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Always The Good Girl

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MaKenzie has always been the good girl but when she starts Uni and moves in with her older brother and his friend will she remain a good girl or be led astray Book 2 in the Passion & Pandemonium Series All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

“KENZIE, ARE YOU NEARLY READY LOVE? DINNER’S OUT!” My Mum shouts from downstairs.

“I’LL BE DOWN IN A MINUTE MUM!” I shout back. I take another look at my cases. I think I have everything packed, I can always send for it if I’ve forgotten anything,

I’m Makenzie, but everyone calls me Kenzie. I’m 19 years old and the youngest of five siblings. I say youngest, however I am only the youngest by five minutes as I am a twin. After graduating High School I spent a year volunteering, helping kids with learning difficulties get through school. I leave tonight to start University as I want to get my degree in Psychology. Fortunately my brother is already at the same University so I’m moving in with him and his best friend. Nobody knows, but I have a massive crush on my brother’s friend. I’m nervous because they both live the parties, booze and girls lifestyle and me... well I’ve always been the good girl.

I make my way downstairs and head out back. I can already hear everyone before I see them. Sunday is family dinner and my Aunts and Uncles have come over tonight to see me off.

“There’s my beautiful baby girl," My Dad says with a smile when he sees me. He is so embarrassing. Dad pulls me in for a hug and I give him an extra tight squeeze.

“I’m not a baby Dad,” I remind him.

“Yeah Gramps, Aunt Kenzie is too old to be a baby,” Leanne laughs. Leanne is Teagan’s daughter. Teagan is my oldest sister and is 19 years older than me. Teagan and her husband Justin have two kids. Brad who is 12 and Leanne who is 10.

“Pumpkin your Aunt Kenzie will always be Gramps’ baby girl,” He tells Leanne as he gives me one more squeeze before letting me go.

“I’m only the youngest by five minutes!” I remind him. I don’t know what it is with this family but Makayla and I are the same age yet you would think she was a few years older and not a few minutes.

“Yeah and it felt like the longest five minutes of my life!” Mum says from across the


“MUM!” I shout at her. I mean really.

“Will you two stop winding her up," Teagan says laughing. I look at my big sister and smile to say thanks. Just then Maverick and Greyson come through from the games room.

“Well hello family!” Maverick says announcing his presence. I see Greyson follow in behind him and good lord does he look better than ever.

“Hey Sugar, long time no see. You ready to live with me and your bro?” Greyson asks as he makes his way towards me. Maverick is my big brother. He is also a twin and he and McKinley are just under two years older than Makayla and I. Greyson has been friends with Maverick since preschool.

“As long as there aren’t parties every night and I don’t want to hear any bedroom antics!” I say pointing between the two of them.

“Don’t worry Sis we will get you ear plugs,” Maverick laughs as he ruffles my hair. I swat his hand away and try to fix the mess he made when I see Greyson looking at me.

“Same goes for you Sugar. No screaming when you have guys over," he says with a wink. I feel myself blush and quickly turn around in the hope that he didn’t notice.

“G did you have to put that image there? No guy wants to see some dude banging their little sister!” Mav says while looking disgusted.

“No trust me you do not!” Uncle Caleb states quite clearly.

“Yeah you never get over that shit," Uncle Dylan says with a shudder. I look over at my Mum who is standing glaring at them.

“Stop it you two," Aunt Sam laughs as she playfully slaps Uncle Dylan’s arm.

“Yo Mav did your parents ever tell you that Uncle Caleb was there for your conception?” Uncle Dale shouts over while laughing.

“Dale!” Mum shouts back. You tend to hear that a lot around here. Uncle Dale is known for just saying whatever is on his mind. Screw the consequences.

“Aww man, why did you have to say that?” Mav screws his face up and shakes his head at our Uncle.

“Nope, nope, nope. Not an image I want guys," McKinley says as she also shakes her head.

“I can’t believe you lot are still going on about that," Dad says laughing. Apparently when my parents got together it was hot and heavy at lightning speed. Within their first two years together they got married and had two sets of twins (Teagan has a different mum). Not only that but from what snippets we have heard, the majority of the family has walked in on them at some point or another.

“Not in front of the grandkids please," Mum says, gesturing to Brad and Leanne.

“Thank you J.J," Teagan sats as she smiles at Mum. Although they are step daughter and step mother they are extremely close. My Uncles tease my Mum and say it’s because there isn’t a huge age gap. My big sister is only seven years younger than my Mum. Yeah try explaining that one to your friends growing up. My Dad and Teagan’s Mum, Jen were only 17 years old when they had her and my Dad is just over ten years older than my Mum. What can I say, we like to keep things interesting in this family.

