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Stranger or what?!

"Yeah, I'll be back home soon." I replied, rolling my eyes, knowing my husband won't be able to see me through the phone.

"Don't forget to get the beer," he added and I let out a soft sigh.

"Sure, anything else?"

"That's it." He cut the call abruptly without waiting for my response and I shook my head, knowing this is how my life was going to be from now. We've been married for ten years and he hardly even looks at me nowadays. The spark has gone between us and no matter how much I try, he never reciprocates my feelings.

We used to be so in love and I had no idea what happened. We don't even have sex often. I think it's been two months now and he is always working when he is at home. After a certain point, I just gave up and decided to mind my own business, hiding my pain and hurt.

"Excuse me, miss. Are you done?" I heard a deep voice from behind which broke my chain of thoughts and I immediately turned around to find a tall, young handsome guy, standing in front of me with his hands in his pockets. He was so damn sexy with deep smoldering eyes and brunette hair that kept falling in front of his eyes. He must be in college or something, I was not sure but I was sure that he was so much younger than me.

"I---I'm so sorry." I apologized, my face turning a deep shade of red in embarrassment and I moved out of his way with my shopping cart.

God, I can't believe I was checking out a younger guy.

Stupid horny me!

I quickly looked down at my cart, checking if I had all the items. I was yet to get tampons so I made my way towards the next aisle only to find it sitting on top of the shelf.

I let go of my cart and stepped on the first shelf, trying to reach out for the tampon but failed to do so. I kept jumping but my short frame was not helping the situation.

"Dammit!" I cursed under my breath and tried to reach out for it one last time before a pair of arms came forward from behind, taking me off guard and I caught a whiff of musky aftershave cologne, which made me drool instantly.

"Here you go," I heard that same deep voice again and turned around to find the hot guy from before, handing me a pack of tampons.

God, kill me already.

"This is so embarassing. Thank you so much." I mumbled, not meeting his gaze while he let out a small chuckle.

"There is nothing to be embarrassed. You looked so cute and funny, trying to reach out for it by jumping and I couldn't resist coming over to help you out." He replied with a sexy smile and all I could do to stare at his beautiful face.

He called me cute?

God, I must be ten years older than him.

"It's so annoying being short sometimes," I replied shyly, tucking my hair behind my ears while he came closer towards me. I looked up at him immediately and noticed that we were all alone in that aisle.

"I find it cute though. Toby McGuire," he introduced himself, stretching out his hands and I swallowed hard before shaking it.

"Amanda Jones." I gave him a polite smile and he held my hand a little too longer, his eyes trailing all over my body and I was starting to feel excited and hot and uncomfortable, all at the same time.

It's been a while since someone flirted with me. Even though I loved the attention, I didn't want him to assume I was interested or something.

"Ummm....I should get going. My husband might be looking for me." I added, making him raise his eyebrows.

"You are married? Wow!" He let out a disappointed sigh and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Nice meeting you, Toby." I was about to walk away but he stopped me by holding my shopping cart and stepped closer from behind.

"You know, I would have fucked you so hard if you hadn't been married." He whispered near my ears and I froze on my spot unable to take another step forward.

What the hell?

Did he forgot that I was a complete stranger?

"Wh--what?" I choked, blushing profusely while he held my gaze, slowing touching my fingers that held my cart and I felt a shiver run down my spine.

"Too bad that you are married." He gave me a sexy smirk and walked past me while I kept blinking, trying to process his dirty words.

Wow, guys are so bold these days.

I tried to calm my raging nerves and let out a huge breath before walking towards the cash counter. After paying for my stuff, I walked outside the store and couldn't stop thinking about that guy.

What if I wasn't married?

Would I sleep with him then?

I shook my head, trying to let go of my crazy sexual thoughts and reminded myself that I was married. As I was unloading my stuff in my car, I noticed a tall dark figure at the end of the parking lot, leaning against the wall, smoking a cigarette. He looked like the same guy I met inside the store and I could feel his eyes on me as I continued to unload my stuff.

God, why was I feeling excited?

He could even be a serial killer for a I know and I was turned on by him.

Once I was done unloading, I looked up to see if he was still there but he was nowhere to be seen. I quickly grabbed my keys and just when I was about to get in my car, I heard that same voice again.

"Looking for me?"

I dropped my keys at his sudden presence behind me and held my poor heart that was beating wildly against my chest.

"God, you scared me." I whispered and bent down to fetch my keys. I let out a small gasp as I felt something hard brushing against my ass. I quickly picked up my keys and turned around to face him with an angry look.

