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The Bully - Part Two

I didn't go to school the next day as I was scared to face Austin again. I lied to my mom that I was sick and surprisingly, she seemed to buy it and left for work, leaving me all alone.

I didn't tell anyone about what happened yesterday. In fact, I wasn't even sure if it really happened or it was all in my head.

Why would Austin try to seduce me?

It made no sense and I tried so hard not think about it but everytime I closed my eyes, I could feel his fingers teasing me down there and it was hard for me concentrate on the book that I was currently reading.

Just then, I got a text message from Kate, my best friend.

'Where are you?' - Kate

'At home. Not feeling well.'

I hit send and tried to read my book but I got a reply from her almost immediately.

'Take care, babe. FYI, Austin has been looking for you all day.' - Kate.

Holy shit!

I didn't reply as I started to panic. I had to go to school eventually and I had no idea how I was going to face him. There was a part of me that still believed that he did what he did as a prank to make fun of me in front of his friends.

God! I should have screamed bloody murder instead of enjoying his touch like a sick person.

The sound of the doorbell interrupted my thoughts and I ran downstairs, pulling up my hair in a loose bun.

"Coming," I yelled as the person kept on knocking relentlessly. I opened the door lazily only to find my Bully standing on my door steps, wearing his usual black sweatshirt and a pair of faded blue jeans. I almost forgot to breath and realised that I was wearing just a tank top and a pair of really short shorts.

Kill me, now!

I was about to shut the door in his face out of fear and embarrassment but he put his foot between the door entrance and pushed himself inside forcefully, kicking the door shut behind him.

I felt helpless in my own house but I tried my best to stay calm and interrogate him.

"What do you want, Austin?" I asked, building up some courage and he didn't seem to reply. He keep running his eyes all over my body and I felt naked under his burning gaze.

"You don't look sick to me." He stated as a matter of fact and I tried to come up with some excuse.

"I..uh...I have..umm... headache." I lied, hoping that he would believe and leave me alone but he started to come closer towards me and I started walking backwards until my back hit the couch.

"I can make it go away, princess." He smirked, licking his lips and my eyes went wide in shock.

"My mom will be home any minute now." I blurted without thinking, making him raise his eyebrows.

"Why do I get the feeling that you are lying about everything?" he asked more to himself and pulled me closer by hooking his finger inside my shorts. I let out a soft gasp and inhaled his addictive colonge mixed with his aftershave, making me almost drool.

"I've never seen you dress like this before." He mumbled, playing with the ropes of my shorts. My entire body was on fire, anticipating his every move. We were so close and I found it hard to pull away from him.

He gripped my waist, burying his face between the crook of neck and let out a soft sigh.

"I missed you at school today." He whispered, making my heart almost flip and I gripped the cushion on the couch tightly as he continued to place wet kisses on my neck, making me melt against him.

"Missed me for what? Bullying?" I asked without thinking again and he pulled back to look at me, hurt flashing across his face.

"Let me show you what I missed," he whispered, placing his lips on mine and I was so shocked to even respond. He pulled me closer, cupping my face with his left hand and continued to kiss me deeply. I started to kiss him back softly and felt him smile against my lips. He sucked on my lower lip, teasing me with his tongue and I opened my mouth, allowing him to explore every inch of it. My toes curled in response and a soft moan escaped my lips as he bit my lip.

"Fucking hell," he groaned in response, his right hand sneaking up to my boobs and I wrapped my arms around his neck, breathing heavily. He fondled my boobs, squeezing them softly while I closed my eyes, enjoying every second of his touch on my body.

I could feel my pussy becoming wet as he continued to play with my boobs, circling my nipples with his thumb and I bit my lip to hold back my moans.

"God, you are so fucking sexy." He hissed, removing my tank top in one swift movement, leaving me in just my shorts and bra. I immediately covered my body with my hands, feeling shy but he removed my hands, holding them by my side.

I noticed him eyeing my body, hungrily and feel something hard poking against my stomach.

Oh my God! Did I give him a boner?

"Sarah, please tell me to stop, baby." He spoke through gritted teeth, resting his forehead against mine and I was in no position to say that now.

"Why?" I asked, breathing heavily and he looked straight into my eyes.

"Because I want to fuck you so badly but at the same time I don't want to scare you," he replied honestly, making me blush so hard. I wanted him to continue but at the same time he was right, I was confused and scared and had no idea why he was doing this to me.

Why me instead of other girls at school?

"I...I haven't..umm..this is my first.." I tried to tell him and he nodded in understanding.

"I know and I will be your last." He added, kissing my lips and he started to undo my bra.

Last? What does he mean by that?

"You are all mine, Princess. Less talking now."

He grabbed my ass and made me wrap my legs around his waist and carried me to the couch, placing me on it gently. He started to remove his sweatshirt, revealing his perfect body unlike mine and started to undo his pants.

