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Erotic Shorts

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These are short erotic stories nothing more. Warning: content has graphic sex.🔞

Erotica / Fantasy
J. A. White
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Hot for Teacher

Coach pulls me into his office to inform me that I’m failing Miss Richards Physics class. That if I wanted to play in tomorrow nights ball game, I better find some extra credit and soon.

I heard around campus there was going to be a few scouts looking at us tomorrow. So I need to find a way to find this extra credit. Not knowing what time it was, I look at my watch and see I’m late for class. I start running across campus trying to cut corners just so I’m not to late again.

I get to class and I’m the last one in. Miss Richards stands there holding her notebook. She records everybody who is attending class. She stands there in her very short black dress looking up at everybody. She has beautiful legs with a nice round ass and those perky tits. Today she has her hair in a ponytail that swings from side to side when she walks. I hand her a note before going to my seat. I’m failing this class because all I do is day dream about her. I stare at her wondering what kind of panties she’s wearing or what amazing perfume she has on. I watch her as she moves around the room pointing to the chalk board. I stare a little longer watching her talk as my crotch starts to rise. At this point I don’t even hear what she’s saying.

By the end of class she dismisses everybody, she asked me to stay behind for a minute.

“Yes Miss Richards,” as I walk up to her.

“You know you’re failing my class. For you to play tomorrow night you need to have a GPA of 3.0 or higher in all your classes. You only have a low C in here.” she says. “I’m going to give you one shot. I will give you an assignment that you will work on tonight in the library.” She holds in her hand a list of things that need to be worked.

“Why do I need to work on it in the library?” I ask.

“Because you need to work on it by yourself. Not at the sorority house and have your boys do your work for you.” She lays the stack of papers down on her desk. “I want definitions and explanation for each example given. There’s 50, and I want them first thing in the morning. If you are not here before 8. I will be calling your coach and telling him to bench you, until you can pass my class,” she says with her arms crossed.

“Yes Miss Richards,” I say as I grab the stack of papers and walk out of her class. There’s no way in hell I can do all of these and still be able to play tomorrow. She’s out of her mind.

Later that day I finish the rest of my classes and go to the sorority house. The boys want to have a small party. I tell them I can’t. I have to do this or I can’t play tomorrow. They all get mad that she’s doing this to me. Why can’t she just pass you and then work something out later? They say. I shrug my shoulders and grab my backpack and start walking to the library.

I make it to the library and there’s a sign on the door that the library will close at 10 tonight. “Oh you got to be kidding me!” I say out loud. I walk in and there’s a note at the front desk. It’s from Miss Richards. “I got you all set up, upstairs with all the books you will need to work on your assignment. I hope this helps.” Well that was nice of her to do that, she saved me a little time. I make it upstairs and see the stack of books sitting on the table. I take my backpack off and pull out a couple cans of Red Bull, then lay it on the floor next to me. Then I get to work.

Hours go by as I didn’t realize what time it was. Then I hear heels clicking on the hard wood floors walking towards me. I look up to see Miss Richards walking over to me.

“You know the library closed 30 minutes ago,” as she walks around me.

“I’m almost done. I swear Miss Richards.”

“Please call me Tammy,” she says. I just look at her. She’s still wearing that short black dress she wore earlier. “You know, I’ve heard about what you said about me.”

“Miss... I mean Tammy. I never said anything about you.”

“Boys will be boys, and your boys talk a lot,” she says with a slight smile. I watch her as she walks slowly around the library clicking her heels to the floor. She comes back and stops next to me. I slide my chair back and grab my backpack and pull out a bottled water. She moves in front of me and leans on the table. I look up at her. She moves my papers off to the side, then takes a seat on the table. “I’ve heard that every day you come into my class trying to figure out what kind of panties I’m wearing.” I just looked at her and shook my head.

