All Mine: True Love

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Chapter 10: Fighting For Our Loved Ones

**Dana’s Pov**


I mumble under my breathe, worse fucking timing right now. I look over to Dean and Aaron in the water mouthing the words I am so sorry.

I really do not know if they could see what is about to happen, hope for their sake they can. I walk towards the single figure that was walking towards me, with a smug look on their face like they won. “Fancy seeing you here Dana,” Ava said so full of herself. “More surprised that you are here than anything,” I said sounding arrogant to my own ears, think Dean is rubbing off on me in the best of ways. I am looking around I cannot see anyone at the moment, hope she didn’t bring anyone. “You, think you can stand a chance against me?” She asked trying not to laugh, who sounds arrogant now? “Do you?” I asked now Aaron is coming out of me, think I have spent way too much time with them all, “What?” She asked, I used her stunned moment and punched her in the left eye she moved to the side with a little groan.

“Ouch, I see you have improved since the last time,” Ava said sounding impressed, she went to punch me I blocked her, so fucking glad I’ve been training with Dean and his brothers now. I throw an uppercut hitting her jaw she groaned again. I see her knee coming up I blocked her and punched her in the side of her stomach as she went in for another knee strike. We fought for what felt like forever I was meeting her blow for blow, don’t think she was inspecting this, I’m not scared of everything helpless teenager I once was. “Your dead Neasa!” Ava roared, “I no longer go by that name bitch! Not yet I am not!” I yelled back at her in the hopes that now they have heard me yelling out.

She pulls a knife out of her boot, fucking shite. She makes a move towards me I quickly pick up my bucket and started hitting the hand that has the knife is in. It doesn’t last long I start kicking at her hand I can feel it making contact with my legs but right now really don’t care. She dropped the knife in that last kick, we both ran for it I landed on the ground quickly rolling onto my back as she comes for me kicking her in the belly which only caused her to stumble back a little, she started laughing looking worst for wear. “Do you even know how to use that bitch?” She asked me, “Do you?” I asked her again, she ran at me I quickly rolled over and jumped to my feet before she footy tackled me to the ground, we both let out screams she threw some punches into my belly and chest nearly causing me to drop the knife. I started moving it left and right hoping to make contact in the mess of our fight. “Arghh give up already!” I cried out.

“WHAT THE FUCK DID I EVER DO TO YOU!?” I roared out, now sitting on top of her pressing the knife towards her chest she is holding onto my hands trying to force me upwards. “I’ve hated you from the start!” She yelled at me her voice is full of venom, “TELL ME SOMETHING I DID NOT KNOW!” I screamed out, I slammed my body weight down onto my arms forcing the knife to land into her chest I kept on slamming myself into her until the knife was fully in her, held onto it until she stopped breathing. I heard someone coming up towards me, pulling the knife out of her looking back towards the road I can see someone, and my blood boils. I have had enough of these fucking people! They are about to see the real reason why people had feared my father and brother when they were angry, I have that anger in me but I have only ever unleashed it during times like this.

“Dana, what have you done? You are, not a killer.” Sam said with what he must think is a friendly tone to his voice but all I want to do is punch him. “You do not know me at all Sam, besides she had it coming for years.” I snapped, I have stopped close enough to hear him but not close enough to hit him. Also standing to the side, hoping with all hope that Aaron has set himself up someplace by now. Just need to keep him talking until they notice something is up. “Oh, I know you very well Dana,” he said sounding hurt, where the hell does he get off in saying he fucking knows me? “NO, you do not SAM!” I yelled at him, he took a step closer to me with his hands up. “Please put that knife down.” He said in a friendly type of voice.

