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Maverick never wanted to settle down, he didn't want that drama... but what happens when not one but two women come along changing life as he knew it Book 3 in the Passion and Pandemonium Series All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Hey, I’m Maverick but most people call me Mav (unless they are pissed at me). I’m 25 and work as a mechanic/business manager in my Uncle’s shop. I’m pretty close with my family, I kinda have to be, there’s a lot of us and family ALWAYS comes first. I’m the only boy of five siblings. My older sister Teagan is 17 years older than me. I have a twin sister McKinley and two younger sisters MaKayla and MaKenzie who are also twins. I’m a pretty tough guy except when it comes to my sisters and everyone knows that. I protect them in any way I can, even though they all have their own men.

Growing up I warned my friends to stay away from them but a few years ago I caught my best friend fucking my baby sister! I blew up big time but Greyson and MaKenzie fought for their relationship and they are still madly in love. A few months after they got together Makayla set her sights on my mate Frankie, unable to resist pussy the fucker fell hook line and sinker for her and yeah they are also still together. Thankfully McKinley stayed away from my friends but she is also settled with Brax, and Teagan, well Teags is married to Justin and they have three kids. That leaves me as the only singleton Turner sibling and I love it. No drama, no one to answer to and no commitment. I go out, see a woman I want, get laid then say “thanks love that was epic!” I live with my mate Jamie who lives by the same philosophy so every night is a party. I don’t know it yet but that’s all about to change...

“MAV?” My Uncle Dale shouts on me.

“A cuppa would be great thanks!” I say as I see him approaching.

“Fuck off boy! When was the last time you saw me make a brew?”

I burst out laughing and pull out my phone.

“So Aunt Lily sent me this yesterday,” I smirk as I hand him my phone which has a photo of him making her a cuppa. Uncle Dale bursts out laughing.

“Fucking traitor! Wait till I see her later. No dick for her tonight.”

“Jesus! I did not need to hear that!” I say, screwing my face up. How am I supposed to look at those two together now?

“What are you two women gassing about?” Senior asks as he makes his way over.

“Just reassuring my nephew here that our dicks don’t fall off when we reach a certain age,” Uncle Dale says, laughing.

Just then Junior walks towards us.

“Woah, what the hell did I just walk into?”

Junior is our Apprentice. His real name is Craig but because he’s only 18 we all call him Junior. The look on his face is hilarious.

“What about you Junior, got your dick wet yet?” Senior asks him.

“Be very careful how you answer that question Junior!” We all smirk as Sparky glares at him. Junior’s girlfriend is Sparky’s baby sister.

“Eh I have no clue what you guys are on about. I’m gonna make us a brew.” We all laugh as he walks off towards the kitchen.

“Come on man, you really think he is behaving himself around your sister?” Senior says to Sparky.

“He fucking better be!” Sparky answers and I shake my head at him.

“Sparky what were you like at his age?” Uncle Dale asks him smirking.

“That’s what worries me man. Riley’s a good girl, she doesn’t need to be having sex,” he shivers as he says sex.

“Hey I hear you man. Our J.J was a good girl before she met Dean. We found out about them because Dylan caught them banging in Dean’s office, only to find out Caleb had caught them before that!” Uncle Dale tells them.

“Do you mind, that’s my Mum and Dad you’re talking about!” I say horrified. All the guys laugh.

“I swear if I catch him with his pants down around her I will fucking kill him,” Sparky says and I know he definitely would.

“Oh Dean got a good thumping from Caleb and Dylan. The rest of us wanted to kill him but J.J flipped out on us,” Uncle Dale laughs.

“Yeah when Mum flips you run!” My mum has five older brothers. From what I’ve heard her and my Dad getting together was drama with a capital D. “Kenzie was also a good girl, then I caught G fucking her. Took Jamie and Frankie to pull me off him,” I tell Sparky.

“How’d you get over it?” He asks me.

“He makes her happy man. That’s all I want for my sisters,” I say with a shrug. “Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy. I was hurt and felt betrayed but you just have to see them together to know what they have is real.”

“It doesn’t matter who it is son, no guy will ever be good enough for your baby sister. At least you know Junior,” Uncle Dale tells him.

“Come on, they are already at it,” Senior says with a chuckle and Sparky looks furious.

“Don’t!” Sparky says pointing at Senior. Even I can’t help but laugh this time.

“Look if they are, which let’s face it, they are!” Uncle Dale says, “They are already doing better than our J.J. Dean got her pregnant with this fucker within their first week together.” Sparky’s eyes widen when he hears this.

“Shit! Maybe I should get my mum to put her on birth control, just in case.”

“Who’s on birth control?” Slick asks. We turn around to see Slick and Hugo walk over.

“Sparky thinks Riley should go on birth control,” I fill them in.

“So Junior’s tapping that is he?” Hugo says smiling.

“Shit, that’s why he looks so flustered through there,” Slick says, laughing.

