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What Happens in the Dark

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The last thing Azura expected when she returned home for the summer after her plans go awry is for her to find the man she could never stop lusting over the past two years staying in the same house with her. He'd never spared her a second glance before, but something changed. Suddenly he was lavishing her with attention, and testing her limits, because she was denying the one thing they both wanted her to do; submit to him. When she gave in to the temptation, a forbidden affair bloomed, coming to fruition in the darkness of the night. It was wrong. It was rough, dirty, painfully intense sex. It was delicious agony and craving. It was never meant to be known, especially when it could destroy her mother's marriage. But you know what they say about what happens in the dark... A/N: Expect a steamy read ;)

Erotica / Romance
Naomi A.
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Chapter 1

The house was quiet and dark. My room was just as dark.

It was after midnight, and everyone in the house was asleep.

Well, except me.

I was laying in my childhood bed, waiting.

I couldn’t see anything in the dark, but if I did the mirror on my ceiling would reflect my half naked body, clad in nothing but two barely there scraps of cloth, both lacy with a florally intricate print and a pale purple.

He loved purple.

I laid flat on my back, my duvet only covering the lower half of my body. My legs were bent and my thighs were spread slightly apart. The anticipation of his arrival was weighing down on me in heavy waves. I was wet and primed by just the thought of him. I knew I would pay for my actions later, but I let my hand slide down my soft body anyway.

I fingered the lining of lace around my panties bikini line. My other hand reached up and dipped into the cup of my bra. I pinched my nipple at the same time my other hand delved into my panties toward my wet heat. I massaged my clit in small circles, spreading my arousal. My pointer and thumb pinched my nipple tightly, the shock of pain shooting straight to my groin. I was so ready I felt an orgasm creep in under a minute.

Just before my peak flooded my body, my door opened softly. It creaked quietly in the still night. His presence filled me with desire and trepidation. My hands shot away from my body automatically and went to my sides, laying flat, palms down.

He didn’t waste any time.

I couldn’t see him, but I heard him undressing; the unfurling of his pants zipper, the pulling of them down his long muscular legs, then the unmistakable following of his boxers and t-shirt.

His body dipped into my memory foam mattress and loomed over me. Even without sight, I could feel his scorching gaze on my body. He ran a hand down the heated skin of my torso, not stopping till he reached between my legs. I was already panting. When he felt the wetness there he paused. He grabbed the hand that was in my panties and inhaled sharply, smelling my arousal.

“Were you touching yourself, Darling?” He asked in a dangerously soft voice, moving up to straddle me. One of his giant hands travelled to my neck and spread. He gripped slightly, waiting for my response.

“Yes, Sir.” I said quietly. My excitement pulsed through me, thrumming in the pulse in my neck under his sadistic hand. I spread my legs wider, though he was straddling my hips. He tsked at me mockingly. His hand began to squeeze gently, then gradually harder.

“You know I’m the only one who touches you. Nobody else, not even you unless I tell you to. I own your pussy. I own you.”

He inclined on his knees to gain leverage. He reached down to pull my panties down to my knees. He plunged a finger inside of me and pressed his thumb against my swollen clit. I gasped. It made his hand tighten on my throat.

“Tell me I own you. Tell me what’s mine.”

His hand loosened enough to let me speak. I whimpered in protest. He squeezed again once in a warning. He brought his face very very close to mine. I could almost see it. When his breath mingled with mine I lifted my head in an attempt to touch his lips with mine.

I didn’t get the connection I sought. He growled menacingly and pressed me down roughly into the mattress by his hand. “Tell me, Darling. Now.”

“I’m yours. My pussy is yours. My whole body is yours. Please, Draven. Touch me harder.”

The hand down south was still, but his hand on my neck gripped more forcefully. “You know I’m not Draven when it’s just the two of us. Master or sir. Nothing else.”

“Yes, Master.” That seemed to appease him for the time being and he began moving his hand against my pussy. The sensation of both contacts filled me to the brink with pleasure.

I would’ve moaned, but I could barely even breathe. My response came in the form of a thrashing body and sparsely panted breaths. The pain he inflicted was intoxicating, electrifying, and completely mind blowing. It only fueled the fire inside of me that raged at his touch. Add in the fact that he wasn’t supposed to be in here with me, and complete submission racked my shaking body, the taboo atmosphere doing something to me that I couldn’t explain with words. It bothered me sometimes, but not in this moment.