“Um, what this little thing?” I asked with an evil smirk on my face, I started spinning it around in my hand, looking at him. “What has happened to you? What has he done to you?” Sam asked with worry in his voice like he has the right to be worried about me. “You might want to ask me which year my list of shite that has happened to me is miles lone, also who ‘he’ you are talking about?” I asked, “Wow, talking about your husband Dean.” Sam said, “What about my handsome spunk of man?” I asked with a bright smile on my face picturing my handsome hubby, “Really? He trained you in fighting.” Sam asked sounding shocked, “Yeah a bit.” I said not really caring, “You let him? Why would you?” he asked shocked, while I have memories of Dean only wearing shorts all sweaty and in his glory and our passionate session afterward, mmmm I do have a handsome hubby. “So, why do you care what I do with my spunky husband so much?” I asked.

Started edging around him spinning my knife around. “You deserve to be with someone who treats you like the Queen you are and not this gutter trash.” He spat out, he looks over my body like it’s his to look at, arghh yuk, what the fuck was my drunk teenage self-thinking? Oh, that’s right I wasn’t. “What makes you think he doesn’t treat me like a Queen?” I asked shocked, “Look at you right now Dana, all batted and bruised and pregnant to boot. No man would have let you do that.” He spat out, “Especially if they love you.” He said, “And my point is why should you care? I ain’t in love with you nor am I married to you.” I spat out. “You could be,” Sam said, I just wanted to vomit, “Why?” I asked, by now I hope Dean has noticed something is up, please be right. Sam looks at me with an eyebrow raised. “Oh, what because we had a drunken moment as teenagers that I should have married you?” I asked with sarcasm dripping from my voice, I start laughing, oh wow.

“If that was the case I would have lost count on how many times I would have been married! Oh, you are so funny!” I said around a fit of laughter, “Are you seriously laughing at me?!” Sam yelled at me, “Clearly you have no idea who I was back then.” I said around a fit of laughter, “Clearly the town’s bicycle” he snapped at me, “Oh ouch that’s a new one!” I said, with no care in the world, he has taken two more steps closer towards me, his looking angry by now. “I know I am supposed to be following orders but I no longer care about what that old Nazi thinks,” Sam said, this is good he might talk to me. “Really? Care to fill me in on why he has it out for me?” I asked, “Because she hated you was enough for him.” Sam said, “That’s it?” I asked shocked, “That’s all I’m going to be telling you, come on let’s go back down memory lane before your idiot of a man comes and finds us.” Sam said after hearing that all I wanted to do was stab him with this knife after that fucking comment.

“You seem to be under the impression that I was going to go with you.” I gave him my stone-cold bitch smile before kicking the rocks up at him distracting him as I aim for his knee. I made contact with his leg, which goes the other way, slicing the knife along his leg while I was at. “ARGHHH FUCK DANA!” Sam screamed out in pain, “LEAVE ME ALONE!” I screamed out, I go to give him an uppercut, his hand grips my arm hard, ouch fuck. “Arghh!” I cried out, “You think I was going to be as easy as her?” He asked, “Could only hope.” I said, “I will be making sure you are going to remember it this time.” He said, “Arghh let me go!” I cried out, “No!” He screamed at me, I start kicking hoping to make contact but no luck, so I start doing the trick Aaron had taught me how to free myself. It had work until he kicks out hitting me in the stomach sending me to the ground screaming in pain. Fuck not peanut. “ARGH!” I cried out.

“Hmm think you whoomph!” Sam cried out, he goes flying to the ground, looking up I see Dean looking pissed as hell with Aaron running towards us with a bag in his hands. “Think you’re such a man hitting a woman, a pregnant one at that?” Dean screamed out, he throws a kick to his stomach, he lets Sam stand up before throwing a two-punch combo that knocks him out cold. As soon as Sam hits the floor Dean races over towards me with worry written all over his face. “Dana, fuck where are you hurt?!” He asked, “Just my legs, peanut, argh!” I cried out, “Is it your belly hurting?” Dean asked me with worry, “No you are on my leg!” I cried out, “Oh shit sorry sweetie.” Dean said, “Lay down you idiot” Aaron snapped, “Who are you calling an idiot?” I asked, “You, little sis for taking them on by yourself!” Aaron snapped at me, “Hey I killed her!” I said loudly to him, “Yeah and he nearly killed your baby!” Aaron snapped at me with worry in his voice, “I feel fine ouch! Think peanut is ok, has to be.” I said softly. “You got that ambulance coming?” Aaron asked Dean, “Yes.” Dean said who hasn’t taken his eyes off me nor his hand, from my arm, “She has pain in her stomach, I’m hoping it is due to being hit, several cuts on her legs, not deep enough to cause too much damage but still bad enough for blood loss.” Aaron rattled off to Dean, “What the hell were you thinking?” Dean asked glaring at me, “To save all the kids. Azza am I bleeding?” I asked Dean who was holding my hand shoved his brother out of the way to check. Pulling my dress further up, I know I had light-colored panties on. Dean pops his head back up. “I cannot see any.” He said, “Ok that’s good for now.” I said.

