All Mine: True Love

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Please if you have not read All Mine Book 1 or 2 please do so before reading this one thank you. "Boy's think Daddy is home from work." Alexander snaps his head up from the toy he was playing with in the sand, "Dadda!" As Sebastian just claps his hands and yells out, "Dadda dadda dadda!" "Dana?!" Dean yells out from the front door, "We are all out here babe!" I yelled back at him, "Ok I'll just drop my bag off into my office!" I yelled back ok to him, a few minutes later he's standing on the deck looking at me. "Dana?" "What's up?" "Dana are" "Am I what?" "Back in my office on my desk, is it what I think it is?" I just smiled up at him. "Are you pregnant?" "Aye, I am." This is my story from Chapters Taptales I have worked more on this one and fixed the errors. Each chapter on here will contain two to four chapter's from the original from Chapters story, just to make the chapters longer. ***This is my original works, originally published on Chapters. Any attempts to recreate it will be reported.***

Erotica / Drama
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Content Warning

This book contains adult content including; sexual assault, profanity, rape, violence, violence to a child, domestic violence, sex, and public sex.

This will be my only warning for you, so if you are underage by all means do not keep reading, go and do some school work, or better yet help your parents out around the house.

I have some readers who have followed the story from Chapters to Wattpad to now Inkitt so they do know the storyline, for new readers most of the violence and rape are things that have happened to the main character in their past and with an ex.

I do not condone the abuse of any nature between love interests in dark romance or even in general romance, the main character is from a family who treated her horribly if this will trigger you please do not read this I do not want to upset anyone.

Please leave some comments and hit the like (love) button at the bottom, thank you for taking the time to read this story!

Much Love



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