I was his. It was as simple as that. The forbidden air of his touch was icing on the orgasmic cake.

My fingernails dug into his wrists as I clutched at them. I knew he liked when I did that, and his satisfied growl only confirmed that. He added another finger into my cunt and twisted both to hit that soft spot inside of me. His thumb dug roughly into my clit as a shudder quivered through my wired system. My whole body coiled. My pussy began clenching, my orgasm edging toward me at an alarming speed. But I didn’t allow myself to tip over that edge. I couldn’t. Not until he gave me the order.

I knew what he wanted, because I wanted it just as much.

“You’re so close to coming, aren’t you, my little vixen? I feel your pussy pulsing. You’re shaking, Darling. Should I let you come? Even though you were touching yourself without my permission.”

His tight grip loosened ever so slightly for me to reply. “Yes, Master. Please let me come. I’m sorry for touching myself. I was just so ready for you. I couldn’t help myself.” I sobbed in my messily delivered beg. I was so desperate to come, to feel his cock inside of me that I was ready to say anything.

He released a mocking coo, his fingers and thumb ceasing their movements. I cried out brokenly. “Please, Sir. Please please please.”

“Swear you will never touch yourself again without my permission.”

I didn’t hesitate. “I swear.”

His head dipped into the crook of my neck. I felt it pull into a cold smile. “I want to keep choking you. But sadly I can’t leave any visible marks on you.” He didn’t move his hand yet, but it no longer seized. The hand down south began moving again, slowly.

I mewled a soft protest. “Please keep choking me. Don’t stop,” I begged, nearly out of my mind with the vitality of it. I needed the pain as much as the pleasure. It was my vice. I didn’t care about the marks, though I knew very well that I should. My logical side just wasn’t in tune with me at the moment.

The smile softened. He started planting soft, feather light kisses on my neck. “Forgive me, Darling. I mustn’t. Make no mistake, though, I would gladly if only I could. I do, however, have a solution that I think will make us both happy.”

His kisses trailed lower and stopped at my breasts. He slid the straps of my bra down my arms after unhooking the front clasp. His hand moved down to my left nipple. His mouth covered the right. He began sucking as his finger began pinching and twisting. While his fingers and thumb moved slowly in and over my pussy, his mouth and other fingers were ravenous, bringing me immense euphoric pain and pleasure.

I tried not to cry out too loud, but it was an effort, an effort in which I resorted to biting my lip to help contain.

“Does this suffice, Darling?” He asked me in between bites on my nipple.

I moaned in distress. I needed to come so badly. Needed it like I needed air to breathe. “Yes, Master. Please do it harder.”

He honored my request in kind, and the fingers inside me sped up. My arousal echoed around us, making me nearly burst before he gave me permission.

I bit my lip so hard, I felt my teeth break skin. Blood trailed down my chin.

It only made my condition worse, as unhealthy as that was, but at the time, I couldn’t have cared less. “Oh, god. Please let me come. I can’t. I-I can’t-” My voice choked up, and I nearly sobbed.

It took every fiber inside me to hold myself off. My whole body was trembling so severely I feared I’d actually cry.

He took pity on me. “Come, Darling. Give it to me.”

In a flammable rush my body convulsed. My pussy rippled with heady sensation, clenching on his fingers again and again, my moans practically forming into screams until he muffled them with his sinful hand. My legs wouldn’t stop thrashing and locking, thrashing and locking. His mouth bit, and his fingers thrust until each wave finished it’s crashing tide. It didn’t stop for endless minutes. The pleasure was so great I thought the sensations alone would send me into another orbit of climax.

He removed both hands from my body and put them on each side of my head before I could get there. I wasn’t disappointed for long, though. As his body shifted between my legs, he brought his mouth to mine. I opened for him without hesitation and let him dominate. His tongue thrusted in and out in a rolling motion. He pulled back abruptly.