“Why? I know all about sex," Brad announces and we all turn to look at my nephew.

“I think you and your father need to have a chat about what exactly you think you know!” Teagan tells him, looking horrified.

“Why me?” Justin asks Teagan .

“Because I said so," she tells him and poor Justin just sighs in defeat.

“If you want I will have a chat with the little guy?” Mav suggests with a shrug.

“NO!” Mum, Dad, Teagan and Justin all shout out at the same time. The rest of us just laugh at them as they stand there with fear written all over their faces.

“So are you all ready for classes starting Kenz?” Uncle Dylan asks.

“Yeah, I’ve already ordered my text books so I can pick them up this week and I’ve got a good study time table put together," I tell him with a smile. I’m really excited about

this course.

“That’s my girl," he says with a look of pride. With their being five siblings and five Uncles we each gravitated towards one of them growing up. Teagan is close with Nathan, mainly because he married her Mum. McKinley can wrap Uncle Caleb around her little finger. Mav and Uncle Dale have a close bond. Makayla can bend Uncle Luke to her will and I’ve always gone to Uncle Dylan. My parents have always supported these relationships as although we can always go to them they know we have someone else to go to if we didn’t want to talk to them about something.

“Urgh you’re such a goody goody," Makayla says while rolling her eyes. She gets frustrated with me at times and tells me I need to loosen up a little.

“Leave her alone Kayla," McKinley says as she playfully nudges my twin.

“Don’t worry we will make sure to inject some fun into her life won’t we G?” Maverick says and I look at Greyson who just smiles and winks at me. I feel myself blushing again. I’m going to need to get a handle on this while we are living together.

“Oh I think she may surprise us," Greyson says with a smirk and I need to turn away before I get any redder.

“Stop trying to scare your sister," Mum says, pointing at my brother.

“It’s alright mum, I don’t scare easily," I say with a confidence I sure as hell don’t have and I see Greyson smirk at me again.

“You my boy have just been handed your ass!” Dad says laughing as Mav sits there surprised at my response.

“Yeah well just make sure the guys keep clear," Uncle Caleb warns Mav and Greyson. To say the men in our family are protective is an understatement.

“Don’t worry Uncle Caleb, my mates have all been warned. Anyone touches her and I will kill them!” Mav says and the tone in his voice has changed from humour to seriousness.

“I feel a sense of Deja Vu here," Mum says with a chuckle.

“Yeah well as long as you don’t take after your Mum you will be just fine," Uncle Luke

says to me while laughing.

“Hey!” Mum shouts at him while throwing a napkin at his face.

“Our Kenzie is a good girl," Dad states while nodding his head.

“Dean our J.J was a good girl until she met you!” Uncle Nate says laughing and I can’t help but giggle as I see my Dad’s face drop.

“Told you it was all your fault," Mum says to Dad while laughing at him.

We spend the next couple of hours talking about anything and laughing at everything. There’s never a quiet moment when the Turners/Petersons get together.

"You ready to go Sis?” Maverick asks me as he gets up from the table.

“Yep," I say as I take a deep breath. This is a new chapter for me and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t scare me.

“Let’s roll. Thanks for dinner Mr and Mrs Turner," Greyson says as he gets up.

“You are very welcome, and please, it’s J.J and Dean," Mum tells Greyson with a smile. She’s been telling him that for years and he still goes back to Mr & Mrs Turner.

“Son as long as you look after my baby you are welcome here anytime," Dad says to Greyson with a smile and yet again I get embarrassed.

“DAD!” I shout out with a red face while he just laughs at me.

“Don’t worry, I will keep a close eye on her," Greyson says and I can already feel his eyes on me but I can’t look up at him.

“We will load your bags. You have ten minutes to say goodbye to this lot," Mav tells me, laughing. “Until next time fam!” Mav and Greyson pickup my bags and make their way to the door while everyone shouts goodbye to them. I do the rounds saying goodbye to my family, giving everyone hugs and kisses.

“Make sure you have the time of your life sweetheart," Mum says as I give her a hug.

“I will Mum, promise," I say with a smile.

“KENZIE MOVE YOUR ASS!” My brother shouts from outside and I roll my eyes,

“I gotta go, see ya, love you all!” I yell behind me as I leave my parents house hearing everyone shout love you back. I’m a mixed bag of excitement and nerves. I’m excited to start Uni and to have some independence but I’m nervous about living with Greyson. I know his reputation, it’s the same as my brothers. How will I cope with seeing him all over another woman when all I want is for that woman to be me.

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