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Family Dinner

"Erica, are you ready?" I heard my mom yelling from downstairs while I was straightening my hair. I rolled my eyes and didn't respond back as I was pissed off that we had to go out for our family dinner tonight. I had other plans of my own.

I was supposed to go to a High school party and this was my chance of sleeping with Mike. He is the new captain of our football team and now it was all ruined because of my parents.

God, I really want to have sex tonight.

He is crazy hot and literally every girl in our school have set their eyes on him. I don't care who he sleeps with as long as I'm the first chick he bangs.

Yup, I'm a crazy psycho!

I let out a frustrated groan and looked at myself in the mirror. Feeling satisfied with my knee length black cocktail dress, I headed downstairs to find my mom and dad waiting for me.

"I'm ready. Let's go." I mumbled with no emotion in my voice and we rushed outside immediately as we were already late. On our way to the restaurant, I got a text from one of my friends.

'Girl, are you sure you can't make it? This party is lit af!!!' -Stacy


'I don't think I can join right now but I think I can sneak out of my room later tonight. Just make sure Mike stays away from other girls until I come,'

I hit send and got a response almost immediately.

'On it, babe. BTW, what's with the sudden family dinner?'

'My dad's brother is back home from Arizona with his wife. It's been many years since we saw him in person so my dad wanted to have a family dinner to catch up and stuff. Gonna be boring af!'

'Ikr!Family Dinners suck!' - Stacy

I let out a soft sigh and looked outside the window, hoping the dinner passes by soon. I hardly remembered my uncle as I was around seven years old when I last saw him. I used to get birthday cards and holiday greetings from him every year with enough pocket money so I guess he wouldn't be that bad.

"We are here, ladies. I'm so excited to meet my brother after so many years." My dad grinned widely as he got out of the car, handing over his keys to the valet. I straightened out my dress and followed my parents inside the restaurant which was crowded and busy as expected since it was a Saturday night.

"They must be here somewhere," My dad announced, scanning the room to find them. I lazily looked around until my eyes landed on a man who looked so familiar and Jesus Christ, he was sexy as hell with his salt and pepper hair pulled back neatly, his facial hair was so damn hot and made him look so manly. I couldn't help but imagine running my fingers against his chiseled jaw. My eyes trailed further down to his blue button down shirt which was stretched across his muscular chest, showing me a hint of his abs. I couldn't see anything beyond that because he was seated and I also noticed that he was with a woman who was seated across from him.

Phew! She is one lucky lady.

Wait a minute, he reminds me of someone.

"Richard! Over here." The sexy man waved his hand for us to notice and I felt my heartbeat race rapidly.

It can't be. No fucking way!

Fuck! I was standing here and eye-fucking my own uncle.

I felt disgusted with myself and tried to maintain a straight face as we walked towards their table.

"Oh my God, Ron. I can't believe I'm seeing you after almost ten years. This is crazy, man." They both hugged each other while my mom pulled his wife in for a hug. I stood their awkwardly, not knowing what to do.

"Leah, this is my daughter, Erica. You must have seen her at your wedding the last time."

"Awww, yeah. She is all grown up and so damn beautiful. Ron, look at her." The woman named Leah held her heart and I gave her a fake smile, trying so hard not to roll my eyes at the drama unfold in front of me.

"Let's all sit down first," My dad interrupted her and just when I was about to sit down next to my mom, my dad stopped me.

"Honey, you can sit next to Ron. I'll sit over here." He added, leaving me no choice but to walk around the table and sit next to the Greek god who also happened to be my uncle.

Dammit! Why did he have to be related to me?

He was smoking hot and Mike was no match next to him.

"Erica, I've seen your pictures but you are so much more beautiful in person." Ron added, making my eyes go wide and my cheeks turned a deep shade of red.

Great, I am blushing now.

"Umm..thank you. It's really nice to meet you too, Ron."

"Yeah, I'm glad to be back and we don't plan on leaving this time. We are done with Arizona." He chuckled a bit, looking at his wife. She must be in her mid-thirties with shoulder length strawberry blonde hair and face full of make-up. She looked like one of those trophy wives and I felt so bad for Ron already.

Oh, Ron, you could do so much better than her.

I thought to myself and placed my napkin on my lap. While the adults were engaged in some boring conversation, I tried to keep myself distracted from Ron's strong colonge which was addictive as hell by scrolling through my Instagram.

"Feeling bored already, huh?"

"No, just checking my phone. Sorry!" I quickly kept my phone down and tried to engage in their boring conversation which was now about the climate in Arizona.

Ugh! Kill me already.

I tried to reach for the water in front of me which caused my napkin to fall to the floor.


"I've got it." Ron bent down before I could even react to fetch my napkin and his fingers slightly brushed against my bar legs which sent a shiver down my spine. He leaned a bit closer towards me and placed the napkin on my lap while I held my breath. I could feel my core getting all tingly with excitement and quickly glanced around our table to find that the rest of them, busy talking among themselves.

"You were always clumsy as a kid," He gave me a small smile and licked his lips, before returning back to the conversation.

Holy fuck! What was that?

I let out a huge breath and tried to calm my raging nerves. If this was any other situation, I would have obviously flirted a bit because I've always had a thing for older men but this was my uncle and he was family.

But he is so hot, my body screamed in protest and I mentally groaned in frustration.

"Umm...I need to use the restroom. I'll be back soon," I announced and stood up to leave the table. Once I was in the restroom all alone, I placed my hands on the sink and looked at myself in the mirror. A girl with waist length brown hair and green eyes stared right back at me.

"God, I've done a lot of sneaky and illegal shit so far. Do I really want to cross this line?" I spoke to myself and smacked my lips, contemplating with myself.

