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The Long Lost Omega

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Ever since Mùchén and Xiaobo were childhood friends, Mùchén had been in love. He promised himself that one day he would marry the omega, but Xiaobo moved abroad and their friendship eventually faded. However, sixteen years later, Xiaobo came back. Mùchén didn't expect to see the omega again, and he didn't expect to see Xiaobo being his son, Yuan's new teacher. However, one thing was certain: this time Xiaobo would not be able to slip away that easily. _______________ Or, Alpha Mùchén spikes Omega Xiaobo's drink with heat inducers, and when Xiaobo's heat made an unexpected appearance, innocent Mùchén was there to help him through it with hopes of stuffing his future omega with many, many future babies. @2021 UNEDITED

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Chapter 01

Mùchén’s footsteps echoed throughout the empty hallway in speed movements leading toward the last - empty classroom down the right. It’s half-past four. He’s an hour late to pick up his son, Lan Yuan.

He promised Yuan he wouldn’t be late this time. Unfortunately, like the weeks before, he failed to keep his promise. He didn’t mean to; he lost track of time. Despite doing his best to provide for both himself and Yuan, Mùchén knew he had failed as a father. He made excuses, blaming his work as being too much of a burden when work shouldn’t be an issue, considering he lived among the higher-ups. Yuan never complained, though. How could he? The child was only seven.

As he made it near the door, Mùchén paused. The briefcase he held slipped past his fingers. His feet came to an instant stop, and his heart began pounding past his chest, making him unable to breathe.

He heard something coming from inside Yuan’s classroom. Something he thought he’d never hear again. A laugh - a musical one at that, buried in his childhood but not forgotten. Mùchén knew who it belonged to. He heard that laugh countless times before, and he could hear it countless more without ever feeling bored. Xiaobo - Xiaobo. That laugh, dancing of blissful energy belonged to Xiaobo. His Xiaobo.

Mùchén peeked through the door, seeing Xiaobo, back turned facing the blackboard, scribbling away nonsense with Yuan to gain a little laughter from the child made Mùchén’s breath hitch.

It’s been so long, sixteen years to be exact since he last saw Xiaobo on that cloud-filled day. Mùchén never would’ve thought they would stumble upon each other, though he hoped one day he would get to see Xiaobo’s face again.

They were children - only sixteen when Xiaobo moved away abroad. His uncle, Jiang Fengmian, wanted Xiaobo and his younger stepbrother, Jiang Cheng, to further their studies in a more advanced English-speaking country, despite China being advanced enough. Though seeing Xiaobo as a primary school teacher, Mùchén figured his studies must’ve not paid off the way his uncle probably hoped for.

He and Xiaobo practically grew up together despite them coming from different backgrounds. By chance, they went to the same kindergarten. Like now, back then, Mùchén had always been a distant child. Never one to talk or mingle with crowds. He kept to himself, even at his young age. Most people presumed it might be because he was an alpha. Then again, most alphas his age only cared about playing in the school’s backyard with other children. When the alpha trait made little sense, they then assumed he was just stuck-up because he came from a rich family.

The truth; at that age Mùchén wanted friends, but the other children always picked on him for being a snob, for choosing his coloring books over getting dirty in the school’s mud ponds. He wasn’t a snob, but he wasn’t a bother either, so he remained friendless.

His big brother, Lan Xichen, tried keeping him company, but Xichen was older, so their schedule in school didn’t match up. However, in his second year in kindergarten, Xiaobo, a bubbly omega-child, got transferred and changed Mùchén’s life forever.

In school, Xiaobo might’ve pestered him all day. Messed up his colored coordinated crayons and purposefully painted their coloring book characters in the wrong colors. But during playtime, Xiaobo would also follow him around like a lost puppy. And at lunchtime, he shared his junk food with him, despite Mùchén’s protest. So gradually they became friends for the rest of kindergarten and remained so when they moved on to primary school.

