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The Long Lost Omega

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Chapter 02

As promised, Yi returned the next day to pick up Yuan from school much earlier than usual. Thanks to the filthy images of Li Xian’s tubby backside on display inside his mind, Yi had been glowing throughout the day. Work did not burden him, and he finally found a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Today, Yi didn’t walk with his usual briefcase. Instead, nestled under his arm was a decorated box of imported chocolates covered in Li Xian’s favorite, chilly spices – a gift for his precious Xian-Xian.

Although the school bell had not rung, Yi rapped on the classroom door before entering without an invitation, startling Li Xian in the process. He’d been scribbling away letters from the alphabets on the chalkboard, but when he saw Yi, he immediately blushed. Fuck, Yi thought. If Li Xian only knew what he planned to do with those cherry lips.

“Yi!” Li Xian greeted. His eyes swelled, seeing the box of chocolates in Yi’s hand. The look on his face of pure innocence made Yi want to kiss him; on the eyes, on his cute button nose, on his edible lips, and all the way down to his tummy until Li Xian squirmed with laughter. “A bit early, aren’t you?”

“Li Xian,” Yi nodded. And then his eyes found Yuan, sitting at the very front, eyes trained on the chalkboard. Such an obedient child. Thankfully, Yi had no problem concerning Yuan’s academic performance.

“Yi,” Li Xian said, turning back toward the chalkboard. “Why don’t you take a seat, I’ll talk to you in a minute. I’m just giving them their homework.”

“Hmm,” Yi hummed. “Take your time.”

Before ruffling Yuan’s hair, he took an empty seat at the back of the class. When the tiny chair didn’t fit too well with his build, he stood up instead. There he spent the remaining fifteen minutes gawking over Li Xian’s back and his bubbly laugh.

Gosh, it must be heaven to wake up to such a laugh every day. Soon, Yi promised himself.

When the bell rang and the children all tumbled over each other to get out of class, something then crossed Yi’s mind; Li Xian’s scent. The scent of ripe, wanting omega disappeared as though he’d been imagining it yesterday. Had it been just that, an imagination? Definitely not, Li Xian must’ve used his suppressants. What a pity. Then again, at least It would keep away any unwanted alphas from his precious omega.

“Daddy,” Yuan’s tiny voice snapped Yi out of his thoughts. “Can I go sit with my friends? They’re out there waiting on their mommies.” The child pointed toward a small bench just outside the classroom where two other students were sitting.

Finally, some alone time. “Yes, you can go,” Yi answered. “Just don’t run off.”

“Okay, daddy,” Yuan cheered, speedily walking off.

Yi knew Yuan would not dare wander off on his own. The child was too smart for his own good. Yi wouldn’t even be surprised if Yuan already figured out his father’s intentions of courting his teacher, Li Xian.

“Li Xian,” Yi said.

“Yi,” Li Xian said.

They both spoke in unison.

Ignoring Li Xian’s awkward chuckling, Yi cleared his throat. “You first.” He gestured with his hand. But Li Xian seemed hesitant to start a conversation, so he nodded, understanding his childhood friend’s silent treatment.

“These are for you.” Blushing, Yi handed over the box of chocolates, and despite Li Xian seeming unsure of his intentions, he was eager to grab onto the box.

“Ohh, chocolates.” Li Xian flipped the satin lid open and popped a piece of candy in his mouth. “Awe Yi, you shouldn’t have.”

Of course, he would do anything for his Xian-Xian. Li Xian deserved the best in life, and Yi had the means to give it to him, even if Li Xian didn’t know it as yet.

“Do you have plans for this weekend?” Yi asked in his moment of boldness.

He hoped Li Xian would say yes. It would be shameful if the omega turned him down. And that would lead to upcoming tension between the two. The last thing he needed was to have the omega resent him, but if it led to that, so be it. One way or another, Li Xian would learn to love him.

Li Xian’s breath hitched, and he chuckled, almost choking on a piece of chocolate. “What? Does Yi-Yi want to take me out to dinner?” He joked, but the gleam in his eyes told of a different story.

“Yes,” Yi replied, ears tinting red.

