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Under Her Control Part-1

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Warning: The following is a sexually explicit story intended for mature audiences. My stories are heavy on descriptive sex, because that's what I like to read. If you are offended by stories of such nature, do not read it. All characters are fictional and not intended to resemble any real people. Comments welcomed (especially constructive comments that I can use to improve).

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Welcome to the Palace

He had remained a bachelor, blaming the rigors of his working life which had often seen him travel to the corners of the British empire on business as the reason for not taking a wife, in response to those who cared to ask. The real reason for Henry Chris remaining single at nearly 50 - he being a more than reasonably well off Victorian gentleman, fit and attractive to female suitors - was his awe of women, and a certain urge he had for those among their number, which would not be viewed as acceptable in the very proper Victorian society he lived within. He had tried several relationships with humbler females, but they had inevitably petered out due to the lack of the passion he desired.

As he sat by the window in the plush drawing room of the substantial London property he shared with two other business associates, his cock swelled as watched the approach of the household cook, her broad and womanly figure striding with elegant feminine posture across the busy street, a male doffing his hat to her with smiling admiration but receiving no recognition from her. Ella Sharpe was just the sort of woman that appealed to him; full figured with auburn hair in a severe bun, middle aged and confident, she had a presence which kept the other maids in obedient order when she was in proximity, and her curt interaction in dealing with tradesmen and the like, made it quite clear she would be ruled by no man. Chris was sure she was dominant sexually and lusted for every glimpse of her.

As a mere cook, he could never be seen to openly reveal any desire for her, though he yearned to be on his knees to the stern woman. Ella was patently aware of his veiled attraction to her, and his supposition with respect to her sexual nature was not unfounded. She would find him inexplicably in the lower levels of the house all too often, finding occasion to address her with some trivial matter; his stance and verbal repertoire was always as per master to servant, delivered with pompous authority, but his eyes betrayed something unmistakable which aroused Ella. She was indeed dominant sexually, and knew he was a submissive.

His reluctance to open up and admit his attraction irked her, knowing that her status in the established society pecking order was way below his, but in reality and within the covert society of women which she frequented in her free time, his status would be way below hers. His continued adherence to formally belittle her when it was patently obvious that he wanted to be on his knees before her, came across as a form of cowardice in her eyes, making her develop a keen spite for him. His unattached bachelor lifestyle and the regular absences of both he and his co-owning business associates from the residence meant that he would not be missed should he disappear for a period of time; she determined to have him face the truth and realize his place below a strong woman. She set about planning his submission.

Ella knew he would have seen her approach from the drawing room window, and took her time removing her gloves in the hall. She smirked to herself as she heard him cautiously descend the stairs. Even though he were master in his own house, he faltered slightly as he saw the confident cook staring impassionately at him as he came down. She enjoyed his usual awkwardness as he searched for an impromptu reason to address her, while his eyes tried hard not to leer at her curves in the tightly corseted black dress. In a moment of boldness, she cut him short as he opened his mouth.

‘If it may be allowed sir, I have a lady coming to visit me here this evening from a group I am a member of. She is most taken with a recipe of mine for sweets, and is keen to see my preparation. I trust my taking the liberty of inviting her to your home without your prior permission will not meet with your disapproval.’ He was delighted to be held in a conversation with her, and the tone of her voice which firmly told him of her decision rather than actually asking his permission, excited him. The thought that a female friend of Ella’s may well be of a similar character excited him all the more, though he felt he should try to feign a least a little indignance in his response.

‘Well Miss Sharpe, as you’ve invited a lady, it would be churlish of me to disapprove, despite my not being consulted... Is she... err, local?’ Ella maintained her impassionate air, though her cunt tingled as she prepared to add incentive to the trap she hoped he’d be lured into.

‘Why yes Sir. She has a house near Bond Street, not dissimilar to this one. Our group meets there on occasion; we are women from all walks of life... no social barriers exist between us.’ Her haughty tone made her all the more appealing, and the impudence in her reference to social barriers which he knew came conveniently as an indirect thrust at her situation with him, had his balls tingling. The sound of her feminine group sparked his imagination, and what he imagined would prove to be correct. Ella knew that a woman of his own social standing would squeeze the truth from him, and stood firm, staring into his eyes to provoke further questions, feeling in control of him. His cock was swelling as he felt her commanding presence, and defended himself by attempting to revert to a little pomposity.