“You bit through your lip,” he observed, licking along my bottom lip. He abruptly suckled it into his mouth and drew on it like he did my nipples. My sex released a withering clench and I whimpered weakly at the ache it brought forth. I tried to put my hands on his shoulders, but he immediately pinned them down.

“I don’t like drawing blood. Do not let this happen again. If it happens again I will punish you and you will not be allowed to come for days. Am I understood?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He smirked against my lips, kissing me again. I kissed back, but only at his leisure, letting him control the direction of the kiss.

“Now, are you ready for me, darling?”

I spread my legs wider and bent them again. “Oh, yes. Oh, god, yes.”

“You want me inside you?”

“More than anything, Sir. Please.”

The head of his cock slid along my pussy, over my clit, then poised at my entrance. I knew what his beautiful cock looked like even without light. It was long, straight, with bulging veins along its shaft. He was circumcised and perfect, with the thickest girth I had ever had the honor of feeling inside me. My mouth could barely fit it past my lips. It was a deep pink color that blushed red when it filled with blood.

I loved it.

He pressed his entire body down on mine and pushed inside of me fluidly. The sopping mound of my sex gave no question as to whether the entry was smooth and effortless. My walls immediately tightened around him. He rooted deep until his balls pressed against the bottom of my ass.

“Fuck, Darling. You’re always so tight for me.” He complimented.

One of his hands reached down to my thigh and lifted, hitching it high over his toned hip, allowing him to push deeper. I gasped and moaned in complete abandon.

“Soft, supple, soaked,” he continued to breathe into my mouth.

I absorbed his praise with relish. He began to thrust in a steady rhythm that shortly became rougher and faster, harder and harder still. He hit the sweetest spot with each stroke. My body quaked, tightening. The feeling of him inside me was almost too much, bringing me over almost too soon to be considered normal.

But everything about us was abnormal anyway.

As the nerve endings in my body clenched onto him, he dug his nails into my thigh, and used his other nails to rake down my neck and chest. The added sensations tipped me to the pinnacle, and I begged heartily for his warrant.

“Yes, come, my little darling. Squeeze my cock. Give it to me.” He commanded in a harsh voice.

I cried out as I came for a second time, my clenching frenzy repeating again only now unto his plundering cock, which he used to increase his thrusts to a nearly wild abandonment. He reached his orgasm with a harsh groan that tore from deep within his throat. His hot cum dribbled into me in heavy drops. I titled my hips up to capture that incriminating fluid.

Slowly, he stopped thrusting and simply stayed inside me while we pulsed into each other and caught our breath. He gave me a soft kiss as he pulled out. I was sensitive beyond all recognition, so much so that I halted his movements with a plea. He stroked a hand over my face gently, but still pulled out.

I made a sound of protest deep in my throat. “Master please,” I begged.

He gripped my throat, making me gasp.

Yes, I thought. Yes, yes, yes. I wanted it again, so badly. I was desperate, and I didn’t care about how it made me look. Not with him.

“My greedy little darling. You’re so perfect for me. I’d stay inside of you all night if I could, but sadly things cannot be how we want them.” I gripped the hand on my throat and pressed it harder into my skin. He moaned in obvious distress, obeying my silent request for a few intoxicating moments before wrenching himself away.

He got off of my bed, leaving me spread wide and only semi spent. He wiped me clean with his t-shirt after the sounds of his clothes rustling cleared. His now jean clad legs pressed against me as he leaned back over me. He caressed my face with his hands softly, and if the light was on, I knew I’d see a soft expression on his face.

Still, I stared in his direction in hopes of finding that expression in the dark.

He leaned down and lavished me with a gentle kiss, his lips so soft and tender that I whimpered. He licked once more at my wounded lip, then pulled away.

“Until tomorrow, Darling.”

I sighed, half in contentment, and half in disappointment, closing my eyes.

“Until tomorrow.” Unwanted tears stung behind my closed eyelids, but I fought them.

He shut my door quietly behind him. I loved the sound of it as much as I hated it. The forbidden was always sweet, but times like this were when it turned bitter. The aftermath, where my exhaustion kicked in, and my body physically hurt from its cravings. My body wanted him all the time. My submissive soul wanted him all the time.

If only certain situations were different.

If only we didn’t have to hide.

If only he wasn’t my step dad’s brother.

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