"What the hell? Did you just try to dry hump me?" I asked, unable to believe that a guy that was crazy hot like him would want anything to do with a thirty year old woman.

"I can't help it, sweetheart. You look so damn hot in that dress." He whispered, licking his lips and his gaze fell down to my boobs. I wasn't sure if I felt disgusted or turned on by his stare. I tried to pull the sleeves of my summer dress, hoping to hide my cleavage and noticed him smirk at my actions.

"I---I told you I am married. Just go away." I whispered, hoping that no one would be able to see us being inappropriate. The parking lot was deserted and it was pretty dark. I was hardly able to see his full face.

"If you really wanted me to go away, you would have kicked me in the nuts or slapped me before getting in your car and driving away." He stated as a matter of fact.

Crap, he was right.

Why didn't I do any of those things? He was a stranger and a pervert.

A hot one at all.

"Relax, I'll be done in no time and we are all alone in this parking lot."

"Wh--What do you mean?" I stuttered like a fool and gasped out loud when he pulled me closer by my waist, pushing his dick against my bottom.

"Toby, this is wrong." I whispered in protest but it was pointless as my body kept betraying me to his every single touch.

"No one needs to know, baby." He groaned against my neck, inhaling my scent while his free hands caressed my boobs. I guess it was the absence of sex for a long time because I could feel my entire body burning and begging for his sinful touch. My mind kept screaming that I was not supposed to do this but I wanted this. I was ashamed to admit it to myself but I couldn't control myself anymore.

"God, you are so sexy." He slid his fingers under my dress and squeezed my ass, making me moan loudly.

"Not so loud." He commanded, shutting me up with a chaste kiss and I leaned against my car while he slipped his finger inside my panties, exploring my wet core. I wrapped up arms around his neck and bit his shoulders to hold back my moans.

"Fuck!" He cursed as he traced my clit with his fingers and I couldn't hold back anymore. I was on the verge of coming and he immediately pulled out his cock from his pants and wore a condom before turning me around.

"Spread your legs, darling." He breathed against my ears and I did as I was told. He pushed my dress up to reveal my bare ass. He pushed my panties aside and slowly slid his full erect length inside my tight pussy.

"Oh my God," I cried in pleasure as he held my waist steadily and pushed himself further inside. I kept glancing around to see if anyone could see us as I held my car window.

"Christ, you feel so good, Amanda." He whispered, increasing his pace and he was right, it felt so fucking good. I pushed my ass further behind, wanting to feel more of him and he continued to pump his enormous cock inside me harder like he mentioned earlier.

"Your husband is one lucky fellow to bang you every single night,"

"I don't think so," I breathed out, pushing my hair away from my face.

"You smell so good." He added, planting wet kisses against my neck as he kept riding my pussy. He fit so perfectly and it felt amazing to have him inside me. My guilty thoughts flew out of the window and all I could focus on was his hands on my body and his cock fucking my aching pussy mercilessly.

God, I felt like a whore but I couldn't stop myself.

"I think I'm going to come," I spoke out of breath and he immediately cupped my boobs from behind, pinching my nipples through my dress and I fell back against his chest, closing my eyes in pure ecstasy.

"Come for me, darling." He roared, biting my earlobes and I had the most amazing intense orgasm I've ever had in my entire life.

"Arghhhh!" He grunted as he came within seconds and kept panting for breath while I turned around, pushing my dress down and adjusted my hair.

"Man, that was fucking lit." He beamed proudly, pulling back his cock and I was too shy to even look at him.

This was not me.

What have I done?

"I think I just had the best quickie of my life. You are fucking amazing." He smiled, caressing my cheeks and I felt so good be wanted after a really long time.

"I got to go, Toby. Just forget this ever happened." I mumbled and he lifted my chin, making me meet his burning gaze.

"No way, I don't think I can forget you after this." He smiled, leaning in for a kiss and I kissed him back softly.

"See you around, Amanda." He uttered and disappeared behind the cars just like that while I quickly got in my car and started to drive before I could be anymore late.

"It's been an hour. Where the fuck have you been?" My husband burst out as soon as I stepped inside the living room.

"There was a long queue at the store." I lied through my teeth, feeling so bad about what I had just done and walked inside the kitchen without looking at him. He followed me inside and I turned around in surprise after placing the bag on the counter, wondering if he was actually worried about me.

"Whatever," he grumbled and took the beer cans from the bag and walked back to the couch without giving me a second glance. I let out a sad smile and touched my lips, still feeling Toby's soft lips brushing against mine and thought about the events that happened ten minutes ago.

Not going to regret it even a bit.

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