You Are Far From Evil

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"They didn't understand then. That they could hurt somebody so badly they would never recover. That a person can, just by living, damage another human being, beyond repair." "Two broken people can either fit perfectly like a puzzle or destroy each other that can never recover."

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It was like a dream when I saw the view infront of me as I sat by balcony of my cabin near a lake and waterfall in the middle of a forest. The sunlight coming through the little gaps between the leafs and trees. The sound of the birds chirping and the waterfall crashing against the lake was like music to my ears. I took the last sip of my wine as I closed my eyes and relaxed.
I am not complaining though...

"Talia, wake up honey"
Where did that come from? Am I not alone?
"Talia, come on. Wake up. You are late"
Nah. I am hearing stuffs. There is no way anyone is here.
"TALIA!!" And there was water all over me. I woke up with a start
"What the hell Mama?"
Maya Martin, She is as much a pain in my ass as beautiful she is. She stands 5'4 with not so but still curvy both with hair till her upper torso. And she ages like fine wine.
"Get up. You are late and why were you smiling like an idiot?"
I rubbed my eyes and looked around..
"No wonder if felt like a dream" I said more to myself. I yawned, and sighed and rubbed my eyes again. But all of that disappeared when I took a glance towards the clock.
FUCK! I am going to be late. I hurried out of the room to get ready for my college.

I finished my bowl of cereal and was ready the first day of my college. Finally out of the hell hole.
Yes, hell hole.
And you will know about it soon.

You see, I finished my high school in back in California. Which was a disaster that left me with more damage than any natural calamity can.
Now I am in Texas, with my mom and dad. Trying to live the life I have always wanted.

But...I should have known better. Better than anyone that what haunted you in past, can also haunt you till you are alive. It's just you get Stronger everytime it haunts you.
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