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The Sleepover

"I'm so excited. This is my first sleepover, babe and I can't believe you convinced my mom. She can be so stubborn." I rolled my eyes as I wore my seatbelt and my best friend, Carla started the car without wasting another second and soon we were on the road.

"I can be pretty convincing and your mom trusts me a lot more than you." She grinned from ear to ear and I simply shook my head. It was common for a mom to trust the friend of a teenage daughter so I didn't mind it that much as I got want I wanted in the end.

The fact that I was going to be sleeping under the same roof as her brother sent shivers down my spine. I've always had the biggest crush on him but I was too scared to do anything about it. Carla was my best friend and I didn't want her to think I was hanging out with her only because of her brother.

"I thought we would have the house to ourselves with my parents away but it looks like my brother is going to be saying over for the weekend. Sorry, babe." She pouted sadly but I just shrugged in response, acting as if it didn't bother me when in real, I was the one who planned to have the sleepover this weekend after knowing very well that he would be home for the weekend.

Okay, I stalk his instagram sometimes.

"No worries, we will just ignore him and do our thing." I added, tucking a piece of my blonde hair behind my ears.

"Yeah, that's right. He won't be home until later tonight so we can have fun till that," she winked and continued to drive towards her house but all I could think about was her brother.

Chase Jefferson.

He was the epitome of perfection with his peircing blue eyes, light brown hair and a body that could make you wet by just looking at it. He must have no idea about me but I knew everything about him and in my head, we are already married with kids.

I was acting like a crazy stalker so I brushed aside my thoughts and decided to have fun with Carla on my first sleepover.

We had fun coloring each other's hair and I finally got the pink streak that I have been obsessing over for months. We also did each other's nails and all the other girly stuff until we fell back on the couch, feeling tired and exhausted.

"How about we watch something? I'll order us some pizza." She grabbed her phone while I kept browsing through Netflix to find something to watch.

We finally settled on Vampire diaries re-runs and started drooling over Damon and Stefan. The sound of the front door being opened turned out heads after a couple of episodes but I turned my head back to the screen assuming it must be the pizza.

"Dammit, Carla. Can't you come over and help me with the luggage?" I heard his familiar deep voice that has been the reason for many of my sleepless nights.

Fuck! He was here.

I froze, not peeling my gaze away from the screen and felt Carla, getting up from her seat angrily.

"What's with the luggage? I thought you were coming over for the weekend or did they kick you out of med school?" she teased him and I didn't know what I was supposed to do.

Should I introduce myself?

Does he remember me still?

"By the way, Emma and I are having a sleep over so don't disturb us."

I finally turned around to face him and his blue eyes locked with my brown ones. I sucked in a deep breath, running my eyes all over his perfectly sculpted face. He looked even more hot in person than his pictures and I gave him an awkward smile before he could think I was a creep for staring at him too long.

"Hi, I'm Emma."

"I remember you, Emma Simmons. My friend Dan used to have a huge crush on you." He smiled at me but there was something in his eyes, the way he looked at me. I couldn't figure out if he said it in a normal way or there was some hidden meaning to it.

He disappeared into his room which was located to the left of the kitchen downstairs whereas Carla's room was upstairs. I felt a bit disappointed that we didn't have more interaction but masked it and continued to enjoy the other hot men in my fictional world.

Soon the pizza arrived and after eating, we placed the leftovers on the kitchen counter for Chase and headed upstairs.

"We should try booze," Carla suggested, making my eyes go wide. I didn't want to get into trouble and with Chase in the house, it was too risky.

"No, Carla. It's too dangerous. Your brother is downstairs."

"Relax, he won't find out." She brushed me aside and sneaked out of the room to the room opposite to hers. It must be her parents bedroom.

"My dad always has a stash of whiskey under his bed." She whispered and pulled out a bottle which was half empty. She rushed inside our room and we locked the door quickly. We both started to giggle in excitement and it actually felt good to break the rules for once.

"We can fill it up with water and keep the botty back." Carla suggested and I went along with her crazy idea. We shared a few sips which immediately burned down my throat and my eyes filled with tears.

Fuck, that was so strong.

Carla almost emptied the bottle before I could snatch it back from her. She was already feeling dizzy and started to blabber in her drunken state. I stood up, feeling a bit dizzy as well but so much compared to Carla.

"Just lie down and don't do anything stupid okay. I'll take care of the bottle and get you some water to sober up as well." I explained and sneaked out of the door slowly without making a sound. I looked down from upstairs to see if her brother was in sight and fortunately, the kitchen was empty so I rushed downstairs to get some water to mix it into the bottle.

I heard someone clearing their throat from behind, startling me and as a result the bottle fell to the ground, shattering it to pieces.

Crap! I was caught red-handed by her brother who was now smirking at me with an evil look in his eyes.

"I knew you were not as innocent as you looked." He spoke, coming inside the kitchen and leaning against the counter.

" wasn't my idea. I tried to stop Carla. Please don't tell your parents. I can pay for it." I mumbled, looking down at my feet in nervousness. I was too shy to meet his gaze and give the circumstances, I was scared as well.

Will he inform his parents?

"Look at me, Emma." He demanded and I slowly flicked my eyes to meet his burning gaze.

"I'm not going to rat you out but you can pay me." He added with a sly grin and started to close the distance between us. My heart was thumping against my chest like crazy and I was afraid that he could actually hear it. I took a few deep breaths before responding to him.