Talk about embarrassing. Yi wanted to run away and hide under a rock. An alpha would never run, though. But Li Xian – he wasn’t just some dull omega. No! Li Xian was his omega. A chatter ball, a nuisance, a friend, a sexy man whom Yi would lay his life on the line for!

“What?” Li Xian’s eyes doubled in size. Pretty, Yi thought. “Are you serious?”

“Hmm,” Yi hummed. “Do you? Do you want to –“

“Oh, I know!” Li Xian interrupted. Great, how fitting? “You want to catch up on old times, don’t you Yi? Haha, why didn’t you say so? Of course, I would go out with you. I mean, what are old friends for?

Yi forced down a growl.

Old friends, Li Xian said.

If there weren’t any parents and teachers and God damn students outside! Sigh, he would bend his pretty omega over the desk and fuck the word ‘Best Friend’ out of his mouth. However, he didn’t want to scare his pretty flower with the crazed thoughts that kept invading his mind. So, instead, Yi gave a forced smile and replied, “Yes, catch up.”

“Great,” Li Xian beamed. “Tomorrow? Wait.”

Yi’s heart skipped a beat. Wait, what?

“What about Yuan?” Li Xian continued. “Are you going to bring him along too, Yi?”

“I’ll get the babysitter to watch him,” Yi was quick to reply.

It wouldn’t be the first time leaving Yuan alone with a babysitter. The hours of backbreaking work he forced himself to do prompted him to hire a twenty-four-hour babysitter. But all that would soon change once his Xian-Xian learned that the only place he belonged was by Yi’s side.

“Ugh, okay,” Li Xian said. “So, like what time?”

“I’ll pick you up at four in the afternoon,” Yi answered.

“Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“Awe Yi, I didn’t know you were the romantic type,” Li Xian joked, chuckling and bumping shoulders against Yi’s own. However, when Yi caved in and growled, he kept quiet.

Good omega, Yi smiled.

Then, something caught his nose. It wasn’t as strong as yesterday, but – fuck.

Li Xian’s scent again. Maybe the omega used cheap suppressants? Or maybe it was just his body acting up from being too close to an alpha? It wasn’t uncommon for omegas to unknowingly release pheromones when being around an alpha, so it was probably the latter.

“I should get going,” Yi said. And before Li Xian could wave him off, he was already halfway out of the classroom.


Li Xian rummaged through the closet, emptying any and every piece of clothing his clammy hands could grab. How could it be this difficult to find a proper piece of clothing? He had so many. But would Chen Yi even like any of them? Tonight, was his chance to make his former best friend realize what he had been missing in life, and Li Xian can’t even figure out proper attire. Bloody hell.

The truth; when he came back to China, the thought of rekindling his relationship with Chen Yi hadn’t crossed his mind. He’d been too busy sorting out his life and potential next move. Besides, it had been years since he moved away. He figured Chen Yi had a life of his own. He must’ve had children of his own or even a wife. So, it was a surprise to see Chen Yi single, hot, and rich as fuck.

Li Xian was way past his twenties, pushing well on his way to thirty-three. When coming back to China, he knew it was time he got settled down, marry a rich, handsome man, and start a family of his own. And well, Chen Yi was the perfect candidate. He could feel the tingling sensation in his gut, and now it was time Chen Yi, too, felt it.

Thankfully, after hours of silent weeping and stuffing his face full of the chocolates Chen Yi gave him yesterday – such a thoughtful friend, Li Xian finally found something presentable enough to cater to Yi’s impeccably dull taste.

Okay, so a white t-shirt and jeans don’t scream dinner date. Then again, it was not like they were going on an actual date, right? Just two friends catching up on old times. It was not like Yi would ever fall for a nuisance like him. As he stared at himself in the mirror, Li Xian’s shoulders slumped. Right, Yi would never fall for a nuisance like him, even if he was an omega – and a good-looking one at that. But! He could still try. So, he figured tonight was the night he needed to find a way in making his former best friend jealous.

