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The Alpha of Hawkswood

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“There is no reason to be afraid” he continued, fingertips still languidly grazing her neck. It held a vague familiarity that Mollie was unable to place “You didn’t honestly believe that you could deliver such a delicious display for such a wicked beast and that he would not come to take what was his?” he questioned, as he removed his hand from her mouth. Mollie tilted her head to gain a peek at him and glimpsed olive skin stretched over a strong, muscled arm, as he hovered above her.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Mollie has found lodgings at the mysterious Hawkswood Manor, a place surrounded by woods that are home to all manner of terrifying beasts and a haven for supernatural beings. Mollie should be afraid, yet she finds herself drawn to the creature that watches her from her bedroom window every night, the one that howls with desire whenever she's in its view...

The moon hung low in the sky, its wide and heavy waxiness cascading a gentle glow upon the trees beneath as Mollie Milner opened the shutters and breathed deeply, her hands braced against the ebony window frame as the icy chill of the night air caught in her lungs and caused the unruly chocolate wisps of hair around her face to flutter over her shoulder. Her body ached and her mind was awash with fog, despite the hot bath with lavender oil and medicinal tea sweetened with honey that Agatha had so graciously insisted she drink. The aching throb thrummed through her belly, pulsing outwards; up her spine, across the shoulders. But also, it worked its way downward, down past the curve of her tummy, a distinct pulsing hummed at her core, rippling out along her inner thighs. The ache was relentless and left her breathy and her cheeks flushed, despite the cool night air whipping at the silk of her night gown, causing her nipples to pebble against its softness.

Her eyes roved across the expanse of the manor grounds and her breath hitched as she found the familiar glow of emerald eyes gazing back at her from the treeline, the ambiguous silhouette of a creature not quite man, yet not quite beast loomed behind the old oak tree that sat outside her window, the vast shoulders of the creature tensing and flexing, as it raised its nose to sniff the air, whilst its gaze remained locked upon her. She knew what it wanted, of course, the same thing it had wanted for the past three evenings. It wanted to watch.

Mollie began to gently unfasten the tie of her night gown, the delicate weight of the silk softly skimming the softness of her breasts and outer thighs as it billowed open, exposing her nakedness to the cool breeze. The beast’s eyes remained locked upon her, never faltering, as she perched her foot upon the window ledge, her knee bent and back arched against the side of the frame. She had become bolder every evening; the first night she had simply gawked at the creature, uncertain if she was dreaming, as it rumbled and howled at her bedroom window, the call unmistakable in its intention.

It was wild with desire.

The subsequent night she had loosened her night gown and exposed the milky skin beneath, giving the beast a perfect view of the curve of her breasts and hard, pinky nipples, watching as the lavender silk unfurled to reveal the soft curves of her belly and thighs and the delicate curls surrounding her sex. The rumbling growl that followed had left her knees trembling and an ache in her belly.

By the third evening Mollie had been slick with anticipation, her mind foggy with desire as she thought about nothing but the wanton beast at her window and the throbbing, unquenchable ache in her sex that she had been unable to satisfy, no matter how long she had tried to with her own fingers to ease it. Her body brimmed with excitement as she waited by the window for her evening admirer, before opening her night gown once again, exposing herself to its lascivious emerald eyes. She wanted more; and began to gently stroke down the length of her body with her fingertips, sliding them slowly down between her breasts, and down the curve of her thighs, before cupping her breast in her remaining hand. She began to knead its heaviness in her palm, before running the pad of her thumb along the firm pinkness of her nipple. The beast had howled in delight as she began to massage stroke both breasts, head tipped back in delight as he watched.

But tonight Mollie was feeling even more bold, more daring and wild in her desire to be watched. As she perched her foot upon the windowsill, she opened her thighs wide, leaning against the frame to balance herself. She locked onto the emerald eyes and began to explore her skin once more, fingertips grazing and stroking her milky softness as she heard the familiar rumbling of the beast as she did so. Head tipped back, eyes fluttering closed, a smile began to curve her lips, as her hand worked its way further and further downward to the place that held that throbbing ache that she’d been relentlessly trying to satisfy. Her fingers brushed against the dark curls of her sex, as her middle finger began to stroke the soft lips, before sinking inside her throbbing core. She whimpered as she began to work her finger deeper, slowly easing in and out, her core already slick and needy as she did so. When a second finger gently stretched its way inside her, the rumbling below gave way to snarling and whimpering, as she fluttered her lashes open and gazed back at the creature being driven wild its in lust for her. Her excitement grew, the ache balling and coiling deep in her belly, the beasts snarls and howls urging her to slide the pad of her thumb upwards, and begin to circle her needy clit. She could feel her release building, she chased it rabidly, the howls of lust below edging her further and further towards the orgasm her body so desperately craved. Her legs went rigid, toes curling as she felt the edges of her release unfurling in her core, thighs slick and nipples so stiff they ached furiously as her back arched, head thrown back, moans and whimpers exploding from her body as she rode the most explosive orgasm to completion.