“Peanut is ok, please be ok,” I whispered holding my stomach, Erin races towards me with two big bottles of water and rags. She starts washing my hands looking a little sick. “Erin what are” I started saying but she cuts me off, “Can’t have your race into hospital with that much of someone else’s blood on you!” She cried out, “Oh.” I whispered, “Tony is dealing with her” Erin said looking at her husband, “Good.” Aaron said, “I am so glad I had taken you to see that movie lass.” Dean said with fondness in his voice, “What?” I asked, Dean, leans down with his scary smile on his face and whispers. “You John Wick’s her.” Dean whispered, “That I did, wished I could do it to him too.” I whispered back to him, “No, I don’t want you to keep going down this path babe.” Dean said softly, “Ouch! Aaron what the hell!” I cried out in pain, “Oh shut up and let me clean your cuts!” Aaron said using his bossy voice, I grit my teeth at each wipe he did, Dean held onto my hand my head in his lap now. Erin had finished cleaning up the blood on me, she blots away looking scared as hell.

“Dean where are our boys?” I asked, “With Sarah.” Dean said, “Ok. Why is Erin looking weird at me for?” I asked Dean, “Probably because she had seen you killing Ava.” Aaron said softly given me that knowing look, “Oh fuck! Did the kids see?!” I asked shocked, “No she was going to the loo when Monica said you had been gone for a bit, she went to check up on you. Are you feeling any tightness in your belly?” Aaron asked, I shake my head no as it sinks in what I had actually done. “Fuck she’s going into shock.” Dean said, “OMG I KILLED SOMEONE!” I cried out, “Shh it’s ok we’ve all killed.” Dean whispered, “Dana stay still, please.” Aaron said loudly, “I can hear the ambulance. Now sweetie it was either you or her, you chose you ok.” Dean whispered, “Her Father!” I cried out, “We will deal with him, right now we need to see if our peanut is ok.” Dean said, “Ok.” My body starts shaking, dam why can I not stop it? All I keep hearing is the sound of the knife going in, tears are falling down my face. “It’s going to be ok, your ok babe, shhh,” Dean whispered stroking my face.

Before I knew it I was in a bed in the ER ward again, with Dean never letting go of my hand. “Dean what’s going” I started but Dean cut me off, “Shh lass not here.” He whispered, a team of nurses and doctor comes into the room with portable ultrasound, Dean’s hand has gotten tighter. “Dean too tight babe,” I whispered, he nods his head and loosen his hand a little. “Right Mrs. McCarthy you seem to know how to get yourself into a pickle, let’s see what little peanut is doing hey.” Doctor Bones said, she lifts up my dress placing a blanket before pulling it up over my belly, Dean is finally seeing my belly have three large massive bruises. “Shit.” He whispered I am not paying any attention to her just looking at the screen waiting.

Finally, we hear a heartbeat, I finally release the breath I was holding onto. “Good. Ok from what I can see everything looks fine, but I want to keep you overnight just in case. Dana press that button if you experience any cramping or spotting.” Doctor Bones said, “Ok.” I whispered, “If she experiences any of those, does that mean we are losing the baby?” Dean asked, the Doctor didn’t answer she just looked sad at him and nod her head before leaving the room. The nurses took me to a private room in the women’s ward, once we were alone I looked at my husband who is now wiping away tears. “Babe come here,” I whispered. “I don’t want to hurt you.” He whispered.