“He what? Nah man, where is he?”

We all laugh as Sparky walks off in the direction of Junior.

“Something I said?” Hugo laughs.

“Slick do us a favour and go babysit those two,” Uncle Dale chuckles.

“Will do boss, but if something starts my money is on Junior. That kid is fast, we shoulda called him flash!” We all laugh again as Slick leaves us.

“So what’s the status on the Honda?” Hugo asks.

“Well that’s what I was coming to ask Mav until he got all up in my sex life,” Uncle Dale says smirking. Hold on a minute.

“Hell nah, you brought that shit up man.” I’m not having them think I ask my Uncle about his sexual activities.

“So what’s wrong with it now?” Senior asks, rolling his eyes.

“Just needs a new exhaust,” I tell them.

“You know it wouldn’t surprise me if Mrs Thompson sabotaged it herself,” Hugo laughs.

“Yeah she has a massive crush on Senior.” It’s true, she is in here with her car every other week having found something else wrong with it.

“Stop it,” Senior warns us, getting embarrassed.

“You will need to tell us what she has baked for you this time when you drop it back,” Uncle Dale laughs.

“Why the fuck have I to drop it off?”

“Cause she specifically asked for you asshat,” Hugo tells him.

I dunno why he asks. Every time without fail she requests Senior brings it back and she bakes something for him.

“You lot are dickheads!” He says, making us laugh again.

“It’ll be done by tomorrow,” I tell them.

“Tomorrow?” Uncle Dale asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, Sparky and I are on the rota to do the services today so unless one of you assholes wanna do it then it will be done by tomorrow.”

“Brews up guys!” Junior announces as he comes through carrying a tray full.

“Where’s Sparky and Slick?” Senior asks him.

“Slick took a call and Sparky went outside to spark up.”

We grab whatever is closest and sturdy and sit down with our cuppas. We are our own little family in this place and everyone gets on great. Sparky gives Junior a hard time but thinks he’s a good kid really. It was him that got Junior the apprenticeship here.

“So what’s the plans this weekend?” Hugo asks us.

“Kitty wants to go see the grandkids,” Senior groans.

“And you don’t?” I laugh.

“They bat their eyes at me and suddenly pops is broke!”

We all laugh at him. Dunno who he is trying to kid, he loves those kids with everything he is. He acts like the grumpy pops but he would move heaven and earth for them no questions asked.

“Family dinner at my sisters,” Uncle Dale says and I look at him confused.

“You’re coming this week?”

“Yeah dipshit, family meeting!” He tells me. What the hell is he talking about?

“What! I didn’t know,” I tell him.

“Notice went out yesterday,” he says as if I should know what he’s talking about but I don’t. I never got any notice. Family meetings are a big deal, they only get called for something important and you have to be there.

“Who called it?” I ask him.

“Your sister.” Lord give me strength with this man.

I roll my eyes at him, “I have four, which one?”

“Your other half,” he says looking at me sceptically. “You really don’t know what this is about?”

Kinley and I tell each other everything. I can’t believe she called a family meeting and didn’t say a word to me.

“I will call her later,” I say to him but it’s definitely bothering me.

“Shit, must be serious if you don’t know.” Just as I’m about to answer him Sparky walks in.

“Yo Mav! There’s a fine piece of ass at the front desk asking for you.”

I turn to him confused, “What? Who?” I don’t know anyone who would come here for me that the guys don’t already know.

“Never asked her name, I was too busy looking over her bodywork!” He says and the look in his eyes tells me she is stunning.

“You been promising some girl things you can’t give?” Uncle Dale asks while laughing at me.

“Like hell I have! I won’t be long,” I say as I get up.

“Don’t tell me you are just a one hit wonder?” Hugo laughs. “I thought you would at least get a couple of pumps in before you’re done.”

“Fuck you Hugo!”

I hear all the guys laugh as I make my way to the front. I recognise her straight away.

“Chelsea?” I’ve hooked up with Chelsea a few times over the last couple of months. Both of us are up for no strings fun so if we bump into each other while out we go home together.

“Hey Mav,” she says nervously.

“Everything alright?” I ask her. What the hell is she doing here?

“I’m sorry to bother you at work but I didn’t know how else to contact you,” she says, looking really anxious.

“What’s wrong?” I immediately ask her. If she felt the need to seek me out it must be important.

“Is there somewhere we can talk?”

I notice she is looking past me and I turn around to see all those nosey fuckers watching us.

“Yeah, come through to the office.” I lead her through and hear all the guys whistling and hollering. Once I’ve ushered her through I flip the guys off before I walk through the door.

“How have you been?” She asks me with a smile that doesn’t look natural.

“Chelsea I know you didn’t hunt me down to ask how I’m doing, what’s wrong?”

She’s fidgeting and I can see her eyes fill with tears. She’s really worrying me now.

“Shit, Chelsea, what is it?”

“Mav I’m... I’m... I’m pregnant!”

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