All Mine: True Love

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Chapter 9: Family Camp

**Aaron’s POV**

As I walk closer to my wife I can see her body tensing up, she’s angry at me for something I am hoping no one has told her yet, I will fucking kill whoever has told her. She stands up saying something to Sarah and Monica, those two just smile at me. I smile right back at them, giving them nothing to gossip about, more so Monica than any of the others. Dam she is beautiful coming up in front of me, then I really see her eyes, aghh shit I’m in trouble. “Follow me right now.” She said in that tone of voice that tells me I am in trouble, fuck I’m scared she is one scary lady. “Yes, Ma’am.”

Hearing Dana yelling at my brother doesn’t scare me, but this one just one look has me scared shitless. Also, Dana is one hell of a hot head mixed with her past she tends to act completely different from others. I follow her to our cabin once I closed the door she spins around, her face angry as hell. “Care to fill me in on what is going on with Dana and Dean! I know you know more than anyone else.” She said, “Just a flashback from Dana had sent Dean over the edge. Unsure of anything else, they sounded like they made up. Sweetheart that doesn’t explain your anger?” I said brightly in the hopes it would cheer her up, she just narrows her eyes at me. “I am sick of seeing the pair of you fighting, why is it always you?” She askes, she hates it when I fight with any of my brothers, more so when it’s Dean as she is best friends with Dana, “Because I hit him back just as hard, the others don’t.” I told her, I walk closer to her rubbing a hand up her arm, I need to let her now, she looks up at me then starts shoving me backward, what the hell?

“You fucking told me it was your last time!” She cried out.

“Woman what the hell are you on about?!” I yelled back at her, which just caused her to shove me harder, “Oh don’t you throw this back onto me, Aaron! I want to hear you say it!” She yelled, “I’ve been called in.” I whispered, her face drops, her eyes start filling up with tears, argh fuck I hate seeing that look on her face, “You told me you have retried! You’re not, are you? You never have been!” She cried out, “They wouldn’t let me, please forgive me, Erin.” I said, “Aaron don’t, I hate the fact that they do this to you!” She said, “I” I started she cuts me off, “Let me finish,” She said looking at me, I nod my head. “I know you are fighting for our country, I am not angry at that. It’s the waiting, the unknown the long periods of no contact if we are lucky. You made me a young mother, of our children and” She said then stopped, wait did she just say what I think she just said, “I know... wait you just said, children?” I asked shocked, she looked shocked too, “Um no I meant to say, child.” She said, and I don’t believe her at all.

I walked right up to her putting her face in my hands making her look at me, fuck I hope she is. She starts crying in my hands, I wrap her up in my arms. “Yes, I am.” She cried out, “Really?” I asked shocked, “Yes, I’m six weeks along. Please don’t tell the other’s.” She said, which shocked me, “Why not?” I asked, “Because I want to be safe Aaron, please, we will tell them when you get back. When do they want you?” She asked, “End of next month.” I told her can see her doing a little meltdown, “For how long?” She asked, I let out a sigh, “A week.” I told her, “You said that last time Aaron, you had been gone for months.” She said, she wraps herself into my arms, crying. I hate that this is hurting her so much. “I also remembered what you had said,” I said softly, I don’t want to go to only come home to her and the kids are gone, which happens a lot to my coworkers. “Ohhh....” She said.

“Are you going to be home when I get back?” I asked, please be home when I do get back baby girl, your the only person that can help me become my normal self. “You know my answer.” She said, “No I don’t,” I said, “I don’t know Aaron.” She said, “Please don’t, you three are all I fight for to get back home safely.” I said trying not to sound like I’m begging her, “This mission is bad isn’t it?” She asked, “You know I cannot say.” I told her, “Please if it’s going to kill you, I need to know.” She said, “If it all goes to plan then no it shouldn’t kill me.” I told her, “That is a big if isn’t it?” She asked, I didn’t answer her, I couldn’t for someone like her to be able to read me so well scares me so dam much. We hug each other tightly before she pops her head up with a flirty smile plastered on her face “Make love to me husband.” She said, “Yes always my love.”

