One Shots

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Unborn Child

I'm sitting on my bed, shaking. I just took a pregnancy test and I am scared to see the results. I wonder if my mafia boyfriend will want a baby. But I do know I want it, no matter what.
I'm not gonna tell him yet because we have a mission to do. The final battle between our rivals.
I dress in all black and I drove to meet Damien at the warehouse. Once I get to the warehouse, me and Damien drive to the docks to meet the mafia rivals. Damien takes my hand and holds it tight, to keep me safe.
"If anything happens tonight, I want you to know that I love you so much Chloe." Damien says to me, as his voice gets shaky.
I kiss him and we start fighting the rivals.
All I have is a gun too defend myself.
"AHHH" I scream. The blood runs down my stomach.

I turn around and sew Chloe lying on the ground. Someone stabbed her in the stomach. I start running to her . I pick her up in my arms. "Baby stay with me please" I plead. "I love you Chloe"
"I love you too, we love you" she whispers.
We? No no no....
"Stay with me. Keep ur eyes open" I bellow out,as tears come streaming downy cheeks. She gave me a small smile, with the little strength she had left and her eyes closed. I lost the person I love the most in this world, and I lost my unborn child.

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