The knock on the front door drew Li Xian away from the mirror. He checked the time and realized it was already four. Great, he spent three hours getting ready. Must be a new record. “I’m coming!” he yelled while tripping through the bundle of piled-up clothes. “I’m coming, Yi”

As he swung the door open, Li Xian’s jaw dropped. Not literally. But goddammit, why was Chen Yi wearing a bloody suit? And why did he look like he just walked out of a magazine? Li Xia sighed, realizing his plan at seducing his old-time friend would be a failure unless he struck gold or something. Cause what was the point in even trying? Chen Yi was a literal God…. He even brought roses. Such a generous friend, Li Xian, too, should be more thoughtful in the future.

"Ayo, haha. Yi-Yi, what are those?” he pointed at the roses in Yi’s hand.

“For you.” Chen Yi said stiffly and handed them over. Another present, how sweet. For a powerful alpha, he was such a caring person. His future wife would be so lucky to have someone as intelligent and thoughtful, loving, and handsome, and –

“Ugh.” Li Xian bit at his lower lip. “Yi, you should’ve told me where we’re going. Now look at us.” he gestured between the two of them. “I’m way underdressed. Wait here, let me find something else.”

“That won’t be necessary,” Chen Yi smiled, scanning him from head to toe. However, his eyes showed no sign of disgust as Li Xian expected. Instead, it grew a shade darker. Must be the lighting, Li Xian thought. “Let’s go. The car’s still running.”

“Haha. Ah, okay,” Li Xian laughed.

Following Chen Yi, Li Xian scratched the back of his head.

Either tonight would go smoothly and they would rekindle their friendship and maybe something else down the road, or he would eventually fuck it up the same way he fucked things up with his uncle’s wife back abroad.


Yi had made last-minute arrangements at a fine-dining restaurant on the top floor of one of Beijing’s tallest skyscrapers. The last-minute deal came at a hefty price, but it didn’t matter because Li Xian would get to see all the city had to offer on a bigger scale. Yi smiled at himself. Li Xian always loved being in big cities, surrounded by their pretty lights.

Speaking of Li Xian, he’d been fiddling with his fingers in the passenger seat like an obnoxious child throughout the ride – and quiet. Something must’ve been on his mind for him to be quiet, considering he was quite a chatterbox.

“Xian-Xian,” Yi asked. “Is something the matter?”

Did Li Xian not like the flowers he got him? What about the chocolates from yesterday? Maybe he wanted something bigger? But what could it be? Yi groaned, shaking the thought from his mind. His Xian-Xian wasn’t materialistic. Li Xian worked a respected job, and he lived in a decent apartment complex. Although he could live with Yi instead. It wasn’t safe living alone as an unmarked omega. Bad things could happen.

With Yi, none would dare look to harm his precious Xian-Xian.

“Haha,” Li Xian faked a laugh. A terrible one at that. “It’s nothing, Yi. It’s just, Beijing reminds me so much of the city abroad. I miss it there.”

Yi knitted his brows. He didn’t like the sound of that. Miss it there? Did that mean one day the omega might decide to go back abroad and leave him all alone? No! That would not be allowed. Didn’t Li Xian understand where he belonged? Naive to think Yi would ever let him leave again.

Yi figured they needed to have a serious talk before Li Xian do something they would both regret. Mainly Yi, because – well, locking up his Xian-Xian from the outside world would technically be kidnapping, and Li Xian would probably grow to hate his guts, despite it being for the greater good. But Yi didn’t want that, so a talk would be just fine.

At the restaurant, things changed. Li Xian talked more, a lot more. He must’ve realized he’d been awfully quiet and wanted to change that. Good, Yi liked that. At least the omega understood and wasn’t being snobby and disrespectful.

Yi had gotten them the finest table money could buy. Near the window, overlooking Beijing. He hoped Li Xian would be impressed. His thoughts, however, were confirmed when Li Xian wouldn’t stop ogling up the chandler and twirling his fingers on the silk napkin.

“This place must be really expensive, huh Yi?” Li Xian said as he picked up a golden spoon, eyeing the silverware as it was made of actual gold. Yi smiled. Wait till Li Xian find out it was actually real. “Now I feel stupid. You should’ve really let me change. Those weirdos over there are staring at me like I just came out from the dumpster.” Li Xian hushed the last sentence so only Yi could hear.