“No, no, I don’t think I said that,” as I stammer trying to keep my composer. She looks at me with her legs crossed, then uncrosses them. She’s not wearing anything under the dress. My eyes almost came out of my head.

“I don’t wear panties,” she says as she spreads her legs further apart and then pulls the dress up until her naked ass is on the table. The light from the ceiling shines right on her perfectly shaven pussy. My pencil rolls off the table and hits the floor. She takes her hand and rubs the top of her pussy. “You like what you see?” I nod my head. “You want to touch it, don't you?” I nod my head faster. I start to bring my hand up to touch it when she takes my hand and places it on her pussy. It was warm and wet. She lets go of my hand as I take my thumb and rub the swollen clit. Her head goes back and starts to breath heavy. She begins to buck her hips until I put a finger in. I start to get a little closer, she grabs my head and sticks it between her legs. I pull back and look around, she takes my head and looks at me. “I already checked, there’s nobody here,” she says and pushes my head back down. I take my tongue and lick the sides getting it wetter. She tastes like warm sweet honey. I dart my tongue in her hole and wrap my mouth around the whole thing and suck. She grabs my head and pushes me in so hard I couldn’t breathe for a couple of seconds. She releases my head as I take her clit and place it on my top teeth and flick it. She starts bucking her hips to the rhythm of my tongue. She grabs my ears as she climaxes on my face.

As her breathing begins to catch up with her, she pulls a leg up and pushes me back. “My turn,” she says. She fingers for me to stand up, I do. She gets on her knees and proceeds to undo my belt. My pants hit the floor as she pulls the boxer down. I step out of them as she grabs my erect hard on and smacks her face with it. “I want you to sit now,” she says. I sit my ass on the table as she pushes me to lay down. I hold my head up to watch what she’s about to do. She pulls the dress all the way off and now I can see her perfect tits. She puts them both in her hands and pinches the nipples to get them hard again. She takes my pole and kisses the head, then licking the sides to get it wet. I don’t dare blink as I watch everything she does. She looks up at me with a devilish smile and then takes me all the way in her mouth. My eyes roll in the back of my head. Holy shit, I say to myself. She begins to go up and down while stroking me. I feel the pressure building in my balls. I tap her on the shoulder, she looks at me and doesn’t slow down. She starts to go faster as I can’t hold on anymore. As soon as I shot, she goes all the way down on my cock and lets everything go down her throat. I have both my hands pulling on my hair. She comes off and gently kisses the head. I was going to say something, then she puts her finger on my lips. “Not a word,” she says as she keeps me hard. She lets go of me as I stand up. She pushes my papers off on the floor and lies on her belly showing me her ass. She takes her hands and spreads her ass. I walk up behind her and place my still swollen cock at her back door. I start to go slow as she turns back to look at me. “Fuck me now,” she says. I ram my cock all the way in as I hear the air escape her. I grab her hips and start to jackhammer that pussy into next week. Her arms are moving all over the place trying to catch her breath. This went on for a couple of minutes. I stop and pull out, she looks at me as I motion for her to flip over. She gets on her back and throws her legs up. I grab both her tits and squeeze as my cock finds its way back into her pussy. I begin to fuck her like it was my last. Watching her tits bounce up and down with every thrust I make, and the look she gives while coming again.

“You like what I’m doing to you?” I say as she nods her head while rubbing her clit. A few more minutes have passed and I’m ready to come. She can sense I’m almost there. She pats her chest for where she wants me to put it. I pull out and shoot my load all over her tits.

She gets up and starts to clean herself off. She puts back on her dress and looks at me. I’m still naked sitting in the chair. “I will let your coach know you passed my class,” she says with a smile. “You will not look for me, or call me. You will not say a word to anybody. When I want something from you, it will be on my terms, not yours. Do you understand me?” I just nod my head. “Good, now clean this place up and throw away these papers,” she says while holding my homework.

I got to play in the game that night, I even think she was in the stands watching me play. That put a smile on my face.

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