Daddy's Obsession

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Being a single dad was hard but being a daddy without a baby girl was harder. Daniel never thought he would find a woman like Reyna but he knew that he would do anything to keep her. Reyna was beautiful, successful and independent.. Despite having dates and one night stands in the past, she never found that special connection with anyone. Until Daniel. But when a once in life time opportunity came to further her career she never thought she would have to chose between them both. What would she chose and just how far would Daniel go for his baby girl?

Erotica / Romance
Lisa Rhead
4.9 47 reviews
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chapter 1

I watched my niece at the top of the slide and called her name excitedly.

She gave me a cheeky smile and pushed herself down the slide.

I caught her in my arms at the bottom and swung her around, which made her belly giggle.

“You are such a big girl!” I cooed.

I kissed her on her soft chubby cheek and sat her in her pram.

I strapped her in safe and checked my mobile phone.

My sister had text to say she was back from her hair appointment, and I was free to bring her daughter home.

From the corner of my eye, I saw a little boy no more than four, stand at the top of the slide.

I pocketed my phone and watched him closely.

No adult seemed to be watching him and I frowned.

How irresponsible.

He smiled and seemed to ready himself for a jump.

Without hesitation, I leapt forward and caught him mid jump in the air.

If he had landed, he would have either hit his head or hurt his back.

“Now then monkey. You can’t fly yet little man!”

He proceeded to stick his tongue out at me, so I tickled him under the arms making him giggle.

A shadow fell over us and I looked up to a tall man with black hair.

His eyes were what I noticed first, and they were dark green.

He wore black jeans and a red tight t shirt that seem to stick to his arm muscles and pectorals.

“Daddy!” cried the little boy, in my arms.

The man held his arms out and the little boy leapt into them.

“He tried to jump headfirst from the slide, so I caught him. Please don’t think I am a weirdo. I am here with my niece.”

I stepped to the side and showed him the pram.

“It’s okay. I saw what happened and ran over but you got to him first thank goodness.”

I smiled and I watched him tickle the boy under the chin.

“What do you say to this nice lady who most probably saved your life?”

The boy stuck his tongue out at me, so I did it back, crossing my eyes as well.

He burst into fits of giggles and the man stared at me open mouthed.

“Usually, he is quite shy, but he seems to have taken a shine to you.”

I turned and grabbed the pram, making ready to leave.

“Wait! I must thank you for saving my son’s life. How about dinner?”

“It’s okay. You don’t have to do that,” I said, warmly.

“Oh. Husband…of course.”

“No. I am not married, and this is my gorgeous niece.”

The man glanced at my niece biting her fingers and smiled.

“She is just as beautiful as her aunt.”

My cheeks burned and I gripped the pram tighter.

“I’m not taking no for an answer. Give me your phone number and I will call you up.”

Knowing he was not going to give up, I tapped my mobile number in his phone and took my niece home.

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