said, “Yes, if you find us too sexy, just come a little. But, we are going to use you for many hours. If you fail, your ass is going to get ripped, and your balls twisted off.”

The blonde girl said, “Okay. You start with me so get on my bed pretty boy. Get your head down, and your dick up for some serious pleasing.”

Jack lay down and the girl kissed him. She said, “My name is Amanda. Stroke my boobs, lick me off, and then we will screw.” Jack was pushed down with his hands pulled up her black sexy night-dress to her large breasts. As he found and gently squeezed her nipples, she opened her legs to push his face between them. Her body was seriously overweight, so her large fat thighs soon gripped Jack’s head. He pushed his tongue into her cunt and started to lick her. She was soon excited as she squeezed his head, hard as he continued to lick and stroke her. Jack realised that she was not at all embarrassed about having sex in front of the rest of the women, and that he was probably not the first recruit to suffer being gang banged by them. Amanda came with a scream as she flooded his face with juice. Then she pulled him up onto his back. She mounted him as she pushed his hands back on her large breasts, which hung down over Jack. Then she grabbed his dick, rubbed it hard, then quickly pushed it into her large wet pussy. Amanda started to ride him hard, slamming her weight into his body with each stroke. Jack lay stunned beneath her as he was used as a living dildo for her pleasure. Eventually, she came with a scream and pulled off Jack.

The women in the next bed said, “My names Rachel. Come here and get to licking boy toy. I want to come.”

Jack left Amanda, who smacked his ass hard as he left and said, “Not bad. Now please the rest fast, as I will want a second session very soon. That was just a gentle warm up.” Rachel was a tall girl with mousy hair and a body, which compared to the others, was very good, being curvy rather than grossly overweight. Jack knelt on the edge of the bed, and applied his mouth to her open pussy. He pussy was wet, nearly hairless and Jack had no difficulty finding her clitoris, licking her to a powerful orgasm. He was then pulled onto the bed. As Rachel kissed him, he entered her in the missionary position. They started to make love and Jack was soon excited. He tried to hold back, but was undone by Rachel orgasm, squeezing his dick with her pussy and exploded into her. His orgasm produced applause from the watching women, but even this humiliation did not stop Jack from enjoying himself.

Jack was given no time to recover. He was pulled by another plump, topless girl onto her bed. She said, “I am Sandra. Lick my tits and make me wet. “Jack was forced to start to licking her large breasts. After five minutes, Sandra pushed him down her body, pulling him into a 69 position with her on top. Her plump pussy pushed down on Jack’s tongue as he started to please her. Meanwhile, her hands started to rub his dick, which soon became excited under her expert handling. Luckily for Jack, he was able to bring Sandra off quickly, and she turned and mounted him. As she rode him, Jack massaged her large breasts and tried not to come. He was on the point of losing it when Sandra exploded over him, then pulled off him. However, before he could recover, she had his dick in her fist as she rapidly rubbed him to a shuddering orgasm. As he sent cum out over his body, the rest of the women in the room laughed at him. He realized that Sandra had done it not to give him pleasure but instead to increase the chances of him failing in the gang bang and suffering punishment.

His fears were realized when Sandra pushed him on to the next bed. It was occupied by a short, seriously overweight woman with very short, black hair, spots and a pear shaped body. She said her name was Tina. As her fat hands roughly rubbed his sore penis, she drove her tongue into his mouth. When he was hard, Tina pulled him on top of herself and engulfed his dick in her large pussy. Jack was forced to move in and out of her as she kissed him. He found it difficult to stay hard. To his horror he heard Sandra say “Lets make him look pretty.” Sandra approached the couple with some flowers in her hand, and to Jack’s horror, she pushed the stems of the flowers up his ass saying “This will look good going up and down.” Jack then found himself on top of Tina, being used for her pleasure while the other women in the room laughed at him. The humiliation of the situation nearly caused him to lose his erection, it was only by thinking of being elsewhere that he was able to stay hard to finally please Tina.

