Entangled with the Billionaire

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"I have no idea what's going on with you or what's going through your head but I believe we have things to discuss. And I give you my word that I'm not going to hurt you." With that being said, Colton continued to lead the way, not letting go of her hand.

They eventually got to the fifth floor and came to a halt before a room. Colton took out a key card from his pocket and opened the door. Once they were both in, he purposely did not lock the door so as not to freak the mysterious lady out.

"Why were you spying on me?" He asked bluntly.

"I wasn't." She responded immediately.

"Oh really?" Colton countered. He had always been a very watchful individual. Even though he had never wronged anyone on purpose, he knew he had enemies which he had to be careful of.

"Then why did you disappear into the restroom when I came looking for you?" He folded his arms. He was just a couple of steps away from her.

The tears the young lady had been holding back finally escaped her eyes but she was quick to wipe them away. Colton's heart got heavy seeing her that way. He didn't like the fact that she had cried and that she was still crying.

"Look, I don't know who you are or why you thought I would be spying on you. Please, don't make matters worse by wrongly accusing me. I already had the worst day of my life. I admit I was staring at you but that was because I needed your help."

He frowned "My help?"

She nodded slowly, sniffing.

"You don't know me but you need my help?" He voiced out, the confusion not going unnoticed in his voice.

"The fact that I don't know you makes you the perfect person to ask for help." She whispered, thinking of how she was going to pour out her heart to him.

"What do you want from me?" Colt asked, even though he didn't have a good feeling about all of it.

"Make me cum!" She answered immediately.

Colton stared at her in disbelief. "You put up all of this act so you could have your way with me?" He said but deep down, he was disappointed. He thought she was different from every other girl. With how much she had cried and when she mentioned that she just had the worst day of her life, he thought someone had annoyed her.

She dabbed the tears at the corner of her eyes with her fingers. "I'm sorry that came out blunt but I just wanted to get straight to the point." She justified. She didn't like the look of disappointment on Colt's face.

"Why should I make you cum? You are not even my type!" He said, looking deep into her watery eyes. "What if I'm gay?" He challenged her gut.

"You're not gay. I know one when I see one and you aren't. I know my request sounds ridiculous but I've never wanted anything so bad in my life as much as I want this."

"Look," she started tearing up again. "I just got dumped by Chris. I've known him for seven years and this night makes it five years that he asked me to be his girlfriend. He was my everything. I loved him even more than I loved myself. Heaven knows I would give my life for him in a heartbeat."

She sniffed, "Two weeks ago, he sent me a text that we were over. I found that very strange because we were good until then.

Well, two nights before the breakup text, he asked me for some money. Usually, I would give him every penny on me but lately, I've been really broke. So I told him I didn't have any. I had wanted to promise him that I'd give him the money when I got my pay by the end of the month but that was just not possible. His birthday was a month ago and I had to complete the payment for the gift I got him."

"I thought he ended things with me because I didn't give him the money. I called him, he didn't pick up my calls and neither was he replying to any of my text messages. We live at my apartment but he didn't come home that night. Asides from that, I noticed some of his stuff was missing. He probably took them while I was at work."

"Not only was I sad about the breakup, but I was also worried about his safety. I reached out to his friends but they had no idea where he was. I left him countless voicemails but no reply. I was more than ready to loan money from my colleagues at work so I could give it to him. Let's just say I was willing to do anything for Chris just so we could be back together." She wiped the tears on her cheeks with the back of her palm.

"I didn't hear from him until two days ago when he contacted me with another number. Words couldn't describe how happy I was. He told me he wanted us to see. He made it known he didn't want to come over to my apartment but he was fine with whatever venue I would pick."

"It occurred to me that today was our 5th anniversary so I had a good feeling about it all. I honestly thought tonight's encounter was going to be the start of a new era in our lives. I convinced myself that Chris had realized his mistake and obviously he would apologize when we see. I really wanted to make tonight special. And what better way to celebrate our 5th anniversary than dining here, the best restaurant in the city. Just to make sure everything turns out perfect, I made use of my savings. Since it was a last-minute booking, I had to pay three times the normal price just so myself and that douchebag could have a good time here."

"I bought him a gift too. I'm usually not this flashy." She pointed to her outfit. The short red dress which fitted her like a second skin. It accentuated her curves and showed just a bit of her cleavage. She was 5'4 and very endowed. Colton found himself staring at her body longer than he should.

"I'm a shy and reserved person but I wanted to look good for Chris tonight, hence the reason I bought my outfit for a ridiculous price. I also decided to do a makeover."

"To cut the long story short, it was all in vain. He came over to officially end it with me. He has moved on. He has found a rich babe who's good for him. He was obviously cheating on me all this while."

"I thought he was joking at first. But when I realized how serious he was, I pleaded with him not to break up with me. I apologized if I had hurt him in any way. I even promised to give him the money he had requested for but it was all in vain."

"What hurt me most was the fact that he bullied me. He shamed me for being so useless in bed. Even the couple next to our table could hear us. He said I'm unable to satisfy him in bed. He even called me broke when in reality I'm the one who provides him with almost everything."

"It's true that I live paycheck to paycheck but heaven knows I'd be living real good if I spent it all on myself. I can't believe he called me broke when he was the one who drained me financially."

"God, I'm such a fool!" She cried. Seeing how bad she was embarrassing herself before Colt, She turned her back to him and tried to calm herself.
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