All Mine: True Love

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Chapter 11: Backlash

**Dana’s POV**

I didn’t stay long in the hospital, was out late the next day. True to his word Dean and his brother Aaron had gone over everyone’s house’s they also have gotten all of the things we needed and wanted to keep from our house. Everything else was included in the house when sold. I hope it sells soon, but first, need to put it up on the market.

Our little peanut is good and safe thank god don’t think I could cope with losing it. The whole family is staying at Sachairi’s house, right now he’s loving it with all the grandchildren around him. Tony is the only one who get’s two rooms to fit his family in the rest of us are in single rooms. For myself, this is wonderful means I can keep Dean away from me long enough for it to be safe for us to have sex again. It’s only forty-eight hours and he’s acting like I have cut his balls off. So, I am keeping him busy to try and take his mind off from it, from the looks he gives me I say it is not working.

Since I came back from the hospital my sister-in-laws haven’t really spoken to me, which has worried me. They also stay close by when I am with my sons like I would hurt them. What part of what had happened was me defending them don’t they get? I would never in a million years hurt those that I love ever. Dean keeps telling me to give them some time to deal with what they had seen, as it was their first time. It really shows how much of a horrible life I have had to not think twice about what I had seen. I think more about what I have done than what I have seen. I know she had it coming but I still feel guilty over what I did. Or is it fear of worrying about what her father would do to me and my loved ones? I know Dean said Aaron and his contacts are using her body to bring him in but what about his people that work for him?

What had happened between him and my father, I know I would never get answers, but it doesn’t make any sense they were best friends they called each other brother’s. Was it what my brother had been doing that caused the rift or was it the rumors about who I had fallen in love with that started it all? Really wished my brother was here I know we had a big age gap but he really did care about me. Some days I wished I had more time with him, him getting to know my three boys although I do think he and Dean already knew each other well and would never let me know.

I have been sitting out on this lounge under the big patio watching the rain. Everyone else has stayed inside happily chatting to each other, Dean and Aaron is still out on some drive that no one else could join them. Makes me worried about what really is going on and they don’t want us to know, Tony keeps telling me it’s all good they will fill me in when it’s time.

Hand on my growing belly, wishing everything could be different for the better for our children. I hear the sliding door opening and two sets of little feet running towards my chair, and my face just lights up with pure joy. “Hello, my wee boys!” I cried out, “Hey Dana, they wanted their mommy.” he said, “Thanks, Jamie.” I said, “You ok?” He asked, “Yeah why wouldn’t I be?” I asked, “Your out here all by yourself and have been for a while.” Jamie pointed out, “Jamie I’m just enjoying the rain.” I said. Jamie takes a seat near me; the boys climb up on me saying my name over and over. They both gave me heaps of cuddles and kisses. While making themselves comfortable laying down with me watching the rain. Oh, they are about to fall asleep on my lap. “Momma,” Sebastian whispered, “iraded momma” Alexander grumbled, “I know boys, momma is here,” I whispered, we sit in silence as the boys fall asleep curled up either side of me.

Jamie looked over at me with a sad smile on his face. “They will start talking to you again soon Dana,” He said softly, “I know, it just hurts at the moment, Jamie.” I told him, “I know that feeling, at least I did something wrong to deserve that treatment. You on the other hand was fighting for your life.” He said sounding angry, “Maybe it’s more of the what and the how I defended myself, is the why they won’t talk to me.” I said looking at him, “I would agree.” He said.

“How are you and Monica?” I asked, “Feel like my life is like most of that boy band songs.” He mumbles, “Um which ones?” I asked, screwing up my face trying to think of one. “Um, five seconds of summer one.” He mumbles, letting out a hearty laugh. “Oh shite sorry wee ones. Sorry, Jamie but that does fit.” I said, “It does we can thank Alexis for putting that thought in my mind.” He said, “I will when I see her, but really Jamie.” I said., Jamie lets out a groan. “I can’t stand to look at her at the moment, same with my son. Now that I know I can see his birth father coming out in his looks.” Jamie said, “It might get easier over time, but he really only knows you as his dad. He won’t understand why his daddy is acting like this.” I said softly, “I know, how do you do it?” He asked, “Do what?” I asked, “Look at him and not want to vomit or hit him.” He asked, oh wow he is in a bad way if that is how he is thinking.