However, things hit differently in middle school. Mùchén moved to be homeschooled, and Xiaobo went on making new friends. At the time, he didn’t know what jealously meant. Or he did. Mùchén just never felt he would be one to be jealous. But whenever he saw Xiaobo playing with the other kids, especially that Nie Huaisang and Wen Ning, his little fists clenched and his pout grew a size double.

Back then, Mùchén realized something. He liked Xiaobo. The sudden spike of feelings made sense, considering he’s an alpha and Xiaobo’s an omega. He vowed once they finished high school he would ask Xiaobo to marry him and be his mate.

They would get to spend the rest of their lives together and bear many children. He even told his big brother about his plans. However, Mùchén didn’t expect his plan to backfire when Xiaobo came to him with bad news about moving away.

Since Xiaobo’s departure, the days felt longer, nights colder. They made promises they would keep in touch, and they did. For a time, that is. But life happened and the everyday nighttime calls turned into once-a-week calls. Then once a month, then once a year. Until it gradually ended.

It felt like forever. A few years gone, he searched for Xiaobo. Though his searches ended in a dead-end, he never truly gave up. Though Mùchén could not see his face, Xiaobo still appeared youthful. His hips got wider and his waist, thinner. He got taller, hair longer, and his voice, softer. But his laugh remained the same. After so many lonesome years, his omega has returned, Mùchén could hear the wedding bells and the pitter-patter of Yuan’s future siblings, and -

Just then, a thought hit Mùchén, crushing his imagination into tiny fragments of nothingness. It’s been sixteen years and things must’ve changed. Had Xiaobo gotten married off to some unworthy alpha and had children of his own?

The thought that Xiaobo had someone to go home to when the day’s over - someone to share his burdens with, his joys with, his bed with, caused Mùchén’s stomach to boil with a fit of newfound jealousy, much greater than his childhood days.

“A’Yuan,” Mùchén spoke for the very first time.

His eyes, however, never strayed away from Xiaobo. When the omega turned around, his eyes of melted silver grew ten times over from seeing Mùchén.

Mùchén unknowingly growled. A small, almost soundless growl, but a growl nonetheless. Xiaobo turned out to be such a delightfully tempting package in more ways than one. Just the sight of him did things to Mùchén’s insides. He couldn’t believe his Xiaobo could be more beautiful. But those cherry lips and loose bangs proved otherwise.

Xiaobo hadn’t been marked. He must’ve been single, and even if he wasn’t Mùchén didn’t care. His neck lay bare and unclaimed, ready for the taking. Mùchén vowed this time he would not let Xiaobo slip away that easily.

Mùchén could see himself sinking his teeth against Xiaobo’s creamy flesh, whether or not Xiaobo wanted it. He felt his canines slipping past his lips. If it wasn’t for Yuan being in the room yelling out his name while waving a paper boat in the air, Mùchén might’ve already pounced upon Xiaobo like a raving beast.

“Lan - Mùchén?” Xiaobo took two steps forth, squinting his eyes and chuckling in disbelief. “Is that you?”

“Xiaobo,” Mùchén greeted. A small - non-visible smile formed on his lips. Had Xiaobo already forgotten what he looked like?

“Mùchén!” Xiaobo threw himself into Mùchén’s arms. An unexpected embrace that shocked Yuan as much as it did Mùchén.

Closing his eyes, he ignored all about Yuan tugging at his trousers as he wrapped his arms around Xiaobo and inhaled the sweet scent of Springtime perfume Xiaobo always wore since they were children. That scent once caused his nostrils to itch.

When Xiaobo pulled apart, Mùchén felt the same sense of emptiness he’d been walking around with for the past sixteen years. He might’ve wanted to drag Xiaobo back home and lock him away forever, but Mùchén knew he needed to behave rationally, especially when being around his son.

However, Xiaobo came back, and this time Mùchén intended on keeping him here for good, even if that means he had to quench his thirst for later and act innocent in Xiaobo’s presence.

“I - Um,” Mùchén stammered. Not finding the proper words, he shifted his sight from Xiaobo to Yuan - still tugging along the lines of his pants, then back at Xiaobo. Mùchén swallowed. “What are you doing here?”

