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Erotic Shorts

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Meeting the Mrs.

Tonight was the night, tonight was Friday night and Darrel had a surprise for me. He texted me earlier and told me to wear the sluttiest dress I own. He was taking me out somewhere special. Where, I don’t know yet. I stand in my bathroom staring at a mirror holding up different dresses, trying to decide what to put on. I finally find the dress. It's a low cut that shows a lot of cleavage, that hangs down to my mid thigh. I start to finish my makeup when I get another text from Darrel saying he’ll be here in ten minutes. “Shit.” I throw on a pair of panties and slide the dress on. I find a purse that matches the dress and stuff my phone and house keys in it. I look in the mirror one more time before leaving my apartment. “Fuck it,” I say and peel my panties off. This will be a surprise for him.

I haven’t seen Darrel in a couple of weeks. Let me explain. Darrel is married, and I’m his mistress. We’ve been seeing each other for over a year. I hate the fact that he’s married, but he makes me feel special, like I’m the only one in his life. I dream of the day he will be mine some day.

Darrel pulls up in his Tesla, then gets out. He opens the other door and helps me get in. “You look fucking amazing,” he says as he closes the door. He gets back in starts the car and pulls away. I don’t look at the road, I just stare at him while he’s driving. He looks over at me and takes my hand and kisses the top of my hand.

“Where are we going?” I ask.

“It’s a surprise.”

“How about a small hint.”

“Ok,” he says. “I’m taking you to a hotel. A very nice hotel.” he says as he places his hand on my inner thigh. A hotel? He could have saved a lot of money and just fuck me at my place like we always do. I thought in my head.

“What’s at the hotel that I had to dress all slutty for?”

“It’s a surprise,” he says again. Now he knows I’m not wearing any panties as his pinky touches my wetness. He looks at me with a big smile. He starts touching the screen on his dashboard and puts in the address to the hotel, then puts the car in auto. The car starts driving by itself. Darrel looks at me and reaches over and pulls me in for a kiss. This was no ordinary kiss. This was I can’t wait to fuck you kiss. His tongue separates my lips and finds my tongue. Right away lighting shoots down to my crotch and it’s on fire. He takes his left hand and cups my pussy while still kissing my hard. I feel two fingers go in really fast, I was that wet already. I reach over and touch his crotch and it’s ready. He pulls my hand away. “Not yet,” he says. After about ten minutes with him playing with my pussy, I needed a release.

“Please, I need to cum,” I whisper. He shacks his head no. He keeps edging me so close then stops. This is frustrating.

We make it to the hotel. Darrel parks his car in Valet and starts to walk with me. He guides me by putting his hand on my lower back. At this point my juices were slowly dripping down my leg. It felt like after a workout and sweet was rolling down my leg. I just hope nobody can see. He leads me into the elevator. My heart was pounding so fast with excitement, that the minute the door closes to the room, I was getting on my knees and sucking his cock. We make it to the room as he opens the door. My right hand was touching the outline of his erection. When, I see a girl tied to the bed blindfolded. She was naked and tied to all four post to the bed. I look at Darrel and whisper. “Who is she, and what are we doing?”

“It’s a gift,” he says with his arm out. “You said you always wanted to know what it would be like to have a three-some.”

I just stand there and look at her. She was beautiful to look at. She had a nice big rack with a perfectly shaved pussy. I stand next to the bed and lightly touch the inside of her thigh. She jumps a little and moans at my touch. She doesn’t say a word as I touch her pussy. She was soaking wet, just like me. I slide a finger in as she sucks air through her teeth from my touch. By this time, Darrel was already undressed and was walking towards me. He grabs the bottom of my dress and pulls it over my head. All three of us was naked.

“Sit on my face,” she says. I look at Darrel as he nods for me to go ahead. I slowly get on the bed and straddle her face. I look down, and she has her mouth open waiting for me to sit on her face. I lower myself as I feel a tongue go deep inside my pussy.

“Holy shit,” I say as I almost fall forward. I take hers tits and message them while she’s working on my box. She knows where to go, because I was bucking and grinding my pussy on her face. I look down at that swollen wet pussy of hers and go down on her. A loud moan escapes her as I do the same to her. Darrel just stands there and watches me suck on this girls pussy stroking himself to stay hard. Next thing I know, he gets behind me and places his cock at my pussy. He slowly inserts himself in me as I can feel a tongue flicking at my clit. “Holy shit,” I say again. He unties the girls arms so she can feel me. He takes my hips and starts to drill me while I feel a set of hands playing with my tits. Her tongue continues to work on my clit as Darrel keeps pounding on my pussy. “I’m about to cum,” I scream as Darrel pulls out and the girl wraps her lips over my pussy and sucks as I climax on her face. She has her hands on my ass holding me down to get more. I fall over and lay next to the other girl trying to regain my breathing. Darrel gets up and unties her legs. She gets up and takes off the blindfold. My eyes got extremely large when I saw her face. It was his wife. She walks into the bathroom as I look at Darrel. “That’s your wife. What the fuck?” I say quietly. He just shrugs his shoulders and lays next to me. She returns from the bathroom ready for more. She lies on my other side as I’m sandwiched between my lover and his wife. I don’t know what to do at this point.

“I’ve known about you for a long time,” she says while doing little circles around my nipples. I look at Darrel, he just smiles back. “He would come home after being with you. I would kiss his face and taste you on him. I fell in love with that taste and I wanted more. He would come home and not take a shower. I would go down on him and taste you all over again. I wanted more, I wanted you for myself.” She leans in and plants a deep wet kiss with her tongue and places two fingers inside me. She pulls them out and licks her fingers. “Damn you taste divine, sweet like honey.” My moans got louder as Darrel gets up. “Now I want to taste both of you together.” She says as his wife lays back on her back and I get to hover over her again like before. She starts to lick my pussy again as Darrel positions himself in me again. He grabs my hips and puts it in. The air was sucked out of me when he thrusts all the way in. She reaches around and grabs my boobs and starts to pinch my nipples while trying to suck on my clit. Darrel starts banging on my pussy from behind like it was going to be our last. After a few minutes I was getting close again. “Honey she’s almost ready to cum.” His wife says.

“You about ready?” Darrel asks me. All I could do was nod my head really fast. Then he does his signature sound when he’s about to cum with a low growl. He grips my hips and lays into my pussy as we both cum at the same time. I can feel everything inside as he slowly pulls out of me. His wife wraps her lips on my pussy and sucks our climax out of me. I start to shake uncontrollable as she hits the right spot on my clit. I get up and look at her, and she has the mess on her face. I bend down and give her a wet kiss to help her clean up.

We take a shower after that and never left the room the whole weekend. All three of us never got dressed. We just sucked and fucked all weekend.

After that weekend, we meet up almost every weekend and have fun. Sometimes at my place, sometimes at their place. His wife asked me to move in with them after a few months of fucking. And I said why not. We plan on taking a vacation to the Virgin Islands together.

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