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This is my first book and chapter, so please comment any suggestions you may have about t is. Thanks, enjoy! Sex scenes Swearing 18+ If you don't like any of these then click off. You have been warned

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My Best Friend


She was like snow. Beautiful at first glance, but cold and pitful to the touch. But the longer you hold snow the more it begins to change. It melts in your palms. And he that if he held onto her, her walls would come down, and her merciless facade would disappear. So he waited, he waited for her.
This is wrong I got to stop thinking about her, she is my best friend for fucks sake. All I want to do is, bend her over and fuck her senseless. I want to make her scream my name, and beg me to fuck her more.
I can't handle it anymore, I need her. I need to fuck her.


Ugh finally school is over, and I can take a nice, hot, steamy shower. But it's hard to focus on one thing, when all I can think about is Alex. I know it's wrong to think about him that way. For one he has a girlfriend, and two he is my best friend. Ugh. Imma just take a shower to get him off my mind.
I slide my skirt and panties down. And unbutton my shirt. I step into the shower, relaxing while the water runs down my body.
All of a sudden I hear footsteps. I start panicking, my parents aren't home so, I don't know who it is.


I know that Chloe is home alone. I walk into her house. And I hear the shower. My dick automatically gets hard, just thinking of everything I could do too her.
I open her bathroom door and quietly shut it. I strip myself down , so i'm standing there naked.


I'm panicking so much right now. I can't open my eyes because of the shampoo running onto my face. The curtain opens and I feel cold, masculine hands on my waist.
I wipe my eyes so I can see, and I see Alex standing there naked, holding my waist.
I try covering my body. "It's beautiful, no need to hide" I feel butterflies in my stomach. "I've been waiting for this, for a long time" and I feel is soft lips on mine.


Her lips are so soft and perfect.
She wraps her hands around my neck, and I pick her up, as she wraps her legs around my waist. "Alex, I have been wanting u too fuck me for so long."
I don't care anymore, I slam my dick into her pussy. All I hear is sweet moans. "Fuck, your pussy is so tight ." I use one hand to hold onto her, and the other to tilt her head back. I start kissing her neck and biting it.
I carry her into her bedroom and throw her onto the bed. "Lay down" I do as she says. And she starts riding my dick, as I hold her hips.


I can't believe he is fucking me. I'm so close to cumming and it's because on my best friend.
All of a sudden I'm turned over, with him on top of me. "One leg up, now" he demands. I put my leg on his shoulder and he starts licking all my juices.
"Baby don't hold back, cum for daddy. Let it all out" he says as he continues licking my pussy. He starts sucking my clit and that's when. Ahhhh. "Fuck" he swallow all the cum. "Your turn babygirl"
I put my hands around is big shaft and start rubbing. "Stop teasing me. Open ur mouth" I obey and he makes me suck it. All of him won't fit in my mouth. While I suck, I play with his balls. He throws his head back and groans. I keep sucking and that's that's when he released his load into my mouth. "Swallow."


I get off the bed and go to get a towel. I clean myself up. Then I go and clean her up.
I lay down and she snuggles up against me. She is so cute when she is sleepy. "I love you" she murmurs. "I love you too, baby" I whisper and I kiss her.

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