‘Does the Master of the house have... have an opinion on the meetings held there?’ Ella almost smiled as he faltered, her arousal growing on his asking the perfect question.

‘Sir, there is no Master. She is Mistress of her household, and though she has male suitors, intends to remain as such. Now if you will excuse me Sir, I have dinner to prepare.’ She gave him a look which was almost contemptuous as she strutted past, knowing the last information would have him more than excited. His cock was now nicely erect as his eyes fixed on her bustling arse as she strode to the basement stairs, his mind full of intrigue at the woman to visit, and the deliciously confident way the redheaded cook had somehow made him feel inferior. She smiled to herself, then adjusted to face him, stopping before descending.

‘Her name is Madam Rosie Pearce, she will be here at 7:30, I am sure she will be most pleased to make your acquaintance.’ She descended the stairs without waiting for further response from Chris, who though her Master in this house, in her eyes was just another male who was in need of being shown his true position amongst women. Her cunt bulged with the pleasure of knowing he would soon be purged of his guarded pomposity.

Chris waited to hear the click of the door as she entered her room, then descended one flight to the landing where stood the laundry basket. With heart pounding he fished for underwear. Ella watched unseen through the crack of her door which she had silently opened, accustomed to his lewd habit. She watched with satisfaction as he pulled the generously soiled underwear she had placed near the top from it. Oh how she wanted to confront him and have him know the cane. She rubbed her cunt as she thought on how he’d pay soon enough. He repaired immediately to his bedroom, stripped and knelt on the floor, then masturbated hard with the vision of the haughty cook fresh in his mind as he sniffed at the heavenly spice of the underwear. He groaned in ecstasy as he shot his hot tribute, imagining her standing over him, with a woman as yet unknown. His ecstasy would soon be detracted from Ella, if only temporarily, as the unknown woman took complete control of his life.

He watched eagerly from the window as the cab drew up, and was not disappointed as the mature and elegant Madam Rosie Pearce stepped down from it. A tall, full figured brunette, dressed imperiously in a dark purple dress trimmed with black lace, his cock swelled as he thought of Ella’s words ‘Mistress of the house.’ He watched her fine figure ascend the steps as he adjusted his collar, then descended the stairs as the maid heeded the doorbell. He stood behind the maid as she opened it and heard the confident tone of a truly independent woman for the first time.

‘Madam Rosie Pearce... I am here to see Miss Ella Sharpe.’ The maid blushed a little as she felt the presence of one of the Masters of the house behind her, then dropped her head slightly on noting the dominant cook approach from below the stairs. Rosie strode in, careful to avoid looking directly at the male who was already awestruck by her almost regal presence, instead smiling at Ella, whose face wore a rare smile of genuine satisfaction, greeting her with her elegantly gloved hands. She then lifted her nose and glanced at Chris, more than pleased to see that Ella’s description of him had not been gilded; he would make a handsome pet. He stumbled to make himself known, unaware that he she knew all about him, and that he was the sole purpose of her visit.

‘I...’ She delighted in cutting him short, a studied look of contempt putting him firmly in his place.

‘You must be Mr Henry Chris. I trust you will allow me some time when Miss Sharpe and I have concluded our business.’ He was of course enthralled with her request, which was delivered as a demand rather than a question. He swallowed hard as the two women did not wait on an unnecessary response, and strode toward the lower stairs, Ella not even having acknowledged his presence.

‘Yes... Please, Madam Pearce, I shall be in the drawing room.’ The maid blushed further and tried to disguise her smile on seeing the weakness of her Master, he was already under the command of a superior woman, who appeared to pay no attention to his utterings. He watched the two delectably feminine shapes descend the stairs, then ascended to the drawing room for a brandy.

Ella and Rosie simply sat in her room, consuming a brandy themselves and smoking cigarettes. Rosie was more than pleased.

‘We’ll let him stew for an hour or so, then I’ll take him to the Palace.’ Ella gaped open mouthed.

‘Tonight?’ Rosie tipped the brandy glass into her mouth and grinned wickedly.