How dare they? Those ‘weirdos’ he was speaking about were a middle-aged couple. None should dare disrespect his Xian-Xian in that manner. They shouldn’t even be looking unless they want their eyes gorged out. Li Xian looked beautiful, no matter what he wore. Yi figured they needed to be moved, so he hummed a reply and stood up. “I’ll be back.”

“Wait!” Li Xian stopped him. “Where are you going?”

“There’s a problem that needs fixing,” he simply answered. And indeed, there was. He needed to have a small chat with the couple. They should know better.

“Wait, Yi.” Li Xian grabbed him by the wrist. And for a moment, Yi stood, frozen in place. He didn’t want to dwell on anything, but that was actually the second time Li Xian touched him since their hug back at Yuan’s classroom. It felt good to be touched by him. “Don’t do that, I’m kidding. Haha. Ugh, just sit. Please?”

Yi sighed, caving into the omega’s request, and sat back down. It was Li Xian’s silent ‘please’ and pouty lips that did it for him. He hoped to hear that word more often when they would go to bed, and Li Xian would be withering beneath him from pleasure.

As they sat chatting about China’s advancements during Li Xian’s absence, a thought crossed Yi’s mind. Li Xian never mentioned why he came back. Yi refused to believe he would just pick up and leave when his entire family lived abroad. What could’ve happened? He didn’t know, but he was no stranger when it came to the ill-treatments Li Xian faced from his aunty when the omega was younger. The cruel woman had it out for him because he was adopted, and an omega at that. It was a pity most people frowned upon omegas. Without them, there would be no alphas.

“Li Xian, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask,” Yi said. He had to know why the omega came back. He just had to. “Why did you really come back to China?”

Yi’s words must’ve struck a nerve because immediately Li Xian stiffened, and his bubbly smile faded. Yi’s heart burned at the sight. He never intended to cause his Xian-Xian discomfort.

“Haha.” Li Xian faked a laugh. He’d been doing that a lot whenever the topic of his life abroad was mentioned. Strange. “You don’t want to talk about that now. Do you?”

“I do,” Yi answered.

“Ugh,” Li Xian groaned. “Fine. My aunty kicked me out.”

What? Obviously, it had to be that dreadful woman. Even so, at this point, Yi didn’t know if he should thank her for returning his omega or hate her for the torments Li Xian must’ve had to endure by her hands.

“It’s my fault really,” Li Xian continued as he twirled his finger around a loose strand of hair. A mere act of distraction for what he truly must’ve felt. “I made my brother lose his job. I ruined future opportunities for him. I snuck him out of the house, and we went clubbing and got arrested.”

Yi listened, but he didn’t like what he was hearing. The image of his poor Xian-Xian spending the night in prison bothered him dearly. “How did that happen?” he asked.

“Turns out the club we went to was illegal,” Li Xian said. “And when the company he works for found out he got arrested, they fired him. Aunty said I’ve been doing damage to her family since day one. So, she kicked me out. Brother tried defending me, but I think aunty is right. I bring trouble. I didn’t want to leave, but I figured it was for the best. It’s best they don’t see me again either. So, I came back to China.”

“Hmm,” Yi hummed. Although on the outside his face appeared more stone-cold, with knitted brows and a dark gleam igniting from his eyes, causing Li Xian’s breath to hitch. On the inside, he was rather bursting with happiness. He didn’t appreciate what happened to Li Xian, but whatever happened brought Li Xian back to him. So, he closed his eyes and thanked the heavens for answering his prayers.And when he opened back his eyes, staring at him with a questioning glare was Li Xian. So pretty that it made Yi smile. “Well, I’m glad you’re back,” he said. “At least here, you won’t feel unwanted, and –”

“Haha,” Li Xian interrupted, his lips twisting awkwardly. “What the hell are you talking about? Look, not because we’re friends, you have to pity me. Yi, I’m not even sad – I mean I am, but not sad-sad. I’m an adult. Like everyone else, I have adult problems.”

Yi gritted his teeth and smiled. Such a naïve omega. Didn’t matter, a day would come when sadness would be but a distant memory to Li Xian. And if showering Li Xian with unlimited love and expensive gifts wasn’t enough, his cock would be just fine. He simply had to be patient, right? Yi sighed. He was doomed.