"Umm..okay. Let me go get my purse." I answered and tried to walk past him but he stopped me and backed me up against the kitchen counter.

Holy Fuck!

"Not so fast and did I say you could pay me with money?" he asked in a deep husky tone which made me squeeze my thighs together and I swallowed hard, trying to look anyway but at him.

"Chase, let me go." I tried to speak up but my body was betraying my words. Whatever he was planning to do to me, I wanted him to do because that's all I've ever been dreaming off and I couldn't believe he wanted me.

"You've certainly grown, Emma. Not a little kid anymore." He whispered, tracing his fingers against the swell of my boobs over my flimsy top and I shivered in response. My nipples became erect and were now poking through my shirt.

God, my body wasn't listening to me anymore and I was melting against his touch.

"This isn't appropriate, Chase." I whispered, looking down at his fingers which were now tracing my nipples and squeezing them softly. I bit my lip, holding back the gasp from my mouth. I couldn't believe that Chase was touching me now. I've dreamed of this moment a million times but never once I thought it would come true. I was an awkward loser and he was a Greek God who was clearly way out of a league.

"And sneaking booze from my parents is appropriate, huh?" he asked, his hands were now under my tshirt and my skin burned against his touch. The moment he touched my bare waist, I turned into a puddle and my panties must be soaking wet now.

"Chase...what are you.." I couldn't finish my sentence because he lifted me up and made me sit on top of the counter and spread my legs wide apart before he stood between them.

I had no idea what the hell was happening. I forgot he was older than me and he was my best friend's brother. I forgot that she was just upstairs and could walk on us any moment now. Every rational sense left my body, the moment he touched me and I realised that I would let him do anything to me without a second thought.

"This pink streak looks cute on you." He smiled, lifting the pink strand of hair with his other hand and I blushed a deep shade of red.

Chase Jefferson called me cute.

What was happening to the world? Is it the booze? Please don't tell me I am hallucinating or something but whatever the hell it was, I didn't want it to end.

"Lift your hand." He ordered again and there was something about his voice that made me want to listen to him. I did as I was told and he lifted my top, followed by my bra and within seconds, I was sitting half naked in front of him.

Sweet Jesus!

"Fuck, you are perfect." He whispered, biting his lips, making him look so fucking sexy and he took a step back to admire my body. I was feeling too damn shy and tried to cover my body but he forced my hand down to the counter, stopping me immediately.

"Don't. You have no idea how long I've waited for this moment." He groaned, his eyes going dark with desire and I felt my heart bursting with happiness. A few hours ago, I was worried about the fact that he wouldn't remember me but hearing him say this now made me feel alive and I wrapped my arms around him, feeling a bit confident than before.

"You have no idea how long I've been crushing on you." I whispered, looking straight into his eyes and all he did was give me a small smile, his gaze flicking backand forth between my lips and eyes.

"I know." He smirked before crashing his lips to mine and I felt my entire body responding to his kiss, my hands were lost in his hair, my legs seem to wrap around his waist automatically and my breasts pushed themselves against his body on its own accord. He started to explore every inch of my mouth with his tongue and I started to remove his shirt, wanting to feel his bare skin against my body.

He lifted his hands and removed his shirt, throwing it aside and his hands automatically found the swell of my breasts, swelling them hard enough to make me go crazy and wild with desire and I pulled away from him, unable to handle the intensity of my emotions.

"I had to stop Dan from going after you every single time. Do you have any idea how much I want you, Emma?" he asked, taking my hand and placing it on his hard on and just like that, I wanted him inside me. My pussy was on fire and I felt this ache in my core, begging for his cock.

I was a virgin but I didn't want to tell him that and look like a dork in front of him so I remained silent and continued to go along with him.

"Show me how much you want me,Chase." I whispered, biting my lips and he swallowed hard before pulling down my shorts and my underwear, making me gasp. I was all naked in front of him and I realised how much can happen in one single night.

Fuck, I would have agreed to come for sleepover long ago if I had know this was going to happen.

"Spread your legs wide apart and let me see how wet you are for me." He spoke dirty and I liked every bit of it. I spread my legs wide apart, placing it on top of the counter and he eyed my glistening pussy with a hungry look, ready to devor.

He went down on his knees and trust me, that was one of the hottest thing I've seen any guy do. He licked his lips before rubbing my pussy and I balancing myself on the counter, trying so hard to hold back my moans.

"Chase...." I whispered as he teased my wet folds, inserting two of his fingers and I threw my head back, squeezing my eyes and gripping his hair tightly.

"Stay still, Emma." He spoke and I felt his hot breath on my core before I could the wetness of his tongue, lapping at my juices like his life depended on it. I was unable to hold back anymore and started to squirm and moan loud enough for the whole house to wake up. It was unbearable honestly. I've seen porn and masturbated but nothing could beat the real experience and he was fucking amazing with his mouth.

He teased my clit with his tongue, rolling and sucking it and I felt my body shudder in pleasure with every stroke of his tongue and I felt something so strong build at the pit of my stomach and I gripped his shoulders so hard, before coming undone and hitting the shelves behind me.

Did I just have my first orgasm?

It could me a minute to recover and Chase licked every drop of my cum, before standing up and kissing me deeply.

"You taste heavenly, Emma." He smiled, his hands not leaving my body even once and I was not complaining even a bit. We both froze when we heard footsteps down the stairs and looked at each other in panic.


Shit, I totally forgot about her.

We were so screwed!
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