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Fighting you

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Costance Jones is trying to make a name for herself in the architecture world, but a presumptuous jerk keeps stealing all her projects for his own firm. Camillo Romano is driven and doesn’t stop for anything when he has a goal, his only problem is a feisty girl with a lot of ambition that doesn’t bow down to his charm. What happens when an important client wants them to work side by side to design his new building?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

I can’t believe that jerk did it again!

This time I practically had the job in the bag, but who would work with little me when they can have their building designed by the great Camillo Romano, charming Italian asshole with a talent almost as big as his ego, CEO and head architect of Grayson & Romano.

His firm didn’t even need small projects like this, he just wanted to take another job from me out of spite. I don’t know how this petty feud started but what I do know is that in the last three years Mr. Romano has been like a shadow creeping up on me every time the smallest job opportunity presented itself.

I still got to work on some pretty cool projects, but I’m never able to sign any major contract because he swoops in and charms the clients into giving him the job. The architecture firm I work for – Whitehall Designs – is older and smaller than his, but our clients are loyal, the real problem is trying to get new ones.

I’m absolutely beat, after the long day I had, I can’t wait to get home and fall face first on the bed. It’s almost 7 o’clock so I turn off my computer and get my purse, before I leave though I walk to my boss’s office.

Malcom Whitehall is the founder of Whitehall Designs and the only parental figure I’ve ever had. He is a wonderful man, he used to volunteer at the orphanage where I lived and took a liking to me, he doesn’t have any children of his own, when I was eighteen, he decided I was going to be his legacy so he put me through college and gave me a home.

I knock on his door before I peak my head inside his office “Malcom, I’m going home. Do you need anything before I leave?” he looks up from his work and a smile form on his face when he sees me “don’t worry sweetheart, I’m almost done”.

I walk to him and kiss his forehead “fine, but you know you shouldn’t work so hard. Do I have to remind you what the doctor told you about stress?” he scoffs and takes my hand in his to kiss the back of it. “You always worry about me much more than I do myself” he says making me chuckle.

It’s true, I’ve always been the one to care for his health because he tends to forget he’s not invincible and that he’s not as young as he used to be.Well, someone has to since you seem to believe you’re unstoppable”.

After making sure Malcom was about to go home – more like dragging him away from his computer – I leave the office and head home myself. When I get to my door, I hear loud music from inside and I shake my head before going in. There, in the middle of the Livingroom stands Lucy my roommate and best friends, who’s dancing with Mimi my dog.

Mimi is a beautiful rottweiler, I met her when I was still at the orphanage. I was walking through Central Park one night when I felt a presence behind me, when I finally turned around, I saw the small ball of fur and immediately fell in love. She was just a puppy and seemed malnourished so I used the little money I had made from my after-school job to let a vet make sure everything was okay. She’s been with me ever since.

As soon as my beautiful girl sees me, she runs to me and knocks me down to lick my face. It always takes a few minutes to calm her down enough to move from my spot on the floor. When I’m finally able to stand up I say hi to Lucy.

I met Lucy Kimura when I first got to college, on the first day I was settling in my dorm when a bubbly girl dressed in a Harajuku outfit barged in and introduced herself as my new roommate. From there on, the charmingly eccentric girl has been my best friend.

She hands me a glass of wine “So? Did you get it?” she asks excitedly. She knew about my meeting today and she knows how much I love and care about my job. I give her a look before downing the wine in one gulp, this is all the answer she needs to launch into a series of shrieks and plans on how to kill the Italian asshole.

We sit at the table to eat and she tells me about her day, she’s a first-grade teacher and she loves it, when she talks about her kids her eyes light up. She’s always positive but when kids are involved, she gets this little twinkle in her eyes. Lucy’s always wanted to be a teacher and she can’t wait to have kids, but she’s a hopeless romantic and can’t find ‘The One’ as she puts it but she does have fun looking for him.

Every week she tries to make me go to clubs and bars with her and every week she gets infatuated with someone, but apart from a couple serious relationships no man ever stuck.

I myself am not romantic, how could I be? With the way I grew up I couldn’t be anything other than a cynical, untrusting loner. Maybe that’s why I’ve never been in a relationship, that and the fact that I’ve never been the typical pretty girl.

I’m not saying I’m ugly, but I’m in no way beautiful. When I’m in my room getting ready for bed, I look at my reflection in the mirror. I’m five foot two and a little overweight, but it’s a bit hidden by the fact that I’m curvy, I’ve got thick thighs and a big round ass, my chest isn’t huge but it’s in no way small. My eyes are covered by big glasses and are the same dull brown color as my hair, which is wavy and shoulder length.

All in all, I’m pretty average, nothing special about me, the only thing I can say with confidence that I like about myself are my lips cause they’re pink and full.

When I’m done brushing my teeth, I wear an oversized t-shirt and get into bed, once I’m settled in Mimi comes up and joins me, we cuddle and I take out my tablet to read a bit until I get sleepy. When I feel my eyes start to flutter closed, I place the tablet and my glasses on the bedside table before hugging my girl and falling asleep.

The next morning, I wake up feeling a bit more positive about work. I dress in a black pant suit with a lilac silk top underneath, I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup so I just put mascara. Once I’m ready I walk to the office since it’s about five minutes away. When I get there, I exchange a few words with Sarah our receptionist before going to my office.

I finish my coffee while my computer comes to life, I open my emails and find a new one from Mr. Dillon – a possible clientwho’s asking me to meet him for lunch to discuss possible ideas to start working on my design proposals.

I spend my morning responding to emails and going through various documents, when lunch time comes, I pass by Malcom office and he wishes me good luck.

Once I get to the restaurant, I give my name and a waiter escorts me to the table where I see Mr. Dillon talking with another man of whom I can only see the back, but I know right away who he is.

When he sees me, the client stands up to shake my hand “Mrs. Jones, it’s a pleasure to see you again. I believe you already know Mr. Romano” the other man turns around and the jerk himself gives me one of his impeccable smiles.

“Always a pleasure, Mrs. Jones” he stands up and shakes my hand. “Mr. Romano, I didn’t know you’d be joining us” I say in the friendliest tone I can muster.

As much as I hate him, I can’t deny that the man has the features of a god, at six foot one and build with muscles but not so much that it’s not harmonious, with his almond-colored skin and his deep brown eyes. He has a beautiful Italian accent that completes his godlike appearance.

We settle in our seats “there’s a reason why I called both of you here” Mr. Dillon says and I’m already mentally preparing myself to being turned down.

But what I’m not expecting are his next words “I would like to venture in a joined project. I like both your initial proposals but I’d be interested in seeing something you worked on together”.

Fuck me!

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