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The Proposal

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Makayla is my world. It's time to make her mine forever... Her twin's boyfriend has the same idea. Now it's a race to pull of the perfect proposal. Book 4: Passion & Pandemonium All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1 - Frankie's POV

"FRANKIE!" Kayla yells from upstairs.

Great, what the hell have I done now!
"KITCHEN!" I shout back.
Yup, I'm definitely in trouble for something. I make my way upstairs and brace myself. "Babe I swear it wasn't me... Wow!" My eyes widen as I see my goddess standing there wearing a purple-greyish babydoll. I don't care what she thinks I've done. I will happily take the punishment.
"I've been a bad girl," she says as she bites her lip. I raise my eyebrow at her.
"Oh yeah, what have you done?" I start walking towards her.
"Well you see there is this incredibly sexy man..." She starts to tell me.
"Mmm hmm," I smirk at her before licking my lips. Damn she is beautiful.
"And I've been having really dirty thoughts about him."
I'm standing directly in front of her. I skim my fingers lightly down her arm feeling her skin turn to goosebumps as her breath hitches.
"Does this man have a name?" I lean into her, kissing and licking her neck.
"Frankie..." She says my name in a breathy whisper and I'm done playing. I lift her up and she wraps her legs around me. I kiss her with urgency as I carry her to the bed and lay her down before stripping off and crawling over her.
"You have definitely been a bad girl," I growl.
"I need to be punished," she says, licking her lips.
So punish her I did and it was the best punishment ever!
I'm Frankie, I'm 29 and I've been with Makayla for about five years now. She's a firecracker and drives me fucking crazy but I love the bones of her. We met while I was finishing my last year of Uni. That year was a headache for sure, two of my mates were at war with each other after we discovered that G was sneaking around with Mav's sister and all hell broke loose leaving Grant, Jamie and I stuck in the middle. Fortunately they sorted it all out otherwise I'd never have met this smartass, who by the way is G's woman's twin... Yes, that means she's also Mav's sister! What can I say she hooked me and reeled me in. The punch in the face from her brother was totally worth it. Kayla keeps me on my toes. We are definitely a fiery couple, we can be yelling at each other one minute and ripping the clothes off of each other the next. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and I've made a decision... I want to marry this woman!
"Fuck babe, that was incredible!" She says trying to get her breath back and I hold her a little tighter as she cuddles into me.
"That little outfit was sexy as fuck babe, but the minute I saw you in it I wanted to get you out of it," I say as I stroke her hair.
She giggles into my chest. "What are your plans for today?"
"The guys are meeting round at Jamie's, apparently he has some news for us."
"Oh yeah, what is it?"
"I dunno babe, that's why we are going round," I laugh.
"Well text me right away, I'm gonna be wondering what it is," she says. I have never known anyone as nosy as Kayla and her twin, it's ridiculous.
"Will do." I chuckle. "What about you?"
"I'm going shopping with my sisters."
"Yeah, Kenzie and G have broke another pair of handcuffs so we are going to the sex shop," she says, like going to the sex shop for handcuffs is like hitting up the local store for milk.
"How the fuck have they managed that?"
She's cuddled into me with her head on my chest running her fingers up and down my abs as I play with her hair. She stops for a moment to look up at me.
"This is Kenzie and G we are talking about, they are forever breaking things during sex," She smiles at me and I can't help but laugh. I've never known a couple like them.
"That's true. You gonna buy anything when you're there?" I ask while secretly hoping she will.
"Mmm, dunno, I might. Did you have anything in mind?" She asks, teasing me.
"Surprise me baby." Truth is I don't care what she gets, if she gets anything. I still plan to be all over her when I get home later.
"Anal beads it is then!" She gets up and makes her way towards the bathroom.
"Wait!" I call out to her. Did she just say what I think she said? This could be a game changer.
"Yes?" She turns around to face me with a mischievous look in her eye.
"Does this mean you're finally gonna let me go in there?" I ask her, shocked but also excited. Please, please, please, I watch as the smile spreads across her face.
"No babe, I was gonna use them on you," she turns back around and walks into the bathroom.
"The hell you are!" I shout through to her. I can hear her laughing in the bathroom. "Kayla I'm serious!"
"Sure babe!" She shouts back while laughing.
The little shit! I jump out of bed and go to the bathroom. She's already in the shower but looks over her shoulder at me when she hears me come in. That smile is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.
"Are you just gonna stand there staring or are you gonna give me a hand?" She smiles at me. I smile and shake my head at her. How the hell did I get so lucky?
"Always happy to give you a hand babe."
I get in behind her and kiss her neck as I massage the soap suds into her boobs. She moans as I pull her tight against me so she can feel how hard I am. I place light kisses down her neck to her shoulder as I slowly move one of my hands down her stomach to her hot wet pussy while I use my other hand to play with her nipple between my thumb and finger.
"Ohm... please..." She moans and I kiss and lick my way up to her ear.
"What do you want babe?" I whisper into her ear.
"Please baby... touch me." Her breath hitches as I rub gently on her clit. "Mmm," she moans as I rub her in circular movements while still playing with her nipple.
"You like that baby?"
"Mmm... yes," she whispers and I move my hand lower, thrusting a finger inside her while pressing the ball of my hand against her clit.
"You're so fucking wet," I growl at her and she throws her head back against my shoulder as I add another finger.
"Shit!" She screams out as I pump my fingers in and out of her, making sure to apply the right amount of pressure on her clit from my hand. She is gripping onto my thighs, digging her nails in. "Keep going... aaah!"
"I got you baby. I'm gonna make you cum," I feel her tighten around my fingers and curl my fingers inside her stroking that sweet spot. "That's it, cum for me baby." Her legs buckle and I quickly move my other arm to hold her up while she spasms in my arms.
"Ahhh Frankie!" I remove my hand once she has come down from her high but I don't let her go until she gets her breath back. "Mmm, what did I do to deserve you?"
"I dunno babe but it must've been pretty fucking bad!" I reply and Kayla bursts out laughing in my arms, I can't help but laugh with her.
Once we finally get out of the shower and get dressed, I say goodbye to Kayla and make my way to Jamie's.
"What's up guys?"
I find them in the living area with a bottle of beer in hand.
"Hey Frankie," Grant waves.
"Alright man?" Jamie says.
"Hey bro," Mav nods at me.
"Beer?" Jamie asks with a smile that says 'you know you want to'.
"Yeah why not, I can get Kayla to get me later."
"Good luck with that," Mav laughs.
"She's in a good mood today," I tell him, "Plus she owes me one." I have a huge smile on my face and Mav shakes his head at me.
"I don't wanna know," he says.
"I do!" Jamie yells out with a smile.
"I'm with Jamie," Grant laughs.
"Fuck off! What do you wanna tell us Jamie?" Mav says, trying to change the conversation.
"I'm waiting for G," Jamie says while still laughing from earlier.
I check my phone for the time. "Where the fuck is G?"

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