My King - A Short Erotic One Shot

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Part of my Filthy Fairytales Series: 1-STOLEN MERMAID 2-WITHIN THE FRAME 3-A SINGLE TASTE 4-CERISE CLOAK 5-RED & WRATH (Sequel to The Cerise Cloak) 6-MY KING I met The King. Didn’t mean I liked him. Sure, he may’ve saved me from a runaway horse, but at what cost? And he was fine enough to look on, but I wasn’t one easily seduced. His quick wit was titillating but the last thing I was about to do was to surrender to some king to become his carefully controlled queen. Not when I had so much living left to do... Though my father was determined to wed me off, I certainly wasn’t willing.

Erotica / Fantasy
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“One dance.” I lifted a finger to emphasize the point. “And it does not mean I accept your suit.”

He gave a sideways head tilt in slight acknowledgement.

I spun around to walk away but he caught my elbow.

“Where to, so fast?”

“To try to evade their cloying hands.”

“Then come to mine and let’s have our dance.”

I lifted my wrist. “My dance card…”

“What would they say?” He challenged.

“They could call you out.” I lifted a brow. Knowing that them doing so would be perfectly acceptable for such a slight.

“Let them.”

“Bold one, aren’t you?”

“You’ve no idea…” He caught my elbow and led me to the floor. His grip on my arm sending little swirls of heat coursing through me.

We danced.

We talked.

He was dry. Sarcastic. Bold. And by far the most interesting man I’d ever met.

“Tell me your no royalty.”

“I am indeed.” He shrugged. Knowing I’d be disappointed.

“Tell me you’ve not come to wed me.”

“You do possess a lot of land you stand to inherit.”

I gave him a bored look.

“Would you prefer it, if I told you I was here to ravish you?” He pointed out.

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