Jack was pushed towards the next bed in which was a tall scrawny girl with no breasts and a long hard face surrounded by lank blonde hair. When he got to her, she pulled the flowers out of his sore ass and said, “Name’s Nancy. Lick my pussy you sad little tosser.” With that comment, she opened her skinny legs and exposed her pussy. Jack knelt and applied his tongue to her cunt. It smelled stale and unclean. The smell made him nearly choke. However, after several minutes, he had managed to clean it enough to give Nancy a powerful orgasm. Nancy pulled him on top of her, pushed his semi hard dick into her pussy, then she latched her mouth onto his. Her bad breath disgusted Jack, and again he had to struggle not to choke. Then he felt her hard cunt squeezing his dick and had to think himself hard in order to be able to please her. After several minutes, she came.

Jack expected to be passed to the next girl, however, Nancy said, ” Keep going. I want to feel you spurt a load of hot spunk up me.” Jack was horrified, as he was sure he could not manage to come again. However, as Nancy urged him on, he realized that he must. After another ten minutes, during which Nancy came again, he managed to get excited and came with a moan into her. Nancy pulled him out of her saying, ” Now lick me clean crap head, and make certain all your dirty spunk goes right down your sissy throat. ” As the other girls laughed, Jack applied his mouth to Nancy’s cunt and started to lick. The taste of his cum and her wet pussy nearly made him vomit, but he struggled on, sucking on her pussy until he had given her another orgasm.

Nancy pushed his shocked body into the sixth bed. A ginger haired, large girl occupied it with a heavy pair of breasts and a pleasant round face. She was wearing a T-shirt with the name Shelly on it. She pulled Jack on to the bed, started to French kiss and pet him. She tasted fresh. When Jack’s face was pushed into her pussy, it also tasted fresh and womanly. As Jack licked her large, wet pussy, her hands were busy on his dick. When she came from his licking, she pulled him up onto his back. He was hard and ready to serve her. As she mounted him, she pulled her T-shirt off to placed his hands on her large breasts. As she moved up and down on him, he massaged her breasts and quickly gave her a powerful orgasm. As she pulled off him, Jack wished that all the women would be as nice and easy as her. However, as he looked around the room he saw that the other girls were watching and leering at his suffering. He realized that he could expect no mercy from them.

The next woman made even Tina seem attractive. She had a square, spotty face, short, dark hair and her naked body was covered in rolls of fat with a heavy pair of flabby breasts hanging down. Her large hands pulled Jack onto his back,. and he was horrified to realize that this monster wanted to ride him. She mounted him and pushed his dick, which was still hard from his pleasant session with Shelly. She said, ” My name is Penny. You, sex slave, are going to spend many an exhausting evening serving under me. Lets get rocking my sexy little dildo.” With that comment, she started to roughly ride the tired boy. Jack stared at her ugly lust-filled face and hoped that she would not require him too often, but then, who else would allow such a giant of a woman on top, apart from a man whom had no choice.

Penny came with a gurgle and with a hard slam into him, said, ” Oh yes baby. You are going to spend many an exhausting hour under me, even when the rest have finished with you. I will still demand pleasing my cute dildo. Now give me a second.” And again she started to ride him her body smashing into Jack’s. It took a long time, but finally, Penny came for the second time and Jack was free of her embrace.

The last woman was a large muscular blonde girl with massive breasts and very short, mannish blonde hair. She was a drill Sargent, and she had worked with Jack’s platoon. He knew her name was Clare, and she had a reputation for toughness. Jack was surprised when she gently started to kiss him and placed his hands on her nipples. After five minutes of stimulation, she opened her legs and pushed Jack down into a 69. As Jack licked her hard pussy, he felt her lips gently start to lick his dick. Jack would have come if the other women had not already drained him, but even so, he found her expert licking highly pleasing. It took her some time to come from his tongue. When she had, she pulled him around onto his back. She mounted him, leaning back, and started to ride him. Jack had been close to orgasm before, and the feel of her tight pussy riding up and down his dick took him to the edge of pleasure. After ten minutes, Clare started to moan and twist on top of him as she approached orgasm. Jack was close himself, and as she started to scream, and cum, he exploded also screaming into her and passed out.

