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Erotic Shorts

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Service with a smile

It was a late Friday night at the local Diner. I was craving for something sweet so I grabbed a seat at the bar. The waitress smiles at me. “I’ll be with in a sec hon,” she says with a fresh pot of coffee. She returns with another smile, but this was a forced smile. She was tired and ready to go home. “What can I get for you hon?” she says as she flips a coffee mug and fills it.

“What’s your best-selling pie?” I ask.

“Baked apple cobbler was baked today,” she says with her hand on her hip.

“Can I have two slices of the apple?”

“You can have whatever you want,” she tells me. I watch her as she plates two slices on one plate. She comes back and places it in front of me, then puts silverware wrapped in a napkin next to it. “Enjoy.”

I unroll the napkin to get my fork. I make the first cut with the fork and it cuts like butter into the pie. There was a group of guys sitting behind me that was loud, and very rude. I kept hearing jokes about the server and what they would do to her at their dorm. I just kept eating my pie and drinking my coffee.

Soon it was time for them to leave. The server put the bill on the table and walks away. I heard a credit card hit the table. The server came back and took the bill. Minutes later she returns and hands the man the receipt with a pen. She comes back to me. “How you doing tonight?” she asks.

“I’m doing very good tonight. This pie is delicious,” I say while holding up my coffee mug. The group of men leave. I can hear them laughing all the way outside. The server goes over to the table to start clean up when she looks at the tip they left.

“Bastards.” I hear as she throws down the dirty plates and walks to the back. A bus boy comes by and cleans up the table. Five minutes have passed when she returns. “I’m sorry about that. Is there anything else I could do for you?”

“Can I have another cup of coffee?” She reaches under the bar and pulls out another fresh pot of coffee and pours me a cup. I could tell she was crying and was ready to give up tonight and go home. She walks by as I hold my hand out. “Is there something I could do for you?”

“Make those bastards come back and give me a tip. I did everything they wanted, gave them everything. People don’t understand how hard it is to be a waitress. There are weeks I barely make ends meet, and on a rare occasion I can make great money. I guess tonight’s not the night.”

“What’s your name?” I ask.


“Well Jennifer. I’m going to say something cheesy. It will get better.”

“I hope you’re right,” she says as she tears my bill and places it under my plate. I look at the bill and place five one hundred bills down on the table and lightly cover the money. I wipe my mouth with the napkin and start to walk out. I get a view to the diner from the outside to where I can see Jennifer. She starts to pick up the plate when she sees the bills on the table. She then starts to run out of the diner looking for me. I hide behind a car and watch as she starts to cry again. I hope those are happy tears I say as I start my walk home.

A week has gone by and I had a sweet tooth. I walk to the diner wondering if Jennifer was working, and she was. I walk in and take the same seat I had a week ago. She looks different tonight, she looks happy. She walks by a couple of times before she realized who I was. A small scream comes out of her mouth when she sees me sitting at the bar. She rushes over and gives me a hug. “Thank you, thank you,” she says still holding on to me. “I just want to say you helped me keep the lights on and I’m so grateful.”

“I’m glad I could help.”

“If there’s anything I can do for you, you let me know.”

“Anything?” I say.

She winks at me. “Anything.”

“Would you come home with me?” She doesn’t even think about it and nods her head yes. “When?”

She pours me a cup of coffee. “I get off in twenty minutes.” she says while not looking away but starring in my eyes.

Twenty minutes later, she comes from the back and had already changed her clothes. She was a beautiful girl with long legs and perky tits. She had a skip in her step as we walked out of the diner together. We talked the whole way to my place. She told me she went to school for interior designer and nobody in this city was hiring. That’s why she’s been working as a waitress just to make ends meet.

We make it to my place and I open the door for her as she walks in. I could see her eyes are wide as she looks around. “This place is huge. What is it you do for a living?” she asks.

“I dabble in a few flips,” I tell her. “Do you want something to drink?” I ask.

“Whiskey straight.” I pour her a good amount then hand it to her. She takes a sip. I watch as her eyes cross. “Wow, that’s good shit,” she says.

“When you said anything at the diner, did you mean it?” I ask. She looks me in my eyes and walks over to where I’m standing.

“I did.”

