The Elf Witch: part 1 of book 1

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Rejected. Banished by her community as a child. Thrown to survive alone in the forest and wilderness beyond. She did not understand. Why? What am I? She would soon learn.. The community that rejected her would come to need her more than ever! Their fate in her hands! But would she help them? Book 1. The Elf Witch: the soul

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A mother’s deception

Wren was a beautiful child! At ten years old she had distinctive features..Platinum hair that has grown long down her back. Eyes that would change colors with her moods. Icy gray, golden yellow, deep green, and the occasional deep sea blue. Her mother always told her she was a gift from the gods. She had no idea how close that was to the truth!

Her community was relatively small. Humble people. Simple farmers, metal workers, seamstresses, and the like. They all worked together. Usually happy except for the occasional brawl brought on by one drinking too much mead! Yet by the morn all was forgotten and things were peacefully happy again! Wren lived in a quaint cottage with her mother Nanina, she was about 40 with long brown hair with a streak of grey to the side. We jokingly called it her lighting bolt when she got angry! My brother Emanuel was was 12. He was a tall strapping young boy. He had curly blonde hair and was well on his way to becoming the town heartthrob. Already muscular for his age coupled with a great personality. Her younger sister Emania, or Emmie we all called her, was only 8. She had brown curly hair and a prissy nature. She hated getting dirty and although she had her chores, Manny and I usually spoiled her by doing
The dirty outside chores. After all we didn’t mind a little dirt or mud!
One day after her chores Wren was bathing with the other girls in the creek that ran through the community. When it began. The water began to swirl around her. Her hair floating in the air her ears began to point at the tip and her eyes turned a whitish gray. The other children screamed, jumping from where they were bathing. Wren herself was in shock. She didn’t know what was happening. She thought to herself “stop it, just stop!” Immediately the water receded. She grabbed her clothes and ran to her mother.

Mamma! She yelled as she entered her house. It was a quaint little cottage.. there was a room she shared with her sister Emmie. Another small room belonging to her brother Emanuel (she called him Manny) they had been very close. Her mother and father had a room . There was also one common room with kitchen and fireplace. Her mother heard her cries and came running from out her room. What’s going on Wrenny? She told her mother what happened. Her mother listened attentively. She quietly said we must talk baby girl.

Wren.. she said. You were born from another man. I met him before I married the man you knew to be your father. . I lived with your father but had not yet married him, although he begged me to. I caught him sleeping with other women in the community after I had Manny so I left him to clear my head. I went into the woods and that is where I met your real father.

He was elvish. We loved each other dearly, but his father was very powerful. He refused to allow our union. He sent his warriors to remove me from his land.. or kill me if I refused to leave. I came back here and returned to your father. When I found out that I was with child I decided to marry him. Even though I knew he would not be faithful, I still finally agreed to it. He always believed you were his child. Her words stung! I didn’t understand?
Why the lies mamma? Why?

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