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smut ideas

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random ideas for smut scenes that i cant put into full words yet.

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Chapter 1

Azalea’s pov:

We had just arrived at the designated house for tonight, the party was already in full swing when we pulled up in the car. The music was pumping, other teenagers were on the front garden, making out, smoking or drinking.

I turned to Ezra “I’m going to go find Rora, I’m sure I’ll see you inside at some point, darling?”
“Ditching me already I see” he chuckled, a husky, sexy noise coming from deep within his chest. God, the things I want to do to this boy. “Don’t worry about it pretty girl, go have fun with your friends”

I nodded and turned around with a little finger wave, before becoming an emotionless bitch, as per usual, and entered through the front door. I obviously added a little sway to my hips, I have to keep him thinking about me even if I’m not right there with him. Can’t have other girls all up on him, not tonight, not when I have a plan that will not work if he’s distracted.

I somehow manage to spot Aurora through the crowds, although I suppose my 5’9” stature, along with the 5” thigh high heeled boots, helps with that. I quickly make my way towards her before I lose the burgundy red, almost purple, curly hair. When I finally am within a couple feet proximity I notice how fucking sexy she looks, this all just keeps getting better and making life so much easier. She’s dressed up in a tiny, barely there emerald green strappy silk dress paired with sparkly silver 6” heels, - which gives her a good height compared to her naturally short frame - along with silver necklaces and rings with the bracelet I bought her for her 18th birthday a couple months back.

“Hey pretty girl” I whisper in her ear as I wrap my arms around her waist and rest my chin on her shoulder. She jumped with a start, clearly having been given a fright from my sudden appearance.

“Fuck, holy shit you have me a heart attack Az!” She exclaimed, whilst subconsciously resting her dainty, manicured hands on my arms. The close proximity between our faces now really noticeable after she tried to spin around to see who I was.

“What? No hi or hello? The least you could give me is a compliment darling” I question, fake pouting whilst taking a little step back to show off my outfit.

“Fuck me babe, look at you. Hot as shit girl, oh wow” She trails her eyes up and down my body, letting them linger on my breasts and the skin of my thighs between the gap of the end of my, admittedly short, black silk strappy dress and the tops of my thigh high heels - all the while keeping her hands on my waist. “Can I get you a drink Azalea?”

“Hhm, maybe just one.” I reply, eventually pulling away from Rora to hop up onto the counter while she goes to make me a raspberry vodka lemonade. “Mmm, this is just what I needed! Now let’s go dance sexy motherfucker!”

A couple of hours later and I’m still pretty sober. Okay, so, maybe not sober but definitely no more than tipsy. I’m at the level where I’m sure I’ll remember everything but I’m loosening up a little bit. Me and Aurora have gone between dancing and sitting on the couches along the sides of the house. I haven’t seen Ezra since I left him at the house but my new task is to go and find him. I don’t want him with another girl, sue me.

So, I grab Rora’s wrist, not too tightly but firm enough that I won’t lose her. She’s not anymore than tipsy either so I’m sure I won’t lose her on my adventures. It doesn’t take too long for me to find him in the kitchen with a bunch of his football mates. However, what does catch my attention is the blonde bitch standing with her tits pressed against his arm and trying to make conversation with him, laughing about some shit. I stand on the other side of the kitchen island and observe what situation this is before diving in head-strong. After a couple of minutes, I’ve concluded that this bitch is receiving no attention from Ezra and he actually looks like he’s keeping an eye out for something, or someone. I turn to Rora only to see her standing near the drinks blushing with some guy who I’ve seen around school before. I decide to just woman up and make my way over to the opposite counter, so I’m facing my guy.

I hop up onto the counter, cross one leg over the other and lean back on my hands, “What’d I miss darling?”

Ezra’s eyes snap to meet my own, he gazes over my amused filled expression. He shakes the blonde off of my his and take the few steps necessary to reach me, all the while not breaking eye contact. He grabs one of my thighs in his tatted, hot as fuck hands and separated my two legs to make enough room for him to stand in between them. He casually rests both arms on either side of me, lingering dangerously close to my soft tan skin.

“Ah, so here she is. You finally came back, did you? I thought I’d lost you to another guy for the night, hm?” He whispers sensually, however loud enough for me to hear him over the still pounding music.

“Nah, you just lost me to Aurora” I nodded my head in her direction, “I couldn’t find you earlier, what’ve you been up to pretty boy?”

“Hm, Aurora really? I might have to have a little conversation with her then, see what she has to keep you with her like a magnet all the while leaving me to fend for myself against desperate bitches who think they’re as gorgeous and sexy as you. I’ve missed you pretty girl.”

“I missed you too, you-”

“Hey hey, we’re going upstairs to find a quieter room to smoke, yous coming or nah?” Aurora interrupts me, but obviously I’m not going to miss out on this so I reply

“Yeh let’s do it, you coming pretty boy?”

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