"Tell me to stop and I will," he whispered, hovering above me and I reminded silent as I didn't want him to stop, not when he owned my body. He started to go down and took my nipples in his mouth while his other hand started to massage them.

"Austin..." I breathed, squirming beneath him but he paid no mind and continued to suck my boobs. He slowly slipped his left hand inside my shorts, making me jump in response.

"Are you wet for me?" he asked, rubbing his fingers against my underwear which must be soaking wet by now.


"Stay still," he whispered and went down further to pull down my shorts, followed by my underwear. I was completely naked in front of my Bully, waiting for him to fuck me.

This isn't how I planned to lose my virginity but at the same time, I've never thought I would lose my virginity to the hottest guy in my school who also happen to be my bully. My body was dying for his touch, wanting him to ravish me.

He slowly parted my legs and started to place wet kisses on my inner thighs, making me go crazy with need.

"Austin, please...." I cried out in pleasure but he continued his sweet torture by, kissing everywhere expect my pussy.

"I love it when you call my name," he smiled, rubbed my thighs and I kept arching my back, waiting for him to touch my pussy.

"So fucking wet," He whispered before placing his mouth on my pussy, slowly teasing my wet folds with his tongue. I almost lost it when he started to run his tongue all along the length of my pussy, licking every inch of it.

"Oh my God!" I cried out in pleasure as I've never experienced something so intense yet beautiful at the same time. I've read about it and used to think that all of them were exaggerating but now I understood the hype about sex.

"Don't move," he spoke against my skin, holding my waist in position and pulled out him gaint cock.

So fucking huge.

This was actually happening.

"Are you scared?" he asked while wrapping a condom around his cock and I gave him a slight nod.

"Do you trust me?" he asked again, looking straight into my eyes and for some reason I seemed to do. I was at my most vulnerable state but he made me feel warm unlike the times he used to bully me and there was something different about him now.

I've never seem him so gentle and normal and I was scared that I was starting to like this side of him.

"I do. Just don't make me regret it." I whispered and he gave me a small smile before placing his cock at my entrance.

"Never, Princess."

He slowly pushed himself inside me, watching me closely and I started to feel the pain as my pussy clenched around him. I squeezed my eyes shut and gripped his arms tightly, waiting for the pain to go away. He kissed my eyes and that's when I realised that I was crying.

"Does it hurt, baby?" he asked with concern written all over his face.

Who was this person?

This was the Austin I used to know.

I shook my head and decided to be happy at the moment as I didn't want to ruin it by overthinking. He could be using me for sex for I care but I just wanted to remember him, remember us like this.

He increase his pace and started to fuck me harder. The pain was completely gone now and I started to enjoy it as well.

"You feel so fucking good, princess." He groaned in pleasure, cupping my boobs while he buried himself deep inside me. The room was filled with the sounds of our raw sexual energy and heavy panting.

I wrapped my legs around his waist as he continued to slam his cock deep inside me mercilessly. I wanted him to go harder but I was too shy to open my mouth.

"You like that, baby?" he asked, pinching my nipples and I let out a loud moan, nodding my head. I could feel a wave of orgasm build up inside of me.

"Austin...I think..."

I was unable to finish my sentence as I came all over his cock and fell back on the couch. My body was still vibrating from that intense orgasm and he also came inside me quickly within a few seconds.

We both lay on the couch, trying to catch our breath and I tried to process everything that happened just now. I just lost my virginity to my bully. The guy who torments me at school and makes my life a living hell. The guy who used to get off on making fun of me.

I knew he was bad news yet I couldn't understand why I was attracted to him and his toxic masculinity. I had no idea what to say to him or what this mean for us from now so I slowly got up from the couch and started to wear my clothes. He kept watching my every move like a hawk.

"My mom might come home any second now. I didn't lie earlier." I stated, clearing my throat and he let out a small chuckle before starting to wear his clothes. He finally stood in front of me but I was too shy to meet his gaze.

"So this is how it feels like to be kicked out after sex, huh?"

"You got what you wanted. Just leave Austin," I replied, ready to expect the worst of this weird situation that we both had brought upon ourselves.

"That's true. I got what I had wanted for a very long time." He admitted, pushed a strand of hair away from my forehead.

"And what if I said I want more?" he continued, making me meet his gaze and he gave me this intense look that I've never seen before.

"M-more sex?" I asked, too shy to even say that word in front of him.

"Yeah. More sex. More kisses and just more of you." He whispered, caressing my cheeks softly and it felt so damn good.

I couldn't understand what he was trying to say.

Did he want me to fuck him behind the doors and endure his bully in front of the whole world?

No way!

"I'm not that kind of girl, Austin." I responded, hoping that he would understand that I wasn't like the other girls he used to fuck.

"Exactly my point."


"You are so damn cute. Looking all confused and innocent as always," he sighed, kissing my forehead.

"Be my girlfriend, Sarah. Just fucking be mine." He added in his deep raspy voice, tracing my lips with the pad of his thumb and I completely froze in response.

What the fuck?!

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