The Secrets We Hide: Book 1 of the Wicked Entanglements Series

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Sometimes a happy marriage isn't everything it seems. Except for Bri and Noah, it is. Which is why she's baffled with even herself when she finds herself fulfilling her darkest fantasy, in the form of her husband's best friend, Cole. What begins as a torrid affair, quickly spirals into love. But how can she love two men at once? And when she finally tells her husband, but she refuses to leave, she finds herself in a relationship she never thought possible. Two loves. Two soulmates. But in the end, when all the secrets come out, will there be room for three?

Erotica / Romance
Violet Bloom
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I’m starting a new series titled The Wicked Entanglements Series.

The first book is based off of my one-shot My Husband’s Best Friend. The second book will be based off my one-shot Payment Upfront. The third and final book will involve a new couple that will be introduced during the first two books.

Here’s the blurb for book one:

Bri and Noah have been together for ten years, married for seven. They’re life together feels like a fairytale, true soulmates. But that hasn’t stopped the feeling that something is missing, for Bri anyways.

Cole is Noah’s best friend. Bri met him the same night, at the same party, she met Noah. The men are polar opposites, nothing a like. One’s the boy next door and the other is the one your mama warns you to stay away from. But Bri can’t help herself.

What begins as a torrid sexual affair with her husband’s best friend, the man who stood next to them at their wedding, the man whose name is on the witness line of their marriage certificate, quickly spirals into something much deeper, something she can’t deny is... love. How will she tell Noah? How will she tell her two small kids? And she’s so sure it’s love, why is she also still madly in love with her husband?

But, when Noah refuses to let her go, she ends up in a relationship she never dreamed possible. Two lovers. Two soulmates. And when the door to repressed feelings finally opens, will there be room for three?

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