‘Oh yes, he is everything you describe; I’ll secure him and take him there before he recovers from the shock of the admission he’ll confess to me, as you know, the Palace never sleeps. You shall not see him again till he is enslaved at my house, cleansed of the pomposity he has shown you. I take it you will accept my offer to join me there?’ Ella smiled contentedly as she crossed her legs and glanced about the neat but tiny room afforded her there.

‘But of course, how could I not? The freedom to discipline males brought there for the society has shown me the way forward. I’ll write my notice immediately, though there’ll be no Master here to sign it. I shall look forward to rewarding the present one for his shortcomings.’

Chris paced about the drawing room as the clock ticked by, then sat in his favorite chair and rubbed his cock through his trousers. he was anxious to have the limited and short conversation he believed he’d have with the woman, who had excited him with the way she had made him feel so insignificant, then masturbate again when she left. He broke into a cold sweat as the tap came at the door and the pert maid smiled curtly as she offered the supreme woman into the room, and left with a grin. Rosie smiled as she saw him rise from the chair, and her eyes then went directly to the decanter and glasses on the side.

‘Yes, I’ll have a brandy thank you.’ Chris gasped at her immediate commanding manner, and fumbled with the glass, spilling a little as he poured it, only to be further astonished as she strode to the chair he had been seated in, and sat, lifting her chin with a look of cold determination that was reminiscent of that which a governess he had as a boy had given him when about to be disciplined. He handed her the glass which she received without offering any acknowledgment of thanks, simply pointing to the smaller chair opposite. As he turned to sit, Rosie pulled her skirt up to expose her calves clad in black boots laced high. He gasped audibly as he sat and stared at her footwear, his cock erecting immediately, making him squirm a little in an effort to conceal the bulge at his crotch. Rosie simply cut to the chase.

‘You find me attractive, don’t you...Chris.’ He could not believe his ears as she immediately demanded the cold truth which he had already indicated to Ella, but knew this woman would not accept veiled responses. He quivered and found the strength to reply.

‘Yes... yes Madam Pearce, I... I find you attractive.’ She crossed her legs and awarded him a glimpse of plump thigh amongst the inner frills of her dress.

‘And in what way do you find a mature woman like me attractive?’ She enjoyed his discomfort as she worked swiftly to bring the admission from him, which she would have within the minute.

‘I... I... find you... find you so... so confident.’ She felt her cunt moisten as she drew him.

‘You find me a strong and independent woman, and you crave feminine authority; that’s how you feel, isn’t it?’ His cock pulsed as her words cut down the shield of Victorian pomposity he hid behind, she delighted to see him edge forward on the chair, anxious to assume a position of submission before her. His voice broke as he fell into her grasp.

‘Yes... yes... I crave feminine authority.’ She smiled victoriously and pointed to the floor.

’Kneel! He did so without hesitation, and looked to the magnificent Rosie, the relief at being where he had always wanted to be, outweighing the humiliation which kept his cock rigid with anticipation. Rosie taunted him now, her cunt tingling with her own anticipation of parading him naked at the Palace.

‘There! You’re where you belong now. You shouldn’t be so ashamed of your desire to know your correct place below the natural superiority of womanhood; I’ve broken many males like you, and you’ll be taught to respect every one of us.’ She lifted a boot.

‘What is it you want to do now?’ His cock pulsed pre-cum as he was consumed by the surreal and crushing humiliation of his position, but equally driven to it by the carnal pleasure of his submission.

‘I want to kiss your boots Madam Rosie.’ She flicked her boot, needing give no more of an acknowledgment to the task, her control over him confirmed as he plied his lips to the black leather in adoration of her supremacy. She allowed him time to kiss both boots adequately, then gently eased his face up with one.

’You will now address me as ‘Mistress’. I want to hear you tell me what is patently obvious; that you are a submissive male, and you wish to serve and obey me.′ He flushed in the heat of his own exposure as he was brought to a point of utter humiliation in confessing his overpowering desire.

‘Yes Mistress... I am a submissive male... I wish to serve and obey you...’ His cock boned at her smile of sheer contentment as she witnessed his ego crushed by her dominance, the years of pretense stripped from him with consummate ease in a matter of minutes, and by a woman he had known only minutes longer. Her arousal was now in urgent need of attention. She stood and looked down at him.

