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I'll Strapon You

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This will be very significant. There'll be deep consequences for your rosette knot tightened around its privileges. This novel is a satirical sado-maso-political that you will love to kiss in your arse. Directly from France to stuff it deep inside you. A story where Ségolène would beat Nicolas in the presidential debate in France. Physically. On live. It would change the world. From the first strapon experience to civil war. From Paris to the maquis. The national guard would no longer be able to defend Matignon against the rebellious girls, the Strapon Girls. The the police prefecture would be reduced to fricassee. Women would turn the world upside down. And their male lovers too. Ségolène had ignited a kind of sexual glasnost. Those who were called sluts spread like wildfire. Warning: Contains pornographic scenes involving strapon, mixed wrestling, male submission and strong female politician. This novel is dedicated to men who give themselves. And to the women who take it on.

Erotica / Other
Ange DuMaurier
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Ségolène was burning to take him, almost with rage, right there, at the front of the door. Directly. Would not resist it. She lifted the tail of his jacket. Strengthfully. Arnaud turned back with interrogating eyes, tried a smile. Quite hot what she was doing to him, so he thought. Then he went back to probe the key lock when woosh she did push her pubis against his buttock. He was wearing his rough coarse blue jeans blue as always. Never has she ever been that much excited of her whole life. So began the rugging. She wanted his arse so bad, all for her, exactly in her own sex of hers. Her clitoris lighted up in flames with so much exuberance that she felt its mammoth shape. She began to hit her pelvic bone against his coccyx, harder and harder, rugged him. He should have had sensed it in his petty guts. A gasp of spasms tousled in her, revealing to herself a clitoris at a place unknown from the public, in the back scene, behind the curtains. Was it that big? Was it spreading that far on each side? She has never felt that much sexual. Craving to roll a young man in her clit. What a serendipity, he was there, him, with his tail and his coarse rough. She reeled his ass, thrusting her hips, scraped him, grinded him and soon enough she would scrub him out.

It has been a gorgeous day, a sunny afternoon. The evening was already promising, it was making her cheerful since she’d certainly strapon him.

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