Grand Slam

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Angie, the ex-tennis star, was a gorgeous and athletic lady in her late twenties. She was not letting a rich spoilt teen brat eve-tease her. But brats are brats. Should she not be careful? Find out in this 5-set Grand Slam.

Erotica / Romance
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Set - 1

Angie’s POV

My 5 feet 11 inch, 40-28-36, extremely top-heavy hourglass body attracts attention, and I am used to it. But today, this 18-year-old boy was annoying me. From the moment he saw me enter the gym, he began eyeing me rather crudely.

My short tennis career did not give me fame. It gave me a rich husband and a sexy muscular body. To keep lecherous guys away, I work out in this expensive gym of a 7-star hotel. I come at 8 p.m and exercise for an hour. Generally, no one is present in the gym at this time. From the last two evenings, this teenager was following me unabashedly. He was a guest in the hotel.

My troubles started when I saw him eyeing me with amazement at the reception. He was a tall, cute, and well-dressed teen who had smart-short hair. His sparkling teeth, compassionate eyes, sharp features, and contagious smile caught me off guard. Responding to his dimpled smile, out of politeness, I smiled back at him. I don’t know what he thought, but he began following me. I noticed that he was watching me while I was lifting weights. Then when I started running on the treadmill, he sat on the cycle right opposite me. All the time, his eyes were on my jumping jugs or my camel toe. Whenever I glared at him, he flashed a sweet smile. Without responding, I ignored him.

When things became too obvious, I confronted him. Nervously he pleaded innocent, “I was exercising.”

I did not want to create a scene, so I tolerated him. But the next day, I saw him feeling himself while watching me. Infuriated, grabbing his collar, I threatened, “Don’t act funny. Or —” The gym staff intervened and calmed me.

Like a harmless child, he faked innocence before the gym staff and said sorry too. But once they were gone, he was back to his dirty ways. On my way out, the hotel staff apologized to me. They said the boy was the son of an oil magnate and was living in the costliest suite. He was well behaved, and the manager was surprised by his ogling. He tried flattering me, “After seeing you, anyone can lose his mind. He is only a teenager. Please forgive him.”

The manager tried hard to mollify me, his regular client. Sportively, I agreed and declared, I would not pursue the matter further.

The next day, despite being discouraged by the staff, the boy entered the gym with me. Today was a Saturday, and my husband was not at home. I was irritated at the thought of having to spend the weekend alone. Like every day, I was wearing a sleeveless sports bra and tights. The boy was cautious but bolder. Watchfully, he crossed me many times and leered at my cameltoe. I could see him smacking lips when my melons bounced during running. To caution him, I glared. But he tried charming me with his smile. Today, I had come prepared — to teach this eve teaser a lesson.

Dan’s POV

Angie was a desirable lady in her late twenties. After seeing her, I found out that the ex-tennis starlet was a resident of this town. She had an amazing built. Angie had rich curly hair, big green eyes, a pointed snobbish nose, and plump lips. I would need both my hands to squeeze one of her firm breasts. Her slender waist curved into a perfect tight ass. And her thighs! They were round, muscular, and meaty. The most tempting part of her body was her cameltoe. They were bulging out of her tights. Today, to press them, I brought a diamond-studded non-piercing labia clit clip as a gift for her. After her exercise, she took a shower and changed into fresh clothes. Surprise! She wore a short mini skirt and an off-shoulder silk top. Juggling her milky melons, she hurried out of the gym. Where was this dame going to get crushed today?

Minutes later, I rushed out of the gym but could not find Angie. Crestfallen and disappointed, I plodded back to my suite.

Angie’s POV

The teen was spoilt and careless. I followed him secretly to his suite. Making things easy for me, he had left his door ajar. I sneaked in. He was taking a shower. Locking the entrance, I waited for him to come out.

With a towel wrapped around his waist, he walked out of the bathroom. Sneaking behind him, using a chokehold, I pinned him against the wall. I was 5-11 and 90 Kgs. He was an inch shorter and only 70 Kgs, so it was easy for me. Seeing that I was gripping him, he made no serious attempt to free himself.

I snarled, “We meet again, you nitwit. What is your name?”

He stammered, “Dan.”

Rubbing my firm breasts against his back, I teased, “So you want to screw me?” He gave no answer, so I twisted his neck and kissed — biting and pulling his lips hard.

“You think I am a little girl?” I crushed him with a hug. “— whom you can tease and play with—“ I chewed his neck and ears. He was a sweet teen — Nice soft and delicate skin.

“Let me see what you have got?” I threw his towel away and grabbed his weewee. “Ah-ha! You are not a little boy. Good. At least you have a piece of decent-sized equipment.” I teased. “I was under the impression that you had a lollipop to share.”

Still holding him firmly, I stroked his organ. For a kid, he was big. I was glad. Now, I could have some fun too. First, my original plan was to jerk him off and humiliate him. After feeling him, I changed my mind. If he lasts, I will ride him too. Licking him like a lizard, I squeezed his organ maliciously. Very quickly, he grew in size. I was impressed — his meaty monster was at least eight inches. No wonder he was trying his luck on me. He did not know I could be a beast too.

I was not going to let him have any fun. Turning him around, I kept him sandwiched against the wall and looked questioningly, “Do you like to tease girls? Then? What do you do? Do you force yourself on them? You rich spoilt brat!” I grazed my breasts against his bare chest. My off-shoulder top slipped down to my waist, freeing my full and firm milk bags. My nipples became hard, so I gave him a nip-tickle — sending a chill in my body.

He whimpered, “No! Free me.”