Mollie stood in blissful silence for a moment, body trembling, the soft, heaviness of her body after her explosive release leaving her leaning upon the window frame for support, chest heaving with gasping breaths as she opened her eyes. The air was still and silent. The beast was gone.

She fastened her night gown and leaned over the window ledge, unable to find the captivating emeralds that had watched her so intently. With a sigh of disappointment, she turned and made her way to the mahogany four poster bed that dominated her room and flopped upon it, face planted into the bed covers and cheeks flushed with embarrassment at the thought of the lewd display she’d just given. And not even to a man, but a beast. Any normal lady would have been deathly afraid and barred her window in attempts to be rid of it, but instead she’d exposed herself and provided it such a shameless display that she had all but cemented her place in Satan’s chambers. Perhaps her Aunt had been right. She was shameless, a wanton hussy who relished in debauchery.

Mollie was swiftly jolted from her thoughts when a hand began to press firmly against the back of her neck and between her shoulders, forcing her body into the mattress. She tried to cry out, but a second hand clasped firmly over her mouth, as she felt the weight of someone atop her, her legs pressed together held firmly in place by firm thighs planted either side of her.

“Shhhh” a deep voice purred into her ear, a heady scent of bourbon and campfires enveloping her as he spoke, the hand pressing her in the bed; becoming gentler as she felt fingertips gently stroking the sides of her throat.

“There is no reason to be afraid” he continued, fingertips still languidly grazing her neck. It held a vague familiarity that Mollie was unable to place “You didn’t honestly believe that you could deliver such a delicious display for such a wicked beast and that he would not come to take what was his?” he questioned, as he removed his hand from her mouth. Mollie tilted her head to gain a peek at him and glimpsed olive skin stretched over a strong, muscled arm, as he hovered above her.

“I… I do not know what made me do it” Mollie shuddered truthfully “My Aunt thinks me wicked and wanton. Perhaps she is right”

A deep chuckle rumbled from above her, the stranger apparently amused.

“Perhaps” he conceded, his other hand now palming the curve of her hip “You were like a little star, light shining brightly from the bedroom window as you palmed your breasts and stroked your cunt for me. A deliciously debauched little beacon calling to all the wolves this side of the kingdom” he rasped, his hands becoming greedier and digging delightfully into the flesh of her thigh.

“But none would dare take what is mine, my little star. Your body is mine and you will not seek pleasure without my permission. Do you understand?”

Mollie squirmed beneath the stranger’s heavy hands, her body betraying her as her core pulsed deeply at his words and the stranger’s voice betrayed a hint of a smirk as he continued.

“You feel it now, don’t you, little one? The truth of my words? Your body knows its master. I bet if I were to check between your thighs, you’d be ready for me, wouldn’t you?”

Mollie panted as a large, calloused hand began to work its way from her outer thigh; up and under the hem of her nightgown, lifting it and exposing the globe of her buttock. It worked its path inward until a thumb softly slid down the cleft of her arse, ever downward until she could feel a finger softly slipping back and forth along the lips of her damp sex. A whimper fell from her lips as she pressed her face into the bed and tried to lift her bum up to give the beast better access to where she needed him. Her body ached to feel him inside of her and her mind was filled with a heady fog of lust that prevented her from thinking of anything but being taken by him.

A rumbling chuckle above her signalled that the stranger was pleased with her cooperation, before he slid down further to the bundle of nerves that Mollie’s body so desperately ached for him to touch and began the gentle circle her clit. Mollie’s whimpering became more frantic, groaning and moaning as he continued to slowly tease around where she needed him, never quite working fast enough or in the right spot to find her release.