**Dana’s POV**

It’s been a heated few hours, not talking about our yelling matches either. Our bodies are still intertwined, Dean’s hand is sprawled out over my growing belly. You think I’m having twins at how fast I am showing I feel like I am already six months but know I’m not. “Don’t go too deep in that brain of yours.” Dean said softly, “Why’s that? Worried what I might come up with next?” I asked playfully, “Yes.” He said, “Oh don’t worry Mr. McCarthy I am sure you can handle it.” I said with pride in my voice, “I’m sure I could.” He said sounding arrogant, “Should we get dressed and go be with our families?” I asked, “No, your mine and mine only right now.” He grumbles, “I am yours forever Dean, but please we cannot keep staying in here while our boys are out there.” I said, “Ok let’s get up. Why are you changing your clothes for?” Dean asked shocked, “I need to wash those before I wear them again.” I said he is looking at me like I had lost the plot, “Ya gone mad on me?” He asked, “No it’s not some old-time thing your thinking of! I just don’t want to put it back on after we had made up.” I said sheepishly, “Ok.” He said.

I turned this way and that in the mirror I look back at him, “Do I look pregnant in this?” I asked, “Kinda a little, if you press the fabric down on your belly you can see.” He said, never taking his eyes off my stomach, “Arghh nothing fits! I never thought it would grow this dam fast! Only one in here, not two!” I snapped out in frustration, Dean started laughing, “This not funny Dean!” I snapped at Dean, “Aye it’s not, but you’re so dam cute!” he said cheerfully, I rolled my eyes at him, “Oh shh you! Looks like we might have to tell them all soon as I doubt I’ll be able to hide it any longer between the size of my belly and my vomiting.” I grumbled, “We will.” He said, we go to leave as someone knocks on the front door, Dean looks at me with one eyebrow up, but still opens the door.

“They’ve taken the bait.” Aaron said, “Watch it here or in yours?” Dean asked, “Mine it’s all set up in there.” Aaron said while I looked on at the pair of them, “What’s going on?” I asked lost, “Sis we will tell you when we know more, also thank you for loving that big idiot.” Aaron said softly, he wraps me up in a big brotherly hug kissing my forehead. Then the pair of them took off to his place, I race towards the ladies and my babies. “Hey sweetie how are you, look boy’s mommy is back.” Erin said loudly, “Hey Erin, much better now. Heya, my wee boys!” I said cheerfully, I sit down on the blanket as they run towards me laughing loudly. I see Sarah watching me closely then she has a big grin on her face. “Dana?” Sarah asked, “Hi Sarah, what’s up?” I asked, “Care to fill us in?” Sarah asked, Monica, Sarah, Tony, and Sachairi all look at me. “Fill y’all in about what?” Dean asked loudly, Dean walked up to us and sat behind me I lean into him the boys walked around to him getting hugs before he places his hand over my belly smiling up at his family, we both say at the same time, “Baby McCarthy Due May 2020.” We both said cheerfully, “Bitch I knew it! You got drunk way too quick!” Monica yelled at me, everyone looked happy and said their congratulations, Dean leans over giving my head a quick kiss before standing up and following Aaron into the cabin again.

“How are you feeling, like really?” Sarah asked, “Morning sickness is just as bad as it was with the boys.” I said, she looked sad at me she knows how much I don’t like it, “Only one this time?” Tony asked, “YES!” I said loudly, “This is great news! Another wee McCarthy.” Sachairi said I could see Jamie and Monica talking they don’t look happy with each other. Man, clearly they still haven’t worked it out. I just sat talking to the others while playing with the kids.