I ran my nails through his bare chest and pinched his nipples. When he moaned, I jammed my lips of his, suckling him mercilessly. Lifting one leg of his, I let him wrap it around my waist. My twat was wet, and there were no panties under my mini. Using my juices, I lubricated his warm shaft.

Placing the monster on the entrance of my cave, I pinned Dan’s hands against the wall. He had no way to move. With a quick thrust, I let his manhood force its way into me. It was hot, pulsating, and very very filling — I loved it. But the shaft was merely two inches inside me. Proud of my tightness, I made a quick mental note — This was the biggest I have taken in. By a wide margin, it was also the youngest. Grinding his teen body, I smashed my butt against him. My repeated thrust crushed him between me and the wall. With every shot, he moaned in pain and pleasure. Clawing his bums, I stopped him from wriggling till I was sure —all of him was inside me.

Finally, I was ready to start the drilling — His monster was deep inside my wet and burning cave. Stuffed and stretched, I churned to make some room for the juices to flow.

“Smile, baby,” I teased and began hammering. Powerfully my thighs smashed against his making him jump and groan every time. “Hurts you, boy?” Biting his lips again, I increased speed. Enjoying his teen whimper, I let a climax build inside me and explode. With fresh juices, the thumping became more enjoyable. Forcefully, I pounded him harder and faster. This teen was fun — he was lasting more than I thought he would. Wrapping my arms around, I began grinding him against the wall. For the first time, I left his hands free, and the wicked boy squeezed my butts.

I grabbed his hands, pinned them again, and hissed, “No, baby. You will not have any fun. I am the one who is enjoying this evening.”

His half-smile irritated me. “Come with me.” Holding the monster, I led him to the bed. “Lie down.” He gleamed in anticipation.

“Don’t move.” Surprised, he waited to see what I was doing. Fool!

I took out a black leather bed restraint set from my gym bag and ordered, “Spread.” Like a curious child, he let me handcuff his hands and ankle. “Lie still.” He was smiling when I chained his cuffs to the bedpost. Now he was lying tied in X position, ready to be my ride. I took off my clothes and saw the lusty look in his eyes.

His gleeful face aroused me more. I slapped his rock-hard monster. Taking the cowgirl position, I let his tip tickle my pink petals, “You want me to ride you?” He nodded eagerly. I laughed and watched the frustration on his face. He pushed up, wanting to enter, but I did not let him. “Say Please.”

After making him beg a few times, I could not stop myself. So I lowered myself and engulfed him inside. He was broad and long. With a violent shove, I forced the entry. Moaning in painful ecstasy, he closed his eyes and threw his head back. His monster won’t enter my cave. How dare he? First, I hammered him in will all my might. When it was inches out and adamant, I put all my weight on Dan. In the reverse-missionary position, I smashed ruthlessly. Yes, he was inside now, but Dan’s punishment had just begun. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I chewed his rosy cheeks and lips — humping furiously. “You like this baby?”

The eruption of juices inside me made me wilder. Dan was a darling — He was not showing signs of ejecting. I could ride him longer — This thought gave me goosebumps. I stopped and looked at him. Redfaced, he was recovering. Riding him with circular motions, I tempted him, “You want to milk me?” Saying so, I brought my nipples close to his mouth, pulling them back when he lunged to bite them. “You forget to say please,” I teased.

After his muffled please and I let him nibble and suckle my milk melons — pulling them away whenever he had more than a mouthful inside. He did not let them go without a struggle, biting and trying to hang on. I threatened, “No milk if you bite.” The disappointment on his face was his punishment.

The juices inside me thrilled me. After a long time, I could feel and hear the squish and squelch. Should I reward Dan for his performance? No! He was a pervert. Caressing him erotically and playing with his fleshy chest, I began concentrating on my pleasure. His monster was not ready to discharge, so I let him visit the deepest parts of my body. Stirring him, I spend a lot of time exploring my pleasure buds. I was so engrossed that I almost missed his pulsating signals. The monster was ready to spit venom.

Quickly, I backed out and let him dangle free. Dan shouted, “Please don’t stop.”

Not wanting to drown in a mess, I fished out a condom from my bag and rolled it on him. The monster was gooey, but he could be worse. Dan begged, “Please put me in.”

I giggled, “Baby, I am going to let you finish. But let me dress you up.” I watched him sigh in relief when I climbed back on him. His pleasure was temporary. I stopped after allowing only two inches of him inside me. In agony, he begged and tried to thrust deeper. The restraint and my motion held him back. Only two inches of him could move in and out of me. Enjoying his helplessness, I let him pump and build his climax. The micro penetration was filling my pleasure gauge too.

With a big groan, he pushed as far into me as possible — two inches — and ejected! The feeling of hot cream filling the plastic bag filled my cave with a fresh eruption of juice. I crashed on him. He was relieved — at least now, he was entirely inside me. Thrusting wildly, he took quite a few jerks to empty all his cream. I chewed his neck and went on bite his lips. He tried catching my lips with his, but I was too quick for him.

After slurping the sweet juices to my heart’s content, I stopped, got up, and teased, “Had fun, boy? He was not pleased. Laughing, I pulled out the rubber sheath covering the monster. I was impressed to see it full of cream. Dan had given more than three tea-spoons for me. To ensure that nothing spills out, I tied the condom in a knot and threw it on his face. I appreciated, “You are lucky Dan, I liked your performance. Otherwise, I empty the cream on the face of those I conquer.”

Pleased, leaving Dan tied, I took my gym bag and entered the bathroom to clean myself up.
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