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Rain and Tears

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The room was dark but I could still feel his cold stares all over my body. A shiver ran down my spine as I gulp audibly, "Alex-" He pinned me harshly to the door and pressed himself against me. "Ahh." I groaned when my back hit the wooden door making me hurt. "Did I give you permission to leave this room? Huh?" We were too close, breathing raged. The smell of alcohol he consumed had mixed with his breath, made me gag at the air I inhaled. I sobbed silently, "Give me the fucking answer." He slammed a fist on the door beside my head, I jumped up in fear "I-I..." I was so scared that my mind stopped to process any word. "Fine, don't answer me, if you want to leave, then you can." I sighed in relief, "After-" he leaned in and continue, "-I mark you mine." This story is for 18+ audience. This story contains mature content and mature language. If you are against these type of content in stories. Please, don't read it.

Erotica / Romance
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Isabella's pov

I was sleeping in my room, looking at the ceiling fan. I sighed and turned my head and stared at the window, the raindrops were falling on the glass of window making the sound pitter-patter.
A drop of a tear fell down my face following with more tears. For others, rain brings love and happiness, for me, it brings nothing more than grieves and tears.
My name is Isabella Whites, I am twenty-four years old. I live in New York with my dad, my stepmother and her three kids. My father, Jason Whites is an owner of Eliza Fabrics and Co. He is one of top ten businessmen of America in Forbes this year. My stepmother, Olivia Whites had been famous model of Victoria Secrets, now she helps my Dad in his business. My both step-sisters Clara and June are twins, they are in fashion school. My brother, Charles is in primary school. Well, I'm teacher at Kindergarten.

I always wanted to be a teacher like my mother. My mother Elizabeth Whites was a beautiful women with pale skin, beautiful blue eyes and silky black hair. Everyone says I inherited my mother's beauty except my hair, it is little bit curly and brown. I looked at the picture which was on nightstand.

Dad clicked it on my third birthday, I was munching on candy and Momma was trying to make me look at the camera. We used to be a happy family. But, everything is changed now.


"Moma promised me, she will come before five o'clock." I looked at clock and pouted.

"Maybe she got stucked in rain" my nanny, Haley tried to comfort me. Today is my forth birthday and my parents were not even at home.

"Will she bring Mr. Teddy for my Lyala?" I asked her, she smiled at me and hugged me, "Ofcourse, she will bring him. After all you are her little flower."

She pinched my nose lightly and we both giggled, she started tickling my tubby, I started laughing and begging her to stop. She stopped when the phone on nearest table went off.

She picked up, "Hello?"

She straightened up. "Yes Mr. Whites, it's Haley."

"Yes, she is with me."

"W-What?" Her eyes were full of tears.

"Yes,Mr. Whites" and she hung up."What happened?" I went to her with Layla in my hand.
She immediately wiped her tears, "Nothing sweety, your daddy got more work, so he will be late for your party. Let me take you in your room." She pick me up and carried me to my bedroom.

"Baby, don't come out till I tell you. Okay?"
"But, isn't it my birthday?" She sighed, "Yes baby, it is. But we have some surprise, that's why I am telling you so."
She putted her crooked fingers under my chin, "You are a good girl. Right baby?" I nodded, "Then you will sit here and wait for me."

"What if this good girl will get bored." She taped her finger her chin thinking, "What about watching cartoon." I nodded grinning cheekily.

It have been four hours, watching Tom and Jerry and waiting for aunt Haley but still there was no news about her. Even my Momma isn't back yet.

"Where are everyone, I am hungry." I whined, my stomach was growling.

I climbed down the bed and walked out of the room. While passing through Momma and Daddy's room, I heard my grandma's voice making me terrified.

She was always mean to me. "This is all that brat's fault. If she hadn't insisted on that crazy toy, my daughter-in-law would have been alive today." She started crying, the gate was wide opened. Dad's eyes were red with tears. He was standing near the window, his was facing Grandma. Why everyone is crying? "Now, what will you do, Jason." A blonde woman asked him. Who is that woman, maybe she came for my birthday party. But, Momma was nowhere in the room.

"What will he do? He will teach her lesson. I warned to you Jason that your unbounded love toward that girl will bring havoc. See, what she did. She killed her own mother." She shouted

I want to ask him where is Momma. So, I knocked the door, all three pairs of eyes snapped at me. "What are you doing here, sneaking in the room?" My Grandma asked rudely.
"Did you see Jason, how mannerless she became? You should teach her lesson that she will never repeat this again." I walked to Dad, "Dad where is Momma?" No answer, he didn't even looked at me.
"Daddy please tell me where is Momma? I tucked Dad's shirt, but he removed my hand.

"HALEY." He shouted, his sudden behaviour made me scared. Aunt Haley rushed in, "Yes, Mr. Whites?" He glared at her,"Take her to her room."
She nodded and gripped my hand gently, "ba-"
"No, I want to see my Momma. Please, call my Momma." I started crying, "YOUR MOM WILL NEVER COME BACK." He shouted, again. I got scared and hide behind Aunt Haley.

He sighed and turned his back to me, just waved his hand in a dismissive way. I looked back to him with tears in my eyes hoping that he will call me and hug me but it didn't happen. Aunt Haley tucked me in the bed and cover me with cozy blanket which Momma baught for me. She kissed my head and left my room to get dinner. I turned to window and thinking about my mother and cried, "Momma please come back. I promise I'll be your good girl......."

Present day:

A lone tear fell from my eye. After that day I tried my best to make everything okay with my dad but he never spare a single glance at me.

I found out my mother is dead when I was five. I stepmother told me and also blamed me for her death. It was truth, though.

That day I went to my Dad's office and tried to talk to him and promise him that I never do it again but he didn't even looked at me instead he called Aunt Haley and again and told her to take me out of his office.

I pleaded Aunt Haley take me to my mother's grave, she agreed. Since that day, I visit her grave every Sunday. Because, it was her favourite day of week.

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