“Really? WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE MONICA?!” Jamie yells out, we all looked up over towards them in shock, “I’M STILL PART OF THE FAMILY JAMIE!” Monica yelled at him, “WE’VE SEPARATED MONICA! YOUR ONLY HERE CAUSE YOU WANT TO BE, NOT CAUSE I ASKED YOU TO!” He yelled back at her, he storms off to his cabin with her following him. My heart sunk for them both wow they really couldn’t work that out? “What the hell?” Sarah said, “When the hell did they split?” Tony asked shocked, “I knew he said he needed time to think, didn’t think it went further.” I said, “The silly boy needs to get over who the blood father is, in that boy’s eye’s he only knows Jamie as his dad.” Sachairi snapped, “Wow so it was true, wow.” Sarah said, “Arghh fuck.” I groaned out, I stood up and only just made it to a bush to be sick. “You ok?” Sarah asked softly, “Augh, yeah in about seven months I will be.” I groaned out, “Here Dana lay down over here.” Tony said Tony and Sachairi had made a make-shift bed out of the blankets and pillows that they had bought out. “Oh, thank you,” I said them both, I made myself comfortable, then smiled up at the men in my family. “Thank you.” I said softly again, “All good sweetie can see pregnancy takes a lot out of you, more thanmost.” Tony said, “Oh I know.” I whispered.

“Hey, Tony?” I asked, he moves closer to lean over so he could hear me. “Do you know what those two are doing?” I asked, “Yes I do.” He said, “Care to fill me in?” I asked, “No, they will when they are ready Dana.” Tony said he looked like he wanted to laugh, “Really?” I asked, “Yes, I rather keep my promises with Dean.” He said, “I won’t tell him you told me.” I said, “He will know cause I’m the only other person that knows.” Tony said, “Dam you.” I muttered, “Sorry Dana he will tell you.” Tony said cheerfully, “Right Sarah and Tony up to help with dinner tonight?” Sachairi calls out, “Sure you guys ok to watch the kids?” Sarah asked, “Yes, off you ok.” Erin said, “Does that include me?” Alexis asked, “Most definitely young lady.” Tony said loudly at his oldest daughter, “They’re not my children why do I” She cried out, “You are doing it cause Auntie Dana is unwell and Auntie Erin needs a hand your the next oldest so deal with it!” Sarah yelled out, “Fine whatever!” Alexis snaps, “Hahaha, Alexis!” Billi said laughing, “You little” Alexis started but her other sister Max cuts her off, “Nope not today Alexis!” Max said loudly, “You three girls zip it or I will find something horrible for you all to do!” I snapped at the three girls, who all stopped looking at me in shock as I have never raised my voice at them.

“Auntie Dana?” Sam called out, “Yes Sammie?” I asked softly, “Play ball?” he asked, “Only if we can roll it?” I asked, I can only handle that. “ummmm ok.” he said, “Me too?” Lachlan asked, “Of course Lachlan.” I said brightly, I spend the next twenty-five minutes playing with my nephews and sons as they joined in too. It was lovely it took my mind off my upset stomach and whatever Dean is doing. I can feel his eyes are on me, I turn around and found him near the cabin door. Watching me with a smoldering look on his face. I give him a big smile, he smiled back our boy’s notice he was nearby and they sang out to him, he made his way over. “Hi, Lass.” He said softly, he sat down behind me pulling me into a hug, I snuggled into him enjoying his warmth and smell. “Hi.” I whispered, “Heya boy’s, hahaha,” Dean said once all four boys noticed him, all four boys jumped at him causing him to laugh so deeply, I moved forward to let them play with him. “Are you feeling ok Dana?” He asked, “Right now I’m good babe. You planing on filling me in?” I asked, “Not right now.” He said tickling Alex, “I meant later,” I said, “I know.” He said, sinking feeling in my belly just gotten worst looking at his face. Probably made worst cause I have to now wait longer to find out what is going on. “Guys dinner is ready! Someone head down to Jamie’s cabin to let him know, please!” Sarah called out to us all.

