Brick by Brick: Rebel Souls MC #5

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Brick and Bubbles have a secret, but Brick isn't the one wanting to keep it. Finally ready to admit his true feelings, After Brick takes a stray bullet, Bubbles kisses his man in front of their entire club, finally coming out. But just days later, he runs scared, requesting nomad status from the club president. The only thing Brick knows is that Bubbles is alive, and only because he's been checking in with Prez. Three months later, Bubbles is back, but everything has changed. Can Bubbles convince Brick that he's not going anywhere this time? Or is it too late?

Erotica / Romance
Violet Bloom
4.9 19 reviews
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Brick has been out of the closet since he was a teen. Yet, for some reason, he only ever seems to attract closeted men. When he first joined the Rebel Souls Motorcycle Club, coming out was the first thing he did. He would never stay somewhere he wasn’t accepted; he’d never hide himself.

What he didn’t expect to find hidden within the club, was the love of his life.

Bubbles is one of the club’s biggest players, hopping from soul sucker to soul sucker. His sexuality has always been straight.. so he thought. That all changes when he meets Brick. Bubbles spends the year that Brick is a prospect for the club pining after him secretly. He tries drowning himself in the club girls to forget the feelings he’s having, but it doesn’t work.

Finally admitting their feelings to himself, and then to Brick, Bubbles still isn’t ready to come out. Against his better judgment Brick begins a relationship with him, hiding it from everyone in the club. Months later, Bubbles is finally ready to come out, but Brick is at his breaking point.

A stray bullet has Bubbles kissing Brick in front of the entire club. He doesn’t care anymore. He almost lost the love of his life, he’s tired of hiding.

Until he runs scared.

Just days after their heated kiss in front of the entire club, Bubbles requests nomad status from their club President. Once he’s granted it, he disappears for months. The only thing Brick knows is that he’s alive, and he only knows because Bubbles has to check in regularly with Prez.

When Bubbles finally returns, three months later, everything has changed.

Is it too late for Brick and Bubbles? Did Bubbles screw it up so badly that Brick will never forgive him?

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