“Sitting next to me in bed is not going to hurt me,” I replied, he climbs into bed, I cuddle into him, he cries silently next to me, I held onto him. “I’m sorry.” He mumbles, “For what?” I asked, “Cry” I cut him off, “If your about to say sorry for crying I will punch you myself!” I snapped, “Violent much?” He asked chuckling, “Well whoever told you men don’t cry is full of shite! You are allowed to cry babe and so are our boys. Now, what is going on?” I asked, he looked at me like I had completely forgotten what had just happened, “Which bit?” He asked, “With Sam, I know you only knocked him out.” I said, “Aaron is dealing with him, please don’t stress about it.” He whispered, “And the rest of the group?” I asked, “The less you know the better right now. Shhh please, just let me hold you without bickering about this.” He whispered, “I don’t want to fight either, just want to know how much trouble I am in with the law and the rest of yous as well.” I whispered, “Dana...” He whispered then let out a sigh, “Aaron’s contacts are helping him deal with it, besides they are going to use her body to draw her dad out and arrest him. You made their job easier babe.” He said, “Ok... Does that mean we are free? Happy to move on with our lives without any more fear?” I asked quietly.

“I hope so, just waiting to hear from Aaron if Sam has said anything yet.” Dean said, “Ok, I love you.” I whispered, “Love you too sweetie.” His hand slowly makes circles on my belly, I thoroughly enjoy it every time he does this. He smells my hair again, it seems to calm him down. “So fucking glad I had taught you how to fight and defend yourself, just wish we could have worked on how to defend against knives.” He said, “Oh I enjoyed showing her I wasn’t as weak as I used to be.” I said with a smirk on my face, “I wished I was with you.” He said sounding upset, “Stop babe, don’t do that. Besides she was my bully I was the one that needed to teach her a lesson I just went a” He cuts me off, “You did not, she would have killed you instead.” Dean said firmly, “Really wished you let me finish my sentences.” I said, “Never going to happen babe ever.” He said chuckling, “Are we going to be going back to our house?” I asked, “Will be sending myself and Aaron in to sweep all of the houses and removing the things we cannot replace and build elsewhere, put this one up for sale or rent it out.” I cut Dean off, “For sale babe. Can I have a little say in this one, this time?” I asked, “Sure babe.” He said brightly, “But in the meantime where are we going to be living?” I asked I get the feeling it will be his Dad’s house and I don’t mind that it’s large enough to fit our growing family.

“I have a safe house set up, well and truely before us. So it will need a little work to make it liveable. While I’m working on that we will be staying at Dad’s.” Dean said, “Does he know of this?” I asked, “Not yet.” Dean muttered, “Better let him know cause he has Jamie already living with him again.” I said, “I will, it’s on my to-do list, the never-ending one.” He grumbles, “I know, sorry I keep adding to it.” I said softly, “Pfft babe wouldn’t have life any other way.” He said, “Really?” I asked, “Yes really, doing anything for you and our boy’s I live for it, babe.” He said, “Ok.” I said, “Now tell me the truth how much pain are you really in?” He asked me, “Well the drugs are working so it’s down from an eight to a four so ok.” I said, “Ok, can I do anything to help?” He asked, “Thanks, just cuddling me is enough babe.” I said with a big smile on my face, “Ok.” He said.

“So now what?” I asked, “What do you mean?” He asked, “Can we risk dropping our guard down?” I asked, he just chuckles, “My guard will never drop babe, but you, my dear can relax and grow that peanut of ours.” He ordered, “Hmm I like the sound of that, but babe you can relax too.” I told him, “I cannot, stuck in that way.” He said, “Ok.” I said, I lean up giving him a soft kiss before it turned into a heated make-out session. “Hmm, so dam kissable, and all mine.” Dean moans out.

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