Turning Tables on the Princess

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Part of the Asara Pack Series: 1-THE PACK'S GIRL 2-AN UNWILLING MATE 3-MY LITTLE SUCCUBUS 4-NOWHERE TO RUN 5-TURNING TABLES ON THE PRINCESS (REWRITE ONGOING) 5-THE PACK GIRL'S RETRIBUTION (ONGOING ON PATREON AND MY WEBSITE) 7-THE LEGEND OF FURY (COMING SOON) She’d escaped me once. She’d not do it again. I did everything she asked of me. She was a princess on a throne. I was her Captain of the Guard. Her secret assassin killing anyone who'd threaten her. She seduced me and then bid me do whatever she commanded. But before that, I had declared my intent to claim her as my mate. And she had fled. Like the coward she is. Now she claims to rule this kingdom. However, her people are starving and her fiancé is to blame. But will she hear a word of it? Of course not! Well, I've found a way to make her listen. It's high time she learn a she-wolf’s place in this realm. She needs a real king, and it won't be that sniveling lord with designs on her. It's going to be me. She’ll learn I'm no longer hers to command. She is mine.

Erotica / Fantasy
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I looked at him askance. My stomach starting to sink. “What have you done?”

“It’s not what I have. It’s what I’m going to.”

I felt like I knew what he meant. But he’d never been so bold as to tell me what I would or wouldn’t do. Always before I’d been able to seduce him into doing whatever I wished.

But now...Now he was angry.

“Take this chain off me!”

“You want off that chain?” He lifted a questioning brow.

“Immediately!” I said haughtily.

He shoved a table toward me. “Lift your skirts and lean over that.”

“What?” I looked at him astounded. “What did you say to me?”

“I don’t believe I stuttered, Woman.” He said levelly. Piercing blue eyes cutting through me. “You’re going to learn who commands now.”

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