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Chaotic Soul
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Teacher X Student

"God, this is unbelievable. How can he give me a fucking C? I worked my ass off to complete this paper and this deserves an A. " I burst out in frustration at our regular lunch table. Laura, my best friend let out a soft sigh and took a sip of her milkshake.

"Can you really blame him? You always try to sound witty in his class and obviously he is getting back at you for it."

"Well, he always tries to underestimate me thinking that I am dumb." I rushed out and she just shrugged. I wasn't going to let this go. I jumped up from my seat, ready to go confront him and get me an A that I fucking deserved.

"Sienna, I don't think it's a good idea. He would get mad at you even more than before."

"I'm not going to let this go. If he gets mad and tries to screw me over again, let him try. Two can play this game." I smirked and walked towards his office, throwing my bag on my shoulder.

Once I reached his door, I gave it a slight knock and heard his deep voice say 'Come in'. I entered the door and placed my palm on his desk with so much force which startled him.

"What the hell is this?" I asked, shoving my paper in front of his face and my English teacher looked up from his papers, adjusting his specs. He was in his mid thirties with jet black hair that was pushed back. He was pretty fit for his age and always had this powerful aura around him which indicated not to mess with him but I wasn't going to let him walk all over me.

"This is the grade your paper deserves, Ms. Green and if I hear that tone again with me, you would be served with a detention." He stated coldly, not meeting my gaze even once and I opened and closed my mouth, not having a smart ass response for it.

"You can't do this. I worked so hard and I think I deserve an A." I said in a low voice, losing my confidential in an instant and he finally looked at me.

"Well, you should have worked harder instead of using that smart mouth of yours in all my classes." He smirked and my eyes went wide.

"I knew it. I knew you were getting back at me. You are such an asshole," I spat at him angrily, not caring if he was my teacher or I would probably be suspended for using that tone with him.

"What was that?" he asked, standing up from his desk and I gulped in fear as he towered over me.

Fuck, I should really watch that mouth of mine.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Simmons." I stuttered, taking a step back and he pulled me closer by my skirt. I was confused by his behaviour.

"I've always wanted to fuck that smart mouth of yours." He whispered, taking me by surprised and I was even more surprised by the way my body was reacting to his sinful words.

What the hell was he talking about?


"How about this? I give you an A and also dismiss the foul language in exchange for your tight pussy." He replied without a hint of shame and I swallowed hard, feeling my nipples getting hard within seconds.

Wow, he was so dirty and why was I enjoying this so much?

I remained silent while he locked his office door and stood behind me, pulling me closer by my hip. I let out a soft gasp but didn't utter a word even though my mind was screaming at me to stop him but my body was begging for him to touch me in the places that were forbidden.

"So tell me, Ms. Green. Have you ever been fucked by a real man?" He asked, slowly, removing the shirt that was tucked inside my skirt and I was shook my head, unable to speak for the first time in front of the teacher that I despised to the core.

What is wrong with me?

And why is this so damn exciting?

"Good, you deserved to be fucked by a real man for that witty and smart mouth of yours and not just by teenage boys." He added and slid his hand under my shirt, cupping my perky breasts that fit his palm perfectly. My breath started to get uneven and I found myself pushing my ass behind to feel his hardness.

"You need to be punished for all those snide comments that you passed in the middle of my classes." He whispered, pinching my nipples and I gasped in delight.

"Mr.Simmons, you could go to jail for this." I breathed out, finally getting out a full sentence from my mouth but all he did was chuckle in response.

"Is that so? Then why aren't you stopping me?" He asked, slipping his left hand inside my panties easily, earning a soft moan from me.

"Most importantly, why are you so fucking wet, Ms. Green?" He asked and all I could do was whimper as he kept rubbing my dripping core and pinched my clit.

"Oh God!" I exclaimed, holding his desk for balance as he bent me over and pushed my skirt up my waist, revealing my bare ass. He smacked my ass lightly, sending shivers down my spine and I could feel my juices flowing down my legs.

"Fucking sexy," he muttered, planting a quick kiss and turned me over.

I was in no position to stop him anymore as I wanted him to fuck me so hard.

He removed my shirt and pulled my boobs out of my bra swiftly and latched on to one of my nipples, making me throw my head back in delight. He made me sit on top of his desk and stood between my legs, pushing his cock against my aching core and I shamelessly rubbed against him.

Fuck, I was going to be in so much trouble but i was addicted to the amount of pleasure I was feeling now.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard, Ms. Green." He growled, kissing my lips and I started to unbuckle his belts with so much urgency. He pulled out his massive cock and rubbed it with one hand. He saw me eyeing it greedily.

"Why don't you suck me like the little slut you are, Ms. Green. Use that smart mouth of yours for something useful now." He smirked with evil glint in his eyes. I got off from his desk and went down on my knees, taking his full length in my mouth. I watched him close his eyes as he guided me to suck his thick fat cock.

"You probably deserve an A for this," he raises his eyebrows, pulling me on top and pushed me against the desk once again.

"Spread your legs wider." He commanded and I placed my legs on either side of his desk, shamelessly displaying my wet pussy to my English teacher.

"Good girl." He licked his lips and bent down, giving my wet folds a long lick and caught my clit between his teeth.

"Arghhhh!" I almost screamed before he shut my mouth with his hands and continued to suck my pussy.

"Not a sound, Ms. Green." He announced in his stern voice and I bit my lip to hold back my moans.

God, this man knew how to satisfy a girl.

"Have you always be this wet during my classes?" He asked, smiling against my pussy while I squirmed on his desk.

"Mr.Simmons, Please...." I trailed off unable to finish my sentence as I could feel the pressure build inside of me. Without warning, he slammed his cock inside my tight pussy, earning a loud shriek from me.

"I think I need to teach you a lesson on how to be quiet," he muttered, ramming his cock inside my pussy with so much force and I held his shoulders for support. I was glad that I was on the pill.

Thanks to my over protective mother.

He continued to fuck me mercilessly as my boobs brushed against his hard chest while I buried my face between his neck. That's when I caught a strong scent of his colonge which was addictive as hell. I could also feel his muscles under my hand and that's when it hit me, my english teacher was indeed hot.

He was a total zaddy!

"Mr.Simmons, I'm going to come." I announced and he increased his pace. I was undone with seconds as a wave of intense orgasm consumed me. He grunted as he came inside me and I fell back against the desk, trying to catch my breath. He pulled out slowly, causing me to whimper and immediately adjusted his pants. I closed my legs and blinked a few times, trying to process what the hell just happened right now.

That was my first ever orgasm and it was fucking amazing.

"Off my desk, Ms. Green." He stated in an authoritative tone. I cleared my throat and jumped off his desk, quickly adjusting my clothes and hair. I was still caught up in the moment and thinking about the amazing sex I just had that I almost forgot why I came to see him.

"Based on my re- evaluation, I will give you an A. Please continue to work hard just like this." He smirked, handing my paper with the updated grade and my lips curved into a small smile as I knew this was not going to our last sexual encounter.

"Thanks you, Mr.Simmons. Until next time." I straightened my back and started to walk away, swaying my hips intentionally and heard him groan behind me.

If someone had told me that I would be having sex with the teacher that I hated the most today, I would have laughed so hard.

Such unexpected turn of events yet I got my way with him.

Mission Accomplished!

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