Oh, what the hell!

I finally made up my mind to go for it which I knew for sure I would be regretting in the future but, hey, you only live once and I was a stupid sex-starved teenager.

I quickly ruffled up my hair, applied another coat of lipstick and pushed my boobs up to show some cleavage to make him realise that I wasn't a little girl anymore.

Here we go!

"There you are. I thought you sneaked out on us to meet your friends again," My mom glared at me and to be honest if it was any other time, I would have done it but now, why would I sneak out when I have an eye candy right next to me.

"I was fixing my hair." I muttered and sat down, shaking my head lightly. I pushed my chair closer towards the table and started to fill my plate with some food that must have arrived when I was in the restroom.

I decided to be bold and slowly made an attempt to touch his knees with mine. He quickly moved his legs away thinking it was by mistake and I barely glanced at him. I fixed my gaze to my plate and continue to eat, thinking about my next move.

"I need some salt," I spoke and reached out for it which was located on the right from where Ron was seated. This way I got to brush my boobs against his arms intentionally and I guess he was aware of it now because I could sense his body going stiff.

"Are you okay, Ron?" I asked, battling my eyelashes innocently and he cleared his throat before responding.

"Yeah, I'm good." He gave me an amusing look which was enough to make my insides go crazy and I don't know what was happening anymore but I was enjoying this a lot more than I thought I would.

The game was on now.

I removed my heels and slowly ran my toes over his pants. He stopped eating immediately and pushed his seat closer towards the table like I did. I noticed him smirking before he turned his attention towards me.

"So, Erica, tell me about your school." He asked, putting me in the spotlight and I quickly stopping my actions under the table.

" is fine. Boring as usual. You know...same old stuff," I dragged, looking straight into his ocean blue eyes and he looked like he was also enjoying my boldness.

"This generation kids know how to have fun these days. There is always a party around the corner, isn't it?"

"Yeah, I mean, I had one tonight too but had to skip it. Family on top of everything else, right?" I added with a smirk and he raised his eyebrows, trying so hard not to smile.

"That's exactly true. Family is everything." Leah joined the conversation.

"Erica is always being wild and partying these days. I bet you could teach her some values and responsibilities."

It was my mom this time and I swear to God, if I have to hold back myself from rolling my eyes one more time, I would lose my shit.

"Of course, I could teach Erica a thing or two. I'm looking forward to it." Ron spoke this time, looking at me and I swear his eyes flicked down to my cleavage for a split second.

I continued to eat without saying another word when I felt a hand on my thighs which made me almost choke on my food.

Fuck, he was making a move now and a bold one.

I could feel my panties getting drenched already and my breathing started to become uneven.

"Spead your legs." He whispered, covering his mouth so that only I could hear and I did as I was told. He ran his fingers against my inner thigh and I wondered if it was possible to cum from just touching.

Fuck, he was good at this, his hands were so close to my core. I kept squirming in my seat, trying so hard to maintain a calm and collected front but I was freaking out inside and I wanted him to fuck me already.

He slowly slipped his hands inside my panties and I covered my mouth to stop myself from moaning out loud. He started to stroke my wet folds and I'm pretty sure his hands must be soaking wet by now.


"Is it good, Erica?" He asked in front of everyone, making my eyes go wide.


"The chicken? Is it good?" He asked with a playful glint in his eyes and I swallowed hard before answering.

"Yeah, it's pretty good." I replied back, breathlessly as his fingers were doing unspeakable things to my pussy. He continued to stroke my clit with his thumb while he plunged two of his fingers inside me, making me gasp.

"Are you alright, honey?" My dad asked with a concerned look on his face.

"Yeah, dad. The food is just so amazing. You should try the chicken." I spoke immediately, trying to cover up.

"Yeah, Richard. It's so soft and juicy." Ron added, making me smile involuntarily and I looked down immediately.

"Quiet now." He whispered as he increased his pace and I gripped the edge of my table so hard, holding myself together. This was the most craziest and hottest thing I've ever done so far. He was a fucking pro and knew how to pleasure a woman with his fingers. Just when I had an earth shattering orgasm and came all over his fingers, my dad almost yelled, gaining everyone's attention.

"Oh shoot!"

Ron immediately stopping fingering me. He lifted his hand from under the table while I quickly crossed my legs and felt my cum flowing down my legs. I quickly picked up a tissue to fix myself under the table.

"I need to head back to the office. An emergency meeting. I'm so sorry to leave in the middle, guys but I'll meet you all back at the house." My dad stood up and was about to leave. We all said our goodbyes to him and Leah spoke up now.

"Well, how about some drinks at the bar?" She clapped her hands forgetting that I was at the table.

"But Erica can't drink." My mom chipped in and I thought to myself if only she knew how drunk I would right now if I was at the party.

"It's okay. I'll just head home. I've got to do some homework." I lied through my teeth, hoping that Ron would get the hint and play along with me.

"I'm coming with you. I need to watch you so that you don't sneak out to go to that stupid party. We could do the drinks another time, Leah."

"Ladies, just go have fun. I'll drop Erica at the house and watch over her." Ron jumped in and it was like he read my fucking mind.

"Are you sure, babe?"

"Of course, sweetheart. Just give me call when you guys are ready to leave the bar and don't get too drunk." He kissed his wife before saying his goodbye which made me gag.

Fuck, I was nervous to be alone with him and I have no idea what he must be thinking about me now.

"We will be back home soon, Erica. Be good to your Uncle." My mom stood up to give me a hug followed by Leah.

"Ready to go?" Ron asked me from behind.

Oh, I was more than ready to get out of this place and continue from where we left off.

To be continued......

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