Later that night the boys had gone to bed, we were cuddling up on the lounge while he was watching the game. I waiting until an ad break before I asked him what has been hanging over our heads. “So plan on filling me in?” I asked, “On?” Dean asked, I cannot believe he fucken said that? “Wow, really Dean?” I snapped at him, “Oh, that.” He said I feel like slapping him right now, “You don’t want to do you?” I asked him, “It’s not that I don’t want to babe, it’s just you really want to know?” He asked, why does he not want to fill me in on this? “I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t want to know Dean.” I said, “We had set up cameras at everyone’s houses, they have been to everyone’s homes. But only ours they entered.” He said I sat up looking at him now, “How the hell did they get in without setting anything off?” I asked, “This group seems to know how to get past that,” he said, “What aren’t you telling me?” I asked picking up on his mood, Dean lets out a groan, “I just got calmed down from it.” He grumbled, “Please.” I said, I moved around so I can see his face better, putting my hand on his chest looking into his concerned face. “Sam was with them.” He said trying not to sound upset, “Oh.” I said softly, “It gets worst, I believe you mean more to him than he is letting on.” Dean said growling, “What do you mean by that? All I am was the first person to sleep with him nothing more.” I said lost, “Maybe for you but not for him.” He said sounding upset now, “Dean what did he do?” I asked, “He took photos of your craft room, then headed up to our room.”

It’s like he doesn’t want to go any further in telling me, he is holding onto me tighter. “He went into our wardrobe he came out with your green lace panties in his hand then he went into our bathroom. He came back out with a dirty pair of your panties and was smelling them before putting them into his pocket.” He said can feel the anger coming off him, “OMG!” I cried out in shock, “I’m going to kill the fucking sick prick!” Dean snapped at, “Make him suffer.” I growled out, cuddling into him, what the hell his obsessed with me! Dean held onto me tightly. “I’m not going to let him near you.” He told me, “I know. What else did the group do?” I asked, “Planting bugs from what we could tell.” Dean said shrugging his shoulders, “That is no longer our home Dean.” I said I cannot go back into our room with him having been in it, I don’t feel safe at how easy he got in, “I know.” He said, “Can we move and leave everything in that house?” I asked, “Yes.” He said rubbing my arms, “How long are we here for?” I asked.

“A few days at the minimal.” He said, “Hmmph.” I said nodding my head, “What’s that?” he whispered, “How can we just sit around pretending to be happy little families while people are after us?” I asked, “Who said we are pretending?” He asked shocked, “Didn’t mean us, meant Jamie and Monica.” I said quietly, he nods his head, “Plan on filling me in on your plan when we go back?” I asked, “Oh... umm...” He said, oh really he is not going to fill me in. “Also your plan will make you and Aaron the most wanted in the state’s?” I asked, he keeps sitting there not saying anything but his face is very readable, I am right he and Aaron are going to use their skills to sort them out. “Kind of swe” I cut him off in anger, “No there is no such thing as kind of wanted Dean!” I snapped at him, not going to do this again did it with my dad and brother, and what now my husband wants to?

“When did you become good at reading me?” Dean asked shocked, “When you became shite at hiding your feelings and thoughts!” I snapped at him, “We are working on setting a trap for them in a location that will take the Government a while to track them down.” Dean finally said it, but it’s still not all of it, “You are not going to fill me in anymore, are you?” I asked, “I’m sorry babe, but the less you know right now is the best for you and peanut.” He said, “I am pregnant not some fragile glass that will break any second.” I snapped at him, “Never said” He started but I cut him off, “You are, may not have said it but your making me feel like it!” I said.

“I’m sorry I don’t mean to babe.” He said softly, he leans down giving me a soft kiss. “Want to,” He said, “No, sorry I am sore from earlier,” I said, but I am upset at him too. “Ok. It was lovely watching you play around with our boys and nephews.” Said with a big smile on his face, “Was it?” I asked lost, “Yes, cannot wait for this one to be here.” He said sounding happy again, “I know me either.” I said rubbing my small bump.

