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Brother's Best Friend

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Kane is the world's biggest dick, or that's what his sister Kat thinks anyway. The only redeeming quality of Kane is his best friend Luke. Kat often wishes that Luke had paid more attention to her in maths class, them six years ago. But now that he does, is it even going to make Kat's pretty depressing life better? Or more complicated?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter One - Kat

I slammed the fridge door shut so hard it was in danger of flying off.

"Kat, stop it. You're not thirteen." My mum rolled her eyes as I put my milk in my coffee. "But why does he get everything he fucking asks for?" I stared at her, my hand on my hip.

"Number one, he doesn't. Number two, it's one party for his twenty-first. You know you're being ridiculous." My mum finished, coming around me and putting her cup in the sink.

"I'm not cleaning up shit," I started.

"Never asked you to!" Mum sang, packing her bag. "Why don't you go out?" She asked, her eyebrow raised.

"So I'm getting kicked out of my house now?" I demanded to know.

"Oh my goodness Katrina! Seriously. Did your vibrator run out of batteries last night or something. Fucking hell," mum rolled her dark green eyes again. She walked towards the front door, handbag over her shoulder.

"Hurry up, you're going to be late for work!" She shouted, slamming the door shut. I sat at our kitchen table, drinking my coffee and staring into space. I wasn't thirteen, I was twenty four and I let out a breath, yeah I was being pathetic. I really needed to get out of this house, but my wage as a waitress didn't really cut a lot of ice in the rental market. I wasn't pissed that my younger brother got everything he asked for, even though he very much did. I was pissed because my house would now be filled with my brothers stupid fucking friends on a Friday night and I had no where to go. Kane was a lot more of a social butterfly than me, he had friends and a lot of them. The life and soul of the party and I was just his shy, drab older sister. Kane was in university, something I didn't achieve and he would ultimately go on to have an amazing job as I cleaned tables. I looked at my watch, it was time to go to shitty work, I worked the breakfast shift and I groaned way over the top as I put my cup in the sink, slamming the front door as I left.

As I came back into the restaurant from the kitchen Alice gave me a huge grin.

"What?" I barked out, not in the mood for this. Me and Alice had worked at the restaurant for about the same time, four depressing years. It was shameful but she was my only friend really. Her dark skin was a huge contrast to my pale tone. Our eyes were similar, deep brown but she currently had blonde braids, they looked amazing and I was definitely jealous comparing it to my dead straight dark brown boring hair.

"Your brother is here," she grinned.

"Good to know." I slammed a tray back on the pile.

"He is with Luke," she said matter of factly.

"Arghhh!" I cried, way too loud. I could hear Alice laughing next to me.

"Hostess put them on your side," she shrugged as I turned to her.

"Any good fucking news?" I rolled my eyes.

"Four hours until we go home," she snickered. I ignored her, walking over to my brother's table. I swear he did this shit on purpose, him and Luke. Luke was Kane's best friend, and had been for years even though Luke was my age. We were in the same Maths class in school but never spoke. I always thought he was a bit of a dick, popular and always had a random girl on his arm. Him and Kane met through rugby, another boring popular thing my brother did.

"Yeah," I breathed out as I got to their table.

"Morning Kat," Luke smiled at me.

"Good morning," I said, giving him a fake as fuck smile. I looked down at him and his stupid beautiful smile. He was so fucking attractive and it just irritated me even more. His features were dark, short shaved hair and his skin was a beautiful light brown.

"What do you want?" I asked them both.

"Kat, always with the fucking attitude." Kane scoffed, putting his menu down. My eyes switched to him, people always said me and Kane looked alike but I disagreed. His dark hair flopped over his eyes most days and was slightly curly. If we did look alike he was just a ten times more attractive version of me.

"Why do you come here?" I growled.

"Because we want fucking breakfast." Kane looked up at me. He was pissed but I didn't give a fuck.

"I'll get you another waitress," I said, trying to walk away.

"Kat," Luke laughed, grabbing my wrist. "Ignore him, can you just get me a coffee please?" He winked at me and I bit my bottom lip to stop my smile.

"Drink sir?" I asked Kane.

"Orange thanks, you aren't getting a tip either," he scoffed. Luke let go of my wrist as I burst out laughing.

"I never do." I went to the bar to make their drinks.

"Your brother looks good." I heard Alice's voice.

"How am I meant to respond to that?" I turned to her and her laugh.

"Very true. Luke doesn't look bad either, what can I do?" She asked, wiping her hands on her tea towel.

"Orange juice please and yeah he fucking does," I whispered, turning on the coffee machine.

"You want to fuck him don't you?" She cackled behind me.

"Most people do." My voice was quiet, my eyes on Luke over the restaurant. Alice handed me the Orange.

"I wouldn't mind fucking your brother to be fair, so we're in the same boat." She laughed hysterically.

"Don't ever talk to me" I said, with a slight chuckle, grabbing the coffee. Alice always told me that shit but the amount of women Kane had around him, she would end up catching some nasty shit from him.

"Did you want some food?" I asked, putting their drinks down.

"Yeah can I have pancakes please." Kane spoke first and I wrote it on my notepad. I turned to Luke.

"I'm good, you coming tonight?" He asked me, taking a sip of his coffee.

"She isn't invited." Kane scoffed, before I could respond.

"It's my fucking house," I groaned at him. "But no I won't be, hanging around with twenty year olds isn't my thing." I gave Luke a fake grin, walking back into the kitchen.

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