Jack awoke with a scream as he felt an agonizing pain in his ass. Something large and hard was being pushed in and out of him. He realized that he was tied face down, over a chair, and when he looked around, he saw that Sandra was standing close to his backside and rotating her hips against his buttocks. Jack shuddered, as he was aware that she must be raping his ass with a strap-on. With horror, he saw that half a dozen of the women were watching, and that Nancy was strapping on a large double-headed dildo to her pussy. Nancy saw him looking at her and said, ” The sleepy little slut awakes. We are going to give your dick a rest and show you what a good hard fucking feels like.”

Jack heard Sandra say, ” Yes, this is what it feels like when a girl is loved by a giant. Now, I want you to show me how much you enjoy it. Girls fake it when we pick up weeds like you, so we want you to fake a powerful orgasm and tell me that I am great or I will crush your cute little balls. Start now!” Jack was forced to moan with pretend delight and wiggle his violated ass against Sandra and say how happy he was inside. However, he felt humiliated and his ass was in agony. After five minutes, Sandra rotated the dildo hard in his ass and came with a deep groan.

As Sandra pulled out of him, Nancy moved and stood behind him. One of her hands grabbed his hair while the other seized his balls. Then, as the frightened boy could not move, she pushed the large dildo up his ass. The other women laughed as Jack moaned with agony as the hard object penetrated his ass. Jack was horrified to see that Sandra had removed a thick, long strap-on from her body and was handing it to Amanda. Then, as Nancy rotated it in and out of him, the naked Tina approached him, her large hairy pussy filling his vision. Nancy pushed his head down and he was forced to start licking Tina’s wet cunt. As he licked the large cunt in front of him, he could feel his anus being stretched by Nancy as she drove the strap on in and out. After five minutes of agonising work, Jack managed to give Tina a moaning orgasm, just as he felt Nancy come on her end of the dildo. Then as Nancy withdrew, he saw Amanda line his ass up for raping and felt the pain of the other dildo driving into him. As he twisted in agony, he saw Rachel’s lovely pussy in front of him and was forced to please her with his tongue. Rachel came quickly, her hairless pussy replaced by Sandra’s plump cunt. Jack brought her off before Amanda groaned, and had a rigid orgasm on the dildo.

Jack was pleased to hear Amanda say, ” no one else wants to use his ass. Okay, lets get him dirty and clean.” The girls untied Jack, and dragged him next door into a small washroom. They flung him on the shower floor as the frightened boy lay hoping that the pain in his anus was temporary and that he had not been permanently damaged by his ordeal.

Penny then entered the shower, and stood over Jack saying, ” Open wide. This is to show you what a piss head you are for entering our domain. Drink it all down, or what’s happened to your ass will seem easy compared to what I will do to make it suffer.” With that, she squatted over the worried boy and emitted strong stream of piss right into his face. As Jack kept his mouth shut, the horrid liquid ran off him. He felt someone grab and squeeze his balls. He opened his mouth to scream as the foul liquid poured in making him choke. When Penny had finished, he looked down and saw that Amanda had his balls firmly in her hands. He was unable to move or resist when Rachel squatted over his mouth, and started to piss into it. If he tried to close his mouth, Amanda squeezed his balls hard until he opened it. Nancy, Clare, Sandra and Tina each pissed in his mouth, and the disgusted boy was forced to swallow the foul liquid. Jack felt he was in hell. His mouth violated with piss his ass in agony and his balls throbbing with pain, as his sore dick lay defeated. When the last girl had finished Jack started to vomit and his face was pulled over a toilet. As he threw up the contents of his stomach, and he was finishing, his balls were violently twisted and he agonizingly threw up the last dregs from his stomach.

He heard Amanda say, ” Might as well check to make sure that he has gotten rid of the lot. Have you noticed that every time we piss on a guy this way, he is sick, weak or whatever?”