Looking at him with conviction on my face, “Use me as the bait for your trip.” I said, his stroking of my hip stopped, he looks down at me with shock horror on his face. “Like hell that is going to happen! I cannot protect you in that position!” He snapped, “Yeah you can, both you and Aaron on your snipper guns kill anything that comes at me.” I said, “Cannot kill a bullet going for you! No, it can’t happen Dana!” He snapped at me. “Well then don’t put me out in the open let them think I am at x spot but really I’m at z spot with a bomb switch.” I said, “Dana you have watched way too many movies.” He said shaking his head, “No I haven’t.” I said, “We are not making bombs Dana, that shite brings down every form of the Government.” He snapped, “Oh I know that.” I mumbled, “Just let myself and Aaron deal with this please.” He begged, “I want to help!” I cried out, “And you might, but you ain’t doing what you just said.” He said sounding like he is not fair off from getting upset at me, “I” he cuts me off, “If your next words are to keep pushing these ideas I am going to bed.”

I sat back letting his hand fall looking at him with my best bitch face. “Lass that look has never worked on me.” He said shaking his head, “It sure has!” I said, “No it has never. You look cute though.” He said softly, he leans down kissing my nose, argh this man just knows how to push my buttons. “Knew I would be getting you to smile again.”

“Argh, your unbelievable right now!” I stood up and headed into the bedroom. “What the hell?!” Dean snapped, I’m pulling the extra blankets off the bed as he stands at the foot of the bed looking at me. “Are you angry?” He asked, “I don’t know what I am right now.” I said, which is true I am angry but also hurt, sad and horny all in one fuck pregnancy hormones are hell. “Ok.” He said sounding unsure of what I had just said, “Why can’t I help out more Dean? Is it because I am a girl? If so you are just as bad as my so-called” His eyes snapped at me he cuts me off, “Don’t even compare me to that poor excuse of a human! I don’t want you involved because I cannot breathe without you in my life Dana. I’m just trying to protect you.” He said, “I am just as capable of helping out as any of your brother’s.” I said, “That I will never doubt, but seeing him take your panties has me very worried. His unpredictable and those types of men scare me.” Dean said, we climb into the bed I cuddle up to him my anger has disappeared just as quickly as it had showed. Dam those pregnancy hormones are driving me nuts.

“I think I should pull him aside and let him know I remember who he is and also let him know that you know. As you say this you punch him, we take him to a safe place and we question him.” As I said this I can feel Dean has stopped breathing then he lets out a loud sigh and groans. “You are not going to drop this, are you?” He asked, “Nope,” I said, “You are going to be the death of me lass. It’s a good idea, I see too many holes plus it’s too much of a risk with you and the baby.” He said it was my turn to groan, I rolled over he rolled with me spooning me. “We are not going to fight over this babe, you mean way too much to me Dana,” he whispered, his hand right on my belly rubbing soft circles, kissing my neck as my body melts back into his. “I know, you are that to me too, night, love you.” I whispered, “Night sweetie love you both so dam much.” Sleep hit him hard, for me it was a few hours before sleep took a hold of me, doubt he would like any more of the ideas I have come up with.

On day three of our family holiday, the kids are all having a blast out on the water with Tony, Dean, Sarah, Erin, Jamie, and Aaron. I was with them for about ten minutes before my stomach had other ideas. I am out on the deck in the lounge chair hugging a bucket. “Why did you do it to yourself?” Monica asked, “Do what?” I asked lost, who was too busy watching Dean playing with our boys, “Get pregnant again if it makes you this sick?” Monica said, “Just cause you and Jamie are fighting doesn’t mean you need to pick a fight with me, Monica.” I whispered, “Who said” She started, “You are now shh while I go die in the bathroom.” I grumbled.

Knowing I am due for my next round of medicine I head towards the cabin I have been staying in. I was halfway to the cabin when I got a horrible feeling, I looked towards the water nothing seems out of order that way. I turn back to the only road in and out of the place and froze.

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