“Could you believe it, I work here,” Xiaobo beamed. “I started just today. Who would’ve thought that I’d bump into you? - Wait. What are you doing here?”

Mùchén glanced down. Patting Yuan on the head, he said, “I’m sorry for coming in late, I didn’t realize the time, and work -” He beckoned toward Yuan with his hand. “Um, thank you for staying back and keeping an eye on him. It won’t happen again.” Despite it happening every day, Mùchén wanted to add.

Ah, it’s no biggie. I’m a teacher, that’s what I’m supposed to do. Not that I have a choice.” Xiaobo waved his hands in the air jokingly. “ It’s a good thing I like children - wait.” Xiaobo arched an eyebrow as his mouth fell wide open. Pointing toward Yuan, “Is A’Yuan your son?” He asked in disbelief.

Xiaobo looked almost disappointed as he eyed Mùchén’s unmarked neck, possibly looking for a potential mating mark, but upon seeing none, he sighed. “Oh, I see.” Xiaobo winked, bumping shoulders against Mùchén’s own and chuckling hysterically. “A player, huh Mùchén?”

Mùchén couldn’t deny the unease he felt. How could Xiaobo view him as a playboy, when all he’d ever wanted was Xiaobo and Xiaobo alone?

Should he tell him Yuan’s adopted? It’s not necessarily a first-timer conversation people have, but if Xiaobo thinks that of him, he would definitely distance himself. Mùchén could not have that.

“Xiaobo,” he leaned near Xiaobo’s ear, not wanting his son to hear. “I adopted A’Yuan. I - Um - I don’t have a - How’s life been for you?” God, that felt awkward and so-so wrong on many levels. He’s most definitely the world’s worst father.

“Ohhh,” Xiaobo beamed, smiling brightly down at A’Yuan. He seemed to have gotten the memo that Mùchén was unmated, good. “Ugh, I came back. What can I say? I got homesick. Anyway, Shiji got married and Jiang Cheng’s still living abroad, yeah.” Xiaobo dragged a hand over his face, immediately ending the conversation about his family.

“Forget about me. Mùchén, you look great! You must be a real lady’s man, huh Mùchén? I can’t believe I’m meeting you again, after all these years I thought you might’ve climbed the big ladder by now - be one of those fancy big shots living the high life, but look at you -” he poked at Mùchén’s red tie, “- you’re like me - anyway, how’s brother Xichen?”

Xiaobo sounded embarrassed about his job. Though there’s nothing he should be embarrassed about, Mùchén knew why he must’ve felt the way he did. No one studies abroad for so many years only to return home working an eight to four in an underpaid job.

“Brother and I took over uncle’s real estate business years ago - How long have you been back in Beijing?” Mùchén felt weird bringing up what he did when Xiaobo was obviously uncomfortable in the whole job department. He never expected a conversation could be so awkward when they were once best friends.

“Ohh,” Xiaobo’s shoulders drop. “About a month ago. Plenty has changed since I was here.”

A month! An entire month went by and he didn’t have the audacity to visit Mùchén? Did their friendship mean nothing? Mùchén hummed, “Hmm,” disappointed.

“Dada,” Yuan whined as he continued tugging against Mùchén’s trousers while making grabby hands. “I want to go home.”

Mùchén sighed and picked up Yuan. He wasn’t ready to go home, not yet anyway. But seeing Yuan’s little yawns and pouty lips, Mùchén knew there’s only so much patience a tired child could take.

As Xiaobo stood, for a moment, the bubbly facade that Mùchén first saw seemed to have vanished, leaving behind an empty shell. Xiaobo searched the four color-coated walls inside the classroom. Unwilling to look Mùchén in the eye, Mùchén figured he needed to change that.

All those years apart might’ve been lost. They might be adults now, but they were no strangers. Therefore, they shouldn’t be acting like one. Even though they’re both unmated, even though he’s an alpha, and Xiaobo’s an Omega - Omega! That’s right!