Penny said, ” I am sure we can train this one to keep it down and solids as well!” Tina said, ” The toy’s bath is ready, bring him over. ”

Jack was pulled towards a bath full of water, then pushed in and under the water. He surfaced with a scream, as the water was freezing cold. Even worse was when he saw that Nancy was holding a long brush in her hand. The brush was one usually used to clean hard stains of the toilets and was covered in tough bristles. Nancy said, ” Hold him tight.” And four of the women grabbed his arms and legs. However, he stopped struggling when he felt Amanda’s hands on his balls. Nancy then started to scrub his sensitive skin with the hard brush, and Jack moaned with pain. When she had done his body she said, ” Turn him over.” Nancy applied the brush to his ass. Jack screamed as the brush was pushed up him, and Nancy rotated the harsh bristles inside his sore anus.

Jack believed that it could not get worse when he was turned over, and Amanda said, ” Give it here, let me give his dick and balls a good hard scrub.” As Amanda applied the brush to his balls and dick, Jack screamed with pain.

Amanda vigorously scrubbed his privates for some time, then to Jack’s horror he heard Penny say ” My turn now. ” and the brush was handed to her. After Penny had abused him, five more of the girls had a go at him with the brush. But, by then, Jack was virtually insane with the pain and humiliation. The women pulled the semiconscious boy out. When they had roughly dried him off, they pulled him back into the bedroom.

Jack was flung on to Amanda’s bed, only to realize that he was going to have to serve the women again. Amanda lay down next to him, grabbed his sore, scratched, soft dick she said, ” Pathetic. We all want seconds now and your dick is not ready. Still, I am a sympathetic girl and we will 69.” Amanda mounted him and pushed her large wet pussy into his face. He started to lick her cunt as he felt her lean forward, the weight of her heavy breasts on his stomach, and take his sore soft dick into her mouth. For the next ten minutes, they pleased each other until Amanda had come and Jack was erect. He expected Amanda to mount him, but instead, he was pushed into Rachel’s bed. She quickly mounted him and started to expertly ride him, the muscles in her pussy tightening on his sore dick. As the expert lover rode him, Jack was amazed to become highly excited but before he could come, Rachel exploded over him and bit him hard on the neck.

Jack was pushed towards Sandra’s bed. She was sitting at the edge of the bed, closely watching as the other women had used him. He was made to kneel before her, and lick her feet, legs and finally her plump pussy, his hands being pulled up to massage her large, erect nipples. Eventually, Sandra came with a low moan and pulled him onto the bed onto his back. She mounted him, and started to ride his sore, but still erect, dick. For twenty minutes she used him to orgasm twice. Jack was excited, but he was too drained, pained and humiliated to manage another orgasm. When Sandra had finished with him and threw him out, he noticed that some of the women had gone to bed and hoped that his ordeal would soon be over at least for tonight.

Tina was very much awake and pulled Jack on top of herself saying, ” Finally, another chance to use your sexy, cute dick. I want to lie here while you use your dick to make gentle love to me. I want nice, long, slow strokes go a bit quicker when I am close to orgasm. Your hands can stroke my boobs and put your head near mine in case I want to kiss you. Start now, I will tell you when to stop.” Jack mounted her, slipped his dick into her tunnel like pussy, and did as she requested. For twenty minutes, he gently screwed her, his hands stroking her fat nipples as she lay eyes closed occasionally French kissing him.

She came three times, and Jack himself was close, when she pulled him out and said, ” That was great. I am going to use you like that hundreds of times my sexy little living dildo now go and please the rest I want some sleep. Tomorrow I have to adjust your records to make certain you can never escape us.” With those extremely ominous words she pushed him towards Nancy.

Nancy was awake and angry she said, ” I have been waiting ages for you. Now lie back and you had better stay hard you useless tosser.” With that, she mounted him, engulfing his penis in her hard, rough pussy. She grabbed his arms and pulled them above his head as she leaned forward to force her tongue into his mouth. Her bad breath choked Jack, and the roughness of the way he was being used deflated him. He just managed to stay hard, and in the next ten minutes, Nancy rode him and gave herself three powerful orgasms on the exhausted boy.