“Do you need more, my little star? He purred “Show me again how you take your pleasure”

Mollie slid her hand beneath her stomach and lifted her hips slightly as she parted her thighs just enough to slip her finger where she needed it and began to stroke frantic circles around her clit. The stranger sat on his haunches, still trapping her legs under his weight as he watched her work herself closer to completion. Mollie could feel it building, her belly coiled as her orgasm crept closer.

“Enough” Mollie slowed but didn’t stop, unsure if she’d heard him correctly

“Little star” his voice was deep and held a tone of warning that made her body tense.

“Your body is mine; its pleasures are mine, you do not cum unless I allow it, now be a good girl and place both of your palms upon the bed or you won’t be allowed to cum at all”

Mollie did as she was asked, huffing with exasperation “I’ll take my pleasure when I’m alone, it wouldn’t be the first time”

A deep, piercing growl sent shivers straight to her core, as she felt his hands envelope her hips and force them flush against the bed, preventing her from trying to seek any further pleasure from her own hand.

“Bad, very bad little star. I can see I’m going to have to break you in properly”

Mollie yelped as she felt a palm crack across the delicate kin of her right buttock, followed by another on the left and she panted as she then felt warm hands gently stroking the tender flesh, almost apologetically. It sent a pulse thrumming through her core.

“You’ll wake the whole house, now be a good girl and be quiet”

He lifted up her hips, so she was kneeling on the bedcovers, head still buried in the mattress and her nightgown rumpled around her shoulders, legs parting to open her sex and buttocks crassly for him to view. Any proper lady would be mortified at being displayed so obscenely, but Mollie was no lady and the painful pleasure this stranger was inflicting was too intoxicating for her to object.

“Now let’s see how quiet you can be, little one”

Mollie braced herself for another smack but yelped in shock as a hot tongue began lathing up and down her core.

“Little star…” he paused to rumble a warning, his voice rippling with displeasure. Mollie quieted in response.

She felt a thumb either side of her sex opening and widening her, before his tongue began to stroke her once more. Mollie buried her head in the pillow and panted wildly, trying desperately to keep silent as his tongue found her centre and began to slide inside her. Her hips tried to squirm, but his massive palms held her in place as his tongue buried deeper into her tightness.

Soft whimpers became lost in Mollie’s pillow as she willed herself to stay quiet, as his tongue began to work its way downward to the small nub of nerves that held her release. He circled it tormentingly, seeming to know exactly where she needed him, but denying her satisfaction. Mollie squirmed and wriggled in displeasure as he tormented her, panting and whimpering breathlessly into the pillow.

“Beg for it, little one and you can have what you need”

“Please” Mollie begged, completely unashamed as her body craved release

“You’re mine, little star, let me hear you say it. All your pleasures belong to me, and you will only cum when I allow it”

“Please, I’m yours, I’ll be a good girl”

Mollie groaned as his mouth returned to her core, his tongue finding the spot she’d so desperately needed him and began to stroke and circle her wildly as her hips rocked in time with his movements. She could feel the orgasm building, her belly tightening and core throbbing with need as is began creeping closer. Mollie moaned as a finger worked its way tightly inside her and began thrusting in and out at the same time and before she realised it her body shuddered, a scream erupting from her mouth as she came over his mouth and fingers. She slumped forwards on the bed, her legs now boneless and head foggy with post orgasm bliss.

Footfalls outside her door and a sudden tapping bolted her awake “Mollie?” a voice called as the door opened

“No!” Mollie hissed, frantically pulling down her nightgown and turning to look around her room for the stranger, but there was no one there. Liz’s face peered round the door, oil lamp in hand

“Are you alright? I thought I heard a scream” Mollie flushed with embarrassment, and gazed confusedly once again around her chamber, but she was alone

“Just a nightmare” she answered “All this talk of werewolves tonight, I was more frightened than I let on”

Liz’s face nodded in acknowledgement “I know what you mean. Are you sure you’re alright? I can stay with you if you like?”

Mollie shook her head. She was sweaty and heaving, and whilst she could blame that on the nightmare, the slick moisture between her thighs and campfire and bourbon scent on the bedsheets might raise some suspicion

“I’m fine Liz, thank you for checking up on me” her friend nodded and closed the door.

Mollie rolled over and collapsed into the bed, unsure if she had dreamt the encounter or not. She hadn’t even seen the man’s face, yet her body ached in a way that told her that was no dream, and as she buried her head into the bedcovers, the heady scent of bourbon, cedarwood and campfires lulled her gently into sleep.

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