‘You’ll have your maid hail a cab, I’m taking you to a place more suited to the service and obedience I will demand from you.’ He rose from his knees and found his legs weak as he tried vainly to come to terms with what was happening, and the speed of which his life was turned on its head. The command from the woman who was now his Mistress prevailed above all train of thought though, and he found the maid in the lower hall, passing the request to her. She looked with curiosity at his ashen face, but thought better of asking upon his disposition.

Rosie smiled with satisfaction as she saw from the window, that the maid gained the attention of a cab immediately. She left the room and began her descent of the stairs, and seeing Chris about to ascend, simply pointed a finger to the door. The maid looked on in amazement as her Master said nothing and walked to the front door, the commanding woman in purple and black following him with a contented smile.

Another smile emanated from the shadows at the rear of the hall, as Ella watched Chris stand at the door, Rosie pass him, and clicking her fingers, beckoned him down to the cab. Ella’s satisfaction was immense, knowing the pompous Chris was gone forever; he would be instantly recognizable in form when she next saw him, but his attitude to her would be one of servile obedience. She returned to her room with smug contentment to finish packing her bag.

Rosie took much pleasure in preparing her new pet for what was to come as the cab clattered through the streets, Chris still mesmerized by the shock of his own admission and the dominant beauty of the woman before him.

‘The Palace is a secure haven in which the submission you have shown me will be nurtured, and you’ll learn to respect, and be enjoyed by all women there. You’ll be conditioned to obey womanhood without question on our visits there, and will witness how males who do not show absolute obedience are dealt with.’ She smiled wickedly as he sat with bewildered yet excited eyes, already willing to obey her every whim.

‘I trust that you are ready to be tested rigorously? not that you have any choice in the matter.’ He could not have been more ready, having succumbed to her dominance in exposing him, he was now lapsing into the warmth of his submission to her.

‘I am ready to be tested Mistress... rigorously.’ She grinned at his naïve but earnest response, and brought his cock to a full erection.

‘You cannot know the pain you face, but you will learn to enjoy and beg for it. You’ll be dominated most thoroughly.’ The cab came to a halt before a grandiose marble building, its columned façade seeming to go on forever. The cab driver nodded as he was paid and left the two standing at the foyer entrance; a brass plaque proclaimed ‘Palace Hotel.’ She took his arm and led him in to what seemed no more than a very plush but typical hotel, though it was noticeable that all the staff were female. Rosie smiled as she walked him to the grand reception desk.

‘To anyone else, this is merely an hotel; the frontage is run as such, to keep prying eyes from what lies beyond.’ Chris broke into another cold sweat as they neared the desk, Rosie gripping his hand tight as he intimated a little reluctance for the first time. She smiled into his eyes.

‘You cannot run away from your conscience and desires; you’re mine now, and I’ll have total obedience.’ He swallowed hard, and his cock told him that she was oh so right. She was far from disappointed; his fear excited her, and he followed her willingly on the last few steps to the desk. The receptionist gave a knowing smile to a woman she recognized, and a curt smile at the male so obviously in her charge.

’The Palace Madam... and a first night here? Rosie nodded.

‘Yes, a first night; the regulation room service will be required.’ The receptionist pressed a button under the counter and a smartly uniformed woman appeared, taking them through the doors to a marble stairway. She checked behind her, then took them not up the stairs, but round to another door under them. Closing that one behind them, they then continued through another which she opened up with a courteous and knowing smile as she looked Chris up and down.

Welcome to the Palace, I know you’ll enjoy your stay.’ Chris’s nose told him that this plush hidden foyer he now entered was very much a female domain, if his startled eyes did not. As Rosie led him through to where his new life would begin in earnest, just the perfumed air kept his erection keen. He gasped disbelief as scantily clad women, their fine legs displayed in black stockings and each carrying a cane, greeted them at the counter. Rosie watched his face stare hard at the bare arse of a male who had arrived moments earlier, shepherded through to the main area by his Mistress’s cane, to know it’s inner delights; the briefly open doors allowing him a glimpse of women of all shapes and ages, each provocatively dressed and engaged in casual conversation. Rosie grinned as he stood in further shock while she and the two women began to undress him.

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