Silver Fox's Obsession

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Stefan Russo, 50, is Italy's most eligible bachelor, even though of his age. He is descended from Italian nobility; he is also a ruthless businessman who is not afraid to destroy anyone that comes his way. One day, he meets Valentina, 28, who is from Mexico and just moved to Italy. Stefan thought she would be an easy conquest but soon realizes that she has an iron underneath and is not easily tamed. To his shock, she seems to have no interest in him; Valentina is interested in another rival and much younger man. However, Stefan won't let that stop him. As the saying goes, 'With age comes experience.'

Erotica / Romance
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Stefan Russo

Stefan POV

“Bellissimo!′ said the photographer.

I moved in different poses. It was another tedious day. I just finished meetings and paperwork for my company. Now I’m here doing photoshoots for magazines. I found it a bore, but in a sense, it was a bit of a hiatus from all the paperwork. As my pictures were being taken, I noticed all the women in the building eyeing me with lust.


My presence alone can make a woman desire me, married or not. I eyed many of them. Maybe I should get laid. It has been a while. I’ve been consumed with stress from work; it would be nice for a breather. I didn’t care if they were married or not. Many women would come to me. Since I had a pissy day, it was best to get a married one to get our business done and never see each other again.

I found one, and I knew she was married since I heard her complain about her sex life with her husband. She was pretty and well-dressed, as typical here in Rome, Italy. I could tell she wore a lot of make-up.

The woman seems to be trying to hide her age, like that would do any good. She’s still going to get old.

The photoshoot was done, and I went to get a cup of coffee. Many women giggled and walked past me to see if I would choose them. However, I had already decided on my next lay. I walked to the woman, shooing her fake friends.

The woman blushed but seemed excited. “I want you, woman.”

“Oh, how I dreamed of this...”

I didn’t let her finish, as I got a hold of her arm and led her far from the photoshoot, and I took her to my VIP room. Once inside, I pushed her against the wall. At least she wore a skirt, so it was easy to take off her underwear. I unbuckled my belt and took out of cock. I slowly entered her.

“Oooh, così grande!” (Oh, so big)

I began to thrust into her. She brought me little pleasure. I let out a small grunt, but it was still not enough to sate me. Moments later, I felt her cum. I knew that this woman was not going to make me cum.

I let out an annoyed grunt and got out of her. This confused her. “Cosa c’è che non va?” (What’s wrong?“)

“Mi annoi. Non potresti nemmeno farmi venire.” (You bore me. You couldn’t even make me cum.)

She gasped. It was as if I offended her. “Potresti fottermi solo per un paio di minuti!” (You could only fuck me for a couple of minutes!)

If she thought that would offend me, she’s sadly mistaken. “È perché sei troppo sciolto laggiù. Questo è quello che succede quando hai l’esperienza di essere una discarica di sperma. Sei fortunato che tuo marito sia ancora sposato. Ora esci.” (It was because you’re too loose down there. That’s what happens when you have the experience of being a cum dump. You’re lucky your husband is still married. Now get out.)

The woman bit her lips as she lifted her underwear. I noticed that she wanted to cry, but left my presence. Many women were loose nowadays. I took out my phone and put some porn videos. I stroked my cock as I watched the videos.

What a day.

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