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Pleasant Beach, Ontario Reagan Taylor used to hide in the shadows. She never wanted to disappoint anyone and she was to self conscious to put herself out there. Until she finally realized that she shouldn’t care what people think. She stopped hiding behind her mask and became who she really is. Zayden Rossi just moved from Italy to the small town of Pleasant Beach. He’s the guy every girl thinks they want. But there is only one girl that catches his eye. Reagan. He looks like the typical bad boy. He has a bunch of tattoos, black/dark brown curly hair, and he looks like a Greek God. What will happen when they realize they are perfect for one another?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Reagan Taylor

It’s the first day of my senior year and I’m just ready to get it over with. Living in a small town means everyone knows everyone so there is nothing exciting ever going on. Unless you count the occasional pregnancy scares. Thank god I don’t have to worry about that. I’ve lived in Pleasant Beach ever since I was a baby but no one really knows who I am. That’s mainly because I used to shy away from everyone until summer happened.

I realized I shouldn’t care what people think if I don’t care about them. So I decided to show people who I really am. My parents might not be happy about the decisions I have made in the past two months but this is my life and I’m finally ready to start living it.

So like I said, it’s my first day and I’m about to walk out of my car. People are about to see the real me, the person I’ve been hiding on the inside is about to step out into the open. Let me just say this. I have changed a lot. I’ve gotten a couple tattoos, piercings, started to wear a bit of makeup, and changed my style up. But I finally feel comfortable in my body.

So when I got out of my car I was a little surprised to see people staring at me. There were looks of recognition, surprise, and some of confusion. But I didn’t pay mind to it, I just went on with my morning.

I walked to my locker and got my books when the bell rang. I headed to my first period and went for a seat in the back. Now the old me probably would’ve sat in the front. I was a bit of a good to shoes mostly because I didn’t want to bring any unwanted attention to myself.

Right as I sat in the seat all the way in the back by the window someone tapped my shoulder.

“Hi are you new...” a look of recognition crossed there eyes. “Oh my god Reagan!? Is that you? You look so different.”

“Yes Sara, it’s me. Who else would it be.” I said in the sweetest tone I could muster. Now Sara is who you would say the Mean girl is or Queen Bitch would be a better term. I might go as far as saying town slut but I’m being nice today.

“Wow. You must have realized you wouldn’t get any guys looking like a grandma” Sara said. Now the old me would’ve let that pass but like a I said, I’ve changed.

“And you must of realized you wouldn’t get any guys with your legs wide open for the world to see” I said in an overly cheery tone.

Shocked was her expression on her face and it was priceless. I soon realized a couple people were staring and listening into our conversation when I heard people trying to cover their laughs.

I was done with this conversation with Satin so I sat down and didn’t pay mind to her.

Mr. Smith was about to start English class when someone opened the door. And wow am I happy they opened the door because I swear I was looking at a Greek god! He looked so intriguing and yummy. He doesn’t look like anyone from here. He has olive toned skin with black wave-ish hair, and I think I might have saw a tattoo on his collar-bone that was slightly hidden by his shirt. He looked devilish and sinful. What I would do if I was alone with him. You know I don’t even have to think about it I know what I would do. And it wouldn’t be praying to the lord. I mean I might be on my kne-

“Reagan?” Mr. Smith called. When I realized I had been staring I quickly averted my eyes. Half the class was looking at me including the Greek God himself.

“Yes, Mr. S?” I asked while hiding my blush from prying eyes.

“I was just telling the new student Zayden that he can sit in the empty seat next to you, if that’s fine with you?” when he said that my eyes literally grew 2 inches bigger.

“whatever, that’s fine” I replied acting like I wasn’t internally freaking the fuck out that this hot piece of ass was sitting next to me. Now getting a good look at it he does have nice ass. Does this man have any flaws? Hardin Scott I think I have found your twin and he might be hotter than you.
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