“Good evening, sirs,” a server announced himself. A young beta at that, maybe in his late twenties. Yi didn’t see the need to ponder on the man’s appearance, it wasn’t important because he had the most beautiful omega sitting right opposite him. “Have you gentlemen decided what you would like to eat tonight?”

Yi sighed. To be honest, he had forgotten about dinner – oh no! Li Xian must be starving. Quickly, he grabbed the nearest menu card and scanned through the list. Maybe he should allow Li Xian to pick. Yes, definitely. “Li Xian?” When Li Xian did not answer, he glanced in the omega’s direction. “Li – ” What the actual fuck?

Yi’s eyes twitched. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Right before him… Li Xian – his Xian-Xian, had the nerve to make googly eyes toward the young beta. Unbelievable. Li Xian must’ve thought he wouldn’t mind. After all, they were just friends, having a friendly dinner together.

“Ugh. Haha, let me see right here.” Li Xian awkwardly picked up the menu card, his eyes never leaving the beta, as though he’d struck gold or something. Disgusting! “I’ll have the red wine.” Of course, since a teenager, he loved red wine. A dreadful liquor, if you ask Yi. “The best,” he continued, his voice cracking as he thumped his fingers on top of the dining table. “And the White Truffle. Oh, what’s this? Hmm, that sounds nice. And I’ll have the Black-Diamond Ice Cream.”

When done, Li Xian licked his lips and batted his eyelashes. Such lewd behavior for an omega. It made Yi’s eyes grow a shade darker. Shameless! “Yi? Aren’t you going to order?”

Order?! Li Xian wanted him to order after the stupid stunt he just pulled? Yi’s jaw twitched. Although his omega needed to be put in his place, he couldn’t do anything because they were ‘just friends.’ “Hmm,” he hummed. “I’ll have the same. Except for the wine. I’ll have water instead.”

When the server went away, Yi saw how the beta turned around, eyed his Xian-Xian, and winked at him. Sickening. The amount of disrespect he faced tonight was undeniable. Something had to be done. Li Xian must’ve seen it too because he rolled his eyes – as he should – the minute the beta disappeared behind the kitchen doors.

“You should know your place, omega,” Yi gritted before he could stop himself. Great, he allowed his anger to slip. It was not his fault though. This behavior from Li Xian was unacceptable. He would not stand for such shame. Back in their teenage years, Li Xian had always been a flirt. A filthy behavior Yi should’ve put a stop to ages ago.

“Huh?” Li Xian seemed visibly stunned by his words. Good, he should be. “Pfft. You can’t be serious? Yi, is that how you view me? As some lowly omega? Who would’ve figured you of all people? Hmph. And I thought you were better than that.”

“I never said you’re lowly Li Xian. But you should not be flirting with another when we’re together, it’s disrespectful.” Matter of fact, you shouldn’t be flirting, period, Yi wanted to add. But Li Xian might storm out in a fit of rage, so he held his tongue.

“Calm down, it’s just a joke,” Li Xian pouted. Cute, Yi thought. And indeed, he looked cute whenever his eyes glistened from shock. “And we’re friends, it’s not like we’re together or anything. Yi, if you behave this way toward a friend, I can’t imagine what it’s like to go on an actual date with you. No wonder you’re still single, haha.”

Yi’s ears were tinted red.

During their meal, Li Xian behaved as though his little flirting with the beta somehow miraculously never happened. The omega laughed and sometimes batted his eyelashes toward Yi as a joke. That small action made Yi gulp a few times when he thought the insides of his mouth would run dry from Li Xian’s teasing.

However, despite enjoying being in the omega’s company, his eyes grew dark whenever the beta appeared, eyeing Li Xian like a piece of meat, thinking no one was watching him. But Yi watched, and it bothered him dearly. He figured the beta needed to be taught a lesson. So, when their meal ended, and he drove Li Xian back home, he smiled and waited until the omega got inside before he drove down to the highway; a deserted place where no street cameras were, parked his car on the corner and waited.

He never would have expected his night with Li Xian to end with him being parked at the side of the road, intending on killing someone. But when the beta appeared in sight, walking and unafraid of the dangers that lurked, that’s exactly what Yi did. He killed him.

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