As he approached Shelly’s bed, he saw she was awake. She said, ” Hello baby, come under the blankets and gently lick me to a nice sleepy orgasm.” Jack entered her bed and went under the blankets. It was the first time he had been permitted any privacy by the women. In the musky dark, his tongue found her clitoris as he licked her to a fast orgasm.

She pulled him onto her and said, ” I have changed my mind I need your dick now.” Jack entered her cute pussy as she rotated and pushed her hips under him. Before his dick could come, Shelly had a powerful orgasm and passed out under him.

Jack looked around and saw that Penny was staring at him. She said, ” You pleased her well sex toy. Now come here and do me, or its ass ripping time again.” Jack gently pulled out of the sleeping girl and covered her with a blanket before approaching the bed of Penny.

Penny was sitting on the bed, her massive ugly body exposed to Jack’s disgusted gaze. She said, ” Clare’s asleep, so I am the last. Lie down, I am going to have a long hard ride on you.” She pulled Jack onto the bed and engulfed his sore but still excited dick. For the next thirty minutes, Jack suffered under her massive weight as she used him as a living dildo, having many orgasms. Her rough kisses and brutal riding caused Jack pain that was increased when her hands roamed his body, twisting and squeezing his nipples and her fingers invading his sore anus. He managed to stay hard as he was terrified what she would do if he did not.

Finally, she was satisfied and pulled herself off of Jack. Only Jack, Penny, Amanda and Sandra were awake. The girls grabbed Jack and pulled him from the room and back into the washroom. Sandra said, ” The last lap for tonight boy toy. You can have tomorrow evening off, but then it is the weekend, and we want you here by 6 pm. We are going to use you all night. It will be far worse, as some of us will go out to get well hammered before returning to give you an incredibly hard, kinky session. You have only scraped the surface of how depraved we can be to our love toys!”

“Yes Dildo face” Said Amanda “We can be far cruller than we have been tonight. But to finish, we want another love dance. But this time, we want you to use this vibrator on yourself and masturbate. ” With that comment, she handed him a long silver vibrator which buzzed in Jack’s hand. Jack started to dance half-heartedly in front of the women.

Sandra picked up a broom and whacked him across the ass saying, ” No, smile, pretend that this is the highlight of your life!” Jack pretended to smile, and vigorously danced while playing with his dick.

Then, he gritted his teeth as he pushed the vibrator up his sore anus and continued dancing. Penny said, ” Change of plans, kneel and lick us, but keep the vibrator in your ass and your hand on your dick.” Jack knelt and licked Penny’s large cunt, then he satisfied Amanda and finally Sandra.

Sandra pushed him onto his back, mounted him and started to roughly ride him. As she did so, Amanda’s fat cunt descended onto his tongue and he was forced to lick her. His hands were grabbed by Penny, and used to rub her breasts. For ten minutes, the girls abused him. Sandra came with a loud moan, and pulled off him. To his horror, he was mounted by Penny while she and Amanda used him. After five minutes, Amanda came on his face, and Penny again on his sore dick. The women got off him and Amanda said, ” Okay, now masturbate and come.” Jack knelt in front of the smiling women, manipulated his sore penis with the vibrator, still buzzing in his ass, until after several minutes he was able to have an extremely unsatisfying orgasm in front of the jeering women. Then, the three women pulled him up, kissed and groped his shattered body.

Penny removed the vibrator, saying ” On Friday, you can wear this all night sexy. ” then he was handed his uniform and pushed out of the door. Sandra’s final comment was ” Remember, Friday 6pm and do not think of running away. The women sergeants know everything that goes on here and you cannot escape your agreement to serve us five times a week. ”

Jack dressed and slunk back to his barracks. He realized that he had no escape and was terrified to think what demands would be made on him in the future. All of this because of a stupid stunt to take a small flag....if only he had known.

The End.

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