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Family Dinner - Part 2

The entire car ride was silent and I couldn't stop thinking about what happened back at the restaurant.

Would he fuck me when we reach home or advice that it is wrong?

The anticipation was killing me and I noticed him from the corner of my eyes, his gaze was fixed to the road. I quickly sent a text to my friend Stacy.

'Can't make it to the party. Something came up.'

"How old are you?" he asked in a deep voice, still not looking at me.

"I turn eighteen next month." I replied but all he did was just hum in response. Once we reached my house, I pulled out my spare key from my purse and opened the door. As soon we entered, he locked the door behind us and pushed me against the wall, taking me by surprise completely.

"Do you have any idea about the trouble we could get in for your little stunt back in the restaurant?" he asked through gritted teeth, making me breath hard. I could smell his sexy cologne and his hard muscle were pressing against my body. I wanted nothing more than to rip his clothes and fuck the shit out of him right now.

"Then why didn't you stop?" I asked with a small smirk. He took a deep breath before turning me around against the door and pushed his hard dick against my ass crack.

"I am not a patient man, Erica. This is wrong on so many levels." He groaned, gripping my waist tightly and I've never been turned on like that before.

"Then I don't want to be right," I whispered back. That was all he needed to rip my dress apart and he slipped his fingers inside my underwear to feel my silky wet folds that were dripping with juices.

"Fuck, you are soaking wet." He groaned in pleasure and I felt him go down on his knees. He removed my dress completely followed by my underwear, leaving me standing all naked except for my heels. He spread my legs wide apart and licked my ass crack, making me lose my mind.

I could feel my juices flowing down my legs and my pussy started to ache with need. He turned me around and placed his mouth on my wet folds, licking every inch of my wet throbbing pussy as I squirmed against his mouth. He grabbed my ass and made me wrap my legs around his waist. We made our way towards the couch and he sat down while I craddled his lap. He started to unbutton his pants while I eyed him hungrily.

"You are not as innocent as you look in your pictures," he smirked and pulled out his gaint cock which was already hard. I lick my lips and rubbed the tip of his cock which made him hiss loudly in response.

He grabbed my boobs forcefully and squeezed them so hard that they turned red. I was loving every second of his sweet torture and couldn't wait anymore. I lifted myself and took his full length inside me.

"Condom!" He exclaimed but I placed my finger on his lips and continued to ride his cock slowly as he was huge that what I've had before.

"I'm on the pill. Don't worry about it." I added, rubbing my body against his shamelessly. He gripped my ass and pushed me down on the couch, taking full control of my body.

"Wow, you are not a little girl anymore." He said in an amusing tone and spread my legs wide apart before setting down between them.

"How long have you been fucking boys?" he asked as he slammed his cock right ingo my wet aching hole, making me gasp at the sudden pleasure.

"F--For a while now," I stuttered, licking my lips, trying to process his words.

"Well,you don't need boys anymore. You need a man to satisfy that hungry pussy of yours." He grunted as he kept pounding inside me mercilessly.

"Oh God!" I cried out in pleasure, wanting more of him. This would definitely be the best sex I've had so far and I didn't want it to be a one time thing.

"God, you are so damn sexy. Just like your mom," he said out of breath which made my eyes go wide in shock.

Like my mom?

Did he have a thing for her?

Or did he fuck her too?

"What do you mean like my mom?" I asked but he didn't respond and continued to fuck me hard.

"Just shut up and ride my cock, you little slut." He raised his voice, a bit angrier now and for some weird reason that turned me on even more.

"Come for me, Erica." He moaned in pleasure and I came all over his cock, having an earth shattering orgasm. He released himself shortly after I did but my mind was still stuck on what he said previously.

"Fuck, that was hot." He breathed, falling back on the couch while I stood up to wear my clothes.

"Did you fuck my mom?" I asked after I was completed dressed and all he did was give me a small evil laugh.

"Correction. She fucked me and married my brother. That bitch! You are exactly like her. Like mother, like daughter." He replied with a smirk and stood up to leave while I remained speechless, feeling shocked and disgusted with myself.

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