Coming back to the end

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He was controlling every aspect of his life. Calculated and cold. With a stone instead of a heart. Finally finding the right track after losing the love of his life to his best friend everything begins to clear up. Until the call from the past turns everything upside down.

Erotica / Drama
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“Are you fucking kidding me? I told you I didn’t want to be a part of that life and I will never take after you, dad!” I was fuming with rage.

“Son, you have no choice. I am sick and I am dying,” there was a silence after that.

Was I so deep in my shit? I didn’t care for the man but hearing that my blood relative was dying is something that gets you to stop and think.

I was left at the orphanage by my own will. I couldn’t bear the thought of living the life my family was living. I had all the right qualities to inherit my father’s “business” but it was never my wish.

I sighed loudly and rubbed my face.

“Okay dad, I promise you to visit but don’t think that it will change my mind,” I said sternly.

“I am happy, son. I would love you to visit me, maybe you could introduce me to a woman if there is one” he said sheepishly.

Yea, like the woman I want, would ever want to be a part of a damn Mafia family.

“I will be home by the end of the week” with these words I ended the call.


This is my story and I don’t appreciate copying it without my permission!


This book can be read as single but for a better point of view you can read “Cheating myself”

As the work is still in progress there may be some grammar mistakes. I will proofread it after I finish it. Please try to understand.

Thank you


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