So that’s what kept stifling at his nose. It was Xiaobo’s natural omega scent. It’s a wonder the school board even allowed an unmated omega to work without using suppressants, so much could go wrong. Mùchén figured he needed to have a talk with Xiaobo about walking around without using suppressants.

Did Xiaobo not notice the attention he was drawing? Did he not care? Did he like the attention? Mùchén growled. A low stifle growl that couldn’t be heard, but a growl nonetheless.

“Xiaobo,” Mùchén spoke, resting Yuan’s head on his shoulder. A mere act to calm his flaring insides from exploding. “I’m glad that you’re back. And I’m glad that you’re the one who’s teaching A’Yuan. You aren’t leaving again, are you?”

Mùchén had to ask, he just had to. He needed a recurrence that Xiaobo wouldn’t run away from him again. His hardened heart and aching soul couldn’t take it for a second time. He might snap and do something he would come to regret.

Xiaobo chuckled, finding humor in Mùchén’s sudden curiosity. “Ah Mùchén.” he stepped forth, ruffling Yuan’s hair. “Did you miss me that much?” He joked. “I’m not going anywhere, anytime soon.”

“Did you not miss me?” Mùchén asked.

Obviously you big Fuddy-Duddy! How could I not?” Xiaobo beamed.

Because I haven’t heard from you since you went away, Mùchén wanted to add. Instead, he said, “That’s good. I -”

There’s so much more he wanted to say. So many things needed saying. As he took another sniff at the air, inhaling Xiaobo’s scent of purple lotus, Mùchén thought it would be best if he’d just leave. If he doesn’t, Yuan’s innocence might be tarnished from what he’ll witness if Mùchén had his way with the pretty omega.

“Xiaobo,” he said. “Can I have your number? I can call you tonight. We can catch up, talk about old times.”

Those simple words alone somehow forced a bit more light through Xiaobo’s eyes. Eagerly he replied, “Yes, of course! You want me to write it down for you?”

Before Mùchén could reply, Xiaobo already grabbed a notepad from his desk, scribbling away numbers in the same unreadable handwriting he had since he was a child. Xiaobo’s eager response gave Mùchén some hope that perhaps Xiaobo indeed missed him more than he let out. That’s good.

“Here you go,” Xiaobo beamed brightly, and God Mùchén couldn’t get over his beauty. “And, maybe I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Of course,” Mùchén replied. He wouldn’t miss it for the world. At least now he would finally be on time to pick up Yuan from school. “Are you going home now? Do you want me to wait for you? I can drive you home if you like. Where do you live?”

“Oh no no no,” Xiaobo waved his hands in the air. “That won’t be necessary. I still have work to do. You go, take A’Yuan home. Look, he’s already asleep,” Xiaobo pointed, giggling. So adorable.

“Hmm,” Mùchén hummed in understanding, desperately trying to stifle out the sweet scent of omega pheromones. “I’ll do that then. Goodbye Xiaobo.”

“Ba-Bye Mùchén.” Xiaobo waved his hand in the air. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yes, tomorrow,” Mùchén smiled.

Mùchén covered his nose while dragging his feet past the door, it took everything within him to resist turning back and kiss Xiaobo as hard as he could. But it’s okay, he would have his chance. He would be back tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after, until Xiaobo belonged to him.

And if Xiaobo refused - well, Mùchén hoped it wouldn’t turn sour. If it does, he had ways. It might not be pleasant, but beneficial nonetheless. As he walked across the parking lot with Yuan half-asleep in his arms, arriving next to his parked car, Mùchén figured that tying Xiaobo inside his basement would be the wrong move. He doesn’t have to go that far. Then again, what if pretty omega does refuse him?

Oh well, whatever happens, happens.


Xiaobo pulled behind the curtain, gazing out the classroom window, intensively watching as Mùchén’s car disappeared past the afternoon sunset.