“Then get on your knees and suck my cock.” She puts the rocks glass down on the counter. She bends down and gets on her knees, then unbuckles my belt, pops the button fly and drops the zipper. My pants hit the floor as she takes hold of my cock. She puts it up to her face to show me how big it is. “Suck me,” I say. She looks at it for a second, takes a deep breath and put as much in her mouth as she could. I take the back of her head to help her go down further. She then puts both hands on it and starts to stroke me. Up and down she moved not missing a beat never leaving eye contact. She kept her eyes on me the whole time. I reach down and put my hand through her shirt in the back and undo her bra. I then move my hand to the front and cup her right tit and squeeze. A low moan escapes her as I pinch the nipple. She comes off my cock to catch her breath. My cock was all shiny and wet from her sucking on it. “Stand up,” I say. She gets off her knees and stands in front of me. “Raise your arms.” She raises her arms as I grab her shirt and pull it over her head. The bra falls to the floor. I take both her tits and squeeze them, then I put them in my mouth sucking on them and lightly biting the nipples. She puts her arms around my head as her head falls back. Still with a nipple in my mouth, I reach down and pull her shorts and panties at the same time. She helps me when she lifts her leg so I can get them all the way off. I reach down and touch her folds, and they are soaking wet. “You are wet girl. Have you been thinking about this?” I ask. She nods her head yes.

“The night you left the tip. I waited for you to come back night after night I waited. I dreamed of the day I could repay you, and here it is.” I pick her up as she wraps her legs around me. My cock was touching her stomach. She reaches down and starts to stroke it. Then she sits up and put me inside her. She was on fire, her pussy was so hot and wet, that when I entered her pussy it went all the way in. The air escapes her, and she doesn’t breath for a few seconds. I lay her down on the kitchen table as she puts her legs on my shoulders. I grab her tits and start to fuck her like it was going to my last ride. She stops breathing again and I can feel she’s climaxing on my cock. I could feel the muscles tightening around my cock. She grabs her boobs and squeezes them hard as she rolls the nipples in her fingers. I pull out of her and make her lay on her stomach on the table. I kick her legs to separate them as I put myself back in. I grab her hips and plow into to her. Her moans become whimpers as my balls slap her clit. She bangs her hand on the table as she cums again.

I let her go as she falls to the floor trying to catch her breathing. “My god, you’re amazing,” she says.

“I’m not done yet!” Her eyes got big when she heard me say that. Then she smiled and gave me a look like bring it on. I let her sit on the floor for a few more minutes. I pick up her drink and take a drink. I hand her the glass and she drinks the rest.

“What’s next?” she asks. I hold my hand out as she takes it. I lead her into another room that has a swing attached to the ceiling.

“Have a seat,” I say as I help her get in the swing. I put her feet in the straps so she doesn’t fall out. I’m still hard as a rock as I bend down and stick my face in that soaking wet pussy and start eating her out. She screams as my tongue hit her clit really fast. She puts her hands on my head and pushes me in harder. I stick a finger in her pussy to get it wet, then slowly stick it in her ass. Now she’s howling.

“Please another finger,” she says with a shaky voice.

“You like that?”

“Yes, yes, yes.” I get another finger wet and place it in her ass. I look up and see her mouth open trying to breath. I do this for a few minutes as I stand up. I place my cock at her backdoor. Her head looks up at me.

“You said anything.”

“I did and I meant it.” I start to work it in very slowly. I watch her facial expressions to make sure she can handle me. She nods at me when she’s ready. I take the straps of the swing and use them to help me fuck her. She takes her left and starts pinching her nipple as her right hand had two fingers inside herself. I don’t think she was breathing at all watching her do this.

I couldn’t last much longer, I tried to last a little bit longer but to no avail I lost the battle. I pull out of her and shoot my load all over her stomach and boobs. She takes her fingers and wipes the cum off her and licks her fingers.

After a few minutes to regain my strength, I untied her and helped her down. We walked into my bathroom and turned on the water to the shower. We took a shower together as I washed her, then she would wash me. She gets back on her knees in the shower as she was stocking me again. This time she wanted me to cum down her throat. She pumped and stroked me until I came down her throat. She looks up at me.

“Service with a smile.” she says.

“Would you like to work for me?”

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