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Sensual Sampler

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Leave your worries at the door and enter Café Blush... Serving a sensual sampler of erotically romantic mini-stories, each linked by the ephemeral Café Blush. This work-in-progress is for 18+ readers only. ~~~~~ © All Rights Reserved. This book is copyrighted by Café Blush. Use of any part of this book without express permission from the author is prohibited.

Erotica / Romance
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Welcome to Café Blush

Ding, ding!

The bell above the door rings as you step into Café Blush, a corner coffee shop at the edge of your imagination. Perhaps today is your day off. Or you’ve just gotten home from a long, hectic day and are in need of a moment to get away from it all. Regardless of how you arrived, you’re here now.

The first thing you note is the smooth, earthy scent of coffees and teas permeating the air, with the decadent waft of pastries and desserts lingering not far behind.

Now it’s your turn. This is your imagination after all. Your get-a-way. Is Café Blush hip and contemporary? Old World Rustic? Minimalistic? Bohemian? Allow your mind to find the artistic palette of its choice, coating the walls, furniture, and décor with an atmosphere that suits you best.

As your eyes land on a seat in the far corner, you move towards it. Do you have to meander through the crowd or are you the lone patron today? Either way, the air is pleasant and hospitable—all the pressures of reality were left outside.

Have a seat. Get comfortable. The menu laying on the table in front of you is relatively small, but that’s okay, as your appetite is easily satisfied with something simple, sweet, and sexy—exactly what Café Blush serves best.

Your eyes alight on the Appetizer section of the menu just before the server arrives, pulling a notepad and pen from out of nowhere.

“What can I get you today?”

“I’m interested in the Sensual Sampler. What exactly comes with it?”

The server nods, a good sign that you’ve made a decent choice. “Well, it’s actually a work in progress. We haven’t quite finalized the entire dish concept, but you’re more than welcome to get it regardless. Basically, it will eventually consist of a sensual mini-story from just about every major book genre. There will be Romance, of course, as that’s an ingredient in all of our dishes. But outside of that, you’ll be able to sample a different genre with each sexy mini-story. So, you’ll have a bite of Adventure, another of Science Fiction, and even a taste of Fanfiction, Humor, and Suspense. Some will be slow-burns, while others more immediate. Ultimately, it will be a full course consisting of at least eleven different genres. The single factor tying the entire sampler together is that each story will be set on location here at Café Blush. Since the café is meant to be ephemeral, or changeable according to each customer, its qualities will be different in each story, but a version of Café Blush will always be a factor.”

“Hmm, sounds intriguing. I’ll take it!” you reply with a smile, handing the menu to the server.

“Perfect. I’ll be back shortly with your first sample.”

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