When he was sure his childhood crush had completely vanished from view as Mùchén took a turn past the cross street where the cherry tree blossoms during springtime, Xiaobo grabbed his backpack off the desk, wiped the bubbling sweat off his forehead, and dashed out the school compound.

He’d done it again.

Like many days since Xiaobo came back to Beijing, he had forgotten to take his suppressants. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

A common mistake that most omegas made, but Xiaobo had been making them far too frequently and the school board wouldn’t take too kindly to him if one day some snobby parent decides to report him for indecent misconduct of stinking up the classroom with his disgusting omega pheromones.

As he skipped through the streets under the dull afternoon street lamps, Xiaobo hailed down a bus to take him back home. And despite the lusty stares from alphas who intentionally bumped into him inside the cramped-up bus, none dared touch him. He felt at ease knowing even if they did, he could easily defend himself considering he’d taken years of self-defense training abroad with Jiang Cheng.

All in all, Xiaobo figured the unwanted contact beats Mùchén’s offer to take him home. Mùchén’s car would’ve been faster and his company would’ve been refreshing, but the way Mùchén had been eyeing him like a piece of arm candy the entire time made their first encounter awkward, being former friends and all.

But considering he’s an alpha, Xiaobo understood why Mùchén must’ve appeared uneasy being around him. Poor Mùchén, he thought. His needy scent was literally drenching the classroom.

Although Xiaobo wouldn’t mind being riled by his former best friend, he wouldn’t dare do anything to tarnish his friendship with Mùchén. It was a pity Mùchén was a man of morals.

Gosh, Mùchén must’ve thought of him as some thirsty omega who uses his scent as a means to get whatever he wanted from strange young alphas. Or perhaps Mùchén thought of him turning out to be some cheap omega-whore? That would be a bummer.

As soon as he’d gotten home, Xiaobo raced toward his bedroom, where he rummaged through the nightstand, searching for the small pill bottle. When he found it, he quickly swallowed down one of the gel capsules before collapsing on the bed, utterly exhausted from the day’s work.

He was not going into heat; he knew that because he’d gone through a recent heat just a week before he was scheduled to start teaching. A painfully horrible one at that.

It wouldn’t be another three months until the next one arrives, and he’ll have to ask for a leave from work. Given the past sixteen years of being separated from Mùchén, it was only during times like those, when he’s withering away under the bedsheets, does Xiaobo’s former best friend usually comes to mind. Strange, right?

Speaking of Mùchén, why hasn’t he texted yet?

Xiaobo fetched his phone out of his pocket and began rummaging through, searching for any messages. Unfortunately, no strange number popped up. Mùchén must’ve changed his mind. No, that couldn’t be it. He was probably busy taking care of Yuan. Who would’ve thought the stoned-faced Mùchén would even entertain the idea of adopting a child?

Hours later when Xiaobo was about to call it quits for the night, the phone vibrated with a “Good night Xiaobo,” text from no other than Mùchén.

If it wasn’t for the tenants next door, Xiaobo would’ve squealed like a teenage girl who had finally received a text from her high school sweetheart. Instead, like the grown-up he forced himself to be, Xiaobo calmed his racing heart and replied, “Mùchén! Good night.”

And not a minute later, another message popped up from Mùchén. “Sorry for the late reply, I had to put Yuan to bed.”

Xiaobo giggled. Of course! Mùchén, not replying, was all in his head. As his fingers worked through the buttons, Xiaobo sent another text, and another, and another, and another.

Back and forth they went until two AM arrived. Mùchén was the one who called it quits, claiming Xiaobo needed sleep if he intended to stay beautiful. Xiaobo wasn’t sure if Mùchén was flirting with him. But Mùchén was not the flirty type, so it must’ve probably been just a friendly compliment.

Still, Xiaobo didn’t expect to blush as much as he did when Mùchén called him beautiful, but the amount of blood rushing toward his head was undeniable. So he listened, and went to sleep, wanting to remain beautiful in Mùchén’s eyes. Surely Mùchén would notice. Well, Xiaobo hoped so.

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