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The subway

"Yeah, My car broke down. I'll be running late." I sighed through the phone, balancing it between my ears and shoulders while I was reaching out for my metrocard from my purse.

"God, never mind. They'll leave before you reach anyway. Just get home somehow." My boyfriend barked before cutting the call and I tried to hold back my unshed tears. It was almost 10 pm and he had asked me to go down to the store on the other side of the town just to get his favorite beer for his friends.

I know I shouldn't be with an asshole like him but he never lets go of me and anyways apologizes when things get out of hand. I shook my head and made my way towards the subway, taking my time as I had no rush to go home now anyway.

I noticed that the train wasn't crowded except for a few elderly people and few middle-aged men, returning home from their work. I couldn't spot even a single woman and took a breath before finding a seat at the corner. I tried to keep myself busy by scrolling through the phone as it would take 45 minutes to reach my destination.

After a few minutes, I lifted my head from my phone and noticed a guy around my age sitting opposite to me and staring at me openly. He was well built, taller than me and had soft,silky brown hair that curved around the nape of his neck.

He was quite handsome and I blushed a deep shade of red before looking away, feeling embarrassed by my behavior.

I have a boyfriend for fucks sake and it was wrong to check out other guys but the way he kept staring at me got me excited and it felt nice to know that atleast some random guy was desiring me.

This continued for a while and we kept exchanging sly glances every now and then. I was feeling hot and decided to tease him a bit.

He was complete stranger and it was not like anything was going to happen here in public so I slowly removed few buttons of my top, giving him a glimpse of my ample clevage casually and bent a little in the front, supporting my elbow on my knees.

I saw him licking his lips and adjusting his pants in response which made my core tingle with excitement. I can't remember the last time I felt this way as it was always forced and quick with my boyfriend. I loved the tease and the thrill of being in public made it even more erotic.

I suppressed my smile and slowly pulled up my skirt a little, showing more of my thighs all the while, making sure that no one was on to us. He stood up from his seat and I ran my eyes all over his sexy body, licking my own lips involuntarily.

A part of me was disappointed, thinking that he was going to get down at the next station but he didn't walk out when the next stop arrived and slowly moved close to my side, hiding the others behind him with his body. My entire body started to shiver and I kept my gaze fixed to the ground.

My mind was screaming to me that it was wrong and I should push him away but I was tempted beyond words and every bit of sanity left my body when he slowly grazed his hand against my boobs.

I was wrong.

Anything could happen now and I had the control with me to either go with it or stop it.

He kept looking straight ahead while his hands slowly pushed my blouse aside. He tried to feel the fullness of my breasts and I started breathing heavily as I could feel my pussy getting wetter by every passing second. He started squeezing my boobs, making it so hard for me to suppress my moans.

I couldn't take it anymore and stood up from my seat. I pressed my body against him from behind and felt him hiss in response.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"he asked, coming closer near my ears and I nodded in response.

"Fuck! Lucky bastard." He groaned, slipping his hands inside my skirt from behind and I gasped in response.

"He's not the one groping me now. Consider yourself lucky," I added, making him chuckle against my ears.

"You are so fucking hot, darling." He added, rubbing his fingers against my now drenched panty.

"Wider," he mumbled against my neck and I obeyed him. Thankfully no one was sitting in front of us but I was pretty sure the people behind us must have guessed what was going on with us by now.

"So wet for me," he whispered, running his long fingers along the lengths of my soaking core, making me sigh in content.

It felt so fucking good.

"Do you do this often?" I asked, trying not to make this personal but I was curious ofcourse.

"Surprisingly, no!"

"I find that hard to believe."

He inserted two of him fingers inside my hole and before I could let out a loud gasp, he captured my mouth with his lips, muffling the sounds and I felt my whole body burtsing with desire.

"I feel you but it's true and I simply couldn't resist you."

"God, I can't believe I'm doing this." I whispered, trying to stand on my feet without collapsing as I was almost of the verge of my climax.

"I want to fuck you so hard from behind." He stated bluntly, making me feel even more hotter. He was making me feel things I haven't felt before and it was scary because he was a complete stranger who could also be a serial killer.

What the hell was wrong with me?!

I heard his zipper go down and swallowed hard in anticipation.

"I can stop if you want me to," he paused, waiting for my reply and I relaxed a bit.

Could be a gentleman!

"What if someone sees us?"

"I don't care. Let them see and have a hard on," he whispered, licking my earlobes and he didn't have to convince me anymore. I slowly nodded my head and felt his dick poking my ass. He lifted my skirt further up and gave my ass a squeeze.


"I'm going to be quick because I have to get down at the next stop," he rushed out, pushing his dick inside me from behind.

"Me too."


"It's okay, I'm on the pill." I panted and with one hard push, I felt his entire length inside me. He was so big and I felt my pussy clench around his cock.

"Christ, you feel so good." He groaned as he increased his paced and started kissing my neck. He pulled out one of my breasts from my blouse and he started to play with my nipples.

He started increasing the pace and I threw my head back, savoring this moment because I was pretty sure I can't do something like this again in the future.

"I'm so close," I gasped, gripping his hand so tightly and he breathed against my neck.

"Come for me, baby." He grunted, finding his own release, biting my collarbone and I had an intense orgasm after months.

"That was the best quickest sex I've had so far," he whispered in my ears before pulling out of me and I couldn't help but blush a deep shade of red.

Once we adjusted our clothes, I didn't dare look behind me and waited for my stop.

"What's your name?" he asked, just as our stop arrived and I gave him a small smirk and shook my head.

"Goodbye, Stranger." I grinned before getting down and walking away, leaving him speechless.

Once I reached home, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face as I kept thinking about my quick sex adventure and how hot he was.

"Why are you grinning?" My boyfriend asked, looking at me and I noticed that his friends were still in here.

"Uhh... nothing," I cleared my throat and handed the beer over to him.

"My boss will be here soon. He is running late so be on your best behavior," he muttered and rushed to attend his friends. I rolled my eyes and entered the kitchen to heat the food.

After a few minutes, I heard the sound of the doorbell and waited for my boyfriend to get the door.

"Sarah, get the door." He yelled and continued to chat with his friends in the living room. I let out a huge sigh before walking towards the door.

I opened the door and froze when I saw the stranger standing in front of me with the same look of shock and surprise on his face.

What the hell?

"What are you doing here?" I asked, looking behind me to make sure my boyfriend wasn't near the door.

"Your Adam's girlfriend?" he asked with an amusing look on his face.

"Yeah, are you here to tell him about what happened earlier?" I asked in panic and he looked like he was trying to hide his smile.

"What the hell? Open the door, Sarah. That's my boss." I hear my boyfriend's voice from behind and all the blood drained from my face.


No, no, no!

This can't be happening.

I opened the door wide, still in shock.

"Sorry Adam, I had to take the subway because my car broke down." He started talking while I tried so hard not to look at him.

"What are the odds? The same thing happened to my girlfriend too,"

I gave them a small smile, trying to act cool but I was freaking out inside.

"I'm Andrew Cooper," he extended his hand for me to shake, his gaze automatically down to my neck where he gave me a hickey and his lips curved into a small smirk.

"S-- Sarah Jones," I stuttered before giving him a nervous smile and shook his hand.

"Alright, let's join the others in the living room." Adam stated and started walking in front of us while I felt Andrew's hand on my ass, giving it a small squeeze.

"Well, this should be fun, Sarah." He smirked and walked ahead of me to join the others.

Well, I was fucked for sure.

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