“Oh, Jamie you need to go see someone, that boy had nothing to do with what happened to me. That is how I do it, please Jamie go and talk to someone please.” I begged, “Ok.” He said softly, “If not I will make sure you go by taking you myself baby brother.” Dean spoke up, I had heard him coming, more like my body knew he was in the room. I know I say Dean has it bad but so do I, dam baby hormones. After he spoke, I lean back giving him a big smile, his looking at his brother worried, before turning towards us. His face lights up seeing me and the boys walking up to us leaning down kissing both boys on the head and my stomach before giving me a soft kiss on the lips. “Hi, Beautiful.” He whispered, “Mmm Hi Handsome.” I whispered.

After that kiss, the look he’s giving me, tells me he’s finding it just as hard as I am in keeping his hands off me. So glad the boys are on me and Jamie is here, no doubt if they weren’t, he would have been hard to turn down, now that my hormones are going nuts right now. He takes a seat next to me, making sure his hand is on my leg, god this man knows exactly what he does to my body and exploits it to the fullest. I look over at him, he looks dirty like he’s been working hard. Unsure of what that work was I know he’s taken time off from his building company, may have been this house he was talking about. Jamie stands up sensing that Dean wants to be alone with me for a bit. “Want a beer bro?” Jamies asked, “Aye, Lass did you want a drink?” Dean asked, “Just a glass of water with heaps of ice please Jamie, craving ice at the moment.” I said to both men, Jamie looked oddly at me, “Um that is odd but ok.” Jamie said, “That is tame for her man.” Dean said around a fit of laughter, Jamie laughs as he heads back inside, Dean looks over me with smoldering eyes racking over my whole body. “I’m giving you one more day lass and that body is mine for the night.” He said.

“Oh, think I just cum in my pants.” I whispered, Dean moans, “That is not helping me right now Dana!” He snapped at me, “Sorry babe.” I said, “You don’t even sound sorry.” He grumbles, “Nope. Dean, can I know what is going on yet?” I asked, “I’ll let you know later. Want me to take them to their beds to give you some time off?” he asked, “Ok, Nah not yet babe, just a little bit longer with them, please.” I said, holding onto them tighter, “Sure. Has he said anything else to you?” Dean asked, “No you heard it all, I am worried about his feelings towards his son though.” I said softly, “Yeah, I am too.” He said. Just then Sebastian started to have a nightmare kicking out and waving his arms around, his arm hits me in the face, foot hit my stomach, for a small child that hurt. Never seen Dean move so fast removing him off my lap calming him down. While looking at me worried, mouthing the words ” Are you Ok?”

“I’m ok.” I whispered, “Peanut?” He asked, “Feels ok.” He leans down giving me a quick kiss on the lips before kissing my belly. Once he got Sebastian calmed down, he takes him upstairs into his bed. Once his back Jamie goes to hand him his beer, Dean holds up a hand saying wait a moment, as he makes his way over to me picking up Alex and taking him up to his bed. Only taking the beer from his brother just before he picked me up and placing me on his lap. I let out a surprised scream as I was too busy fishing for ice. “Did I get you enough ice Dana?” He asked, “No, but it’s ok this is enough for now. Thank you, Jamie.” I said smiling into my cup way too excited I have ice. “You welcome,” Jamie said laughing shaking his head at me, Dean wrapping an arm around me placing it firmly on my belly as his head cuddles into my neck. His fingers rubbing circles on my belly, I feel quite a bit of butterfly-like movements and letting out a fit of giggles. Both men looking at me with one eyebrow up.

“For one, you two need to stop that, your starting to look like each other. Secondly babe I’m laughing because I can feel peanut move as you are rubbing my belly.” I said brightly, “We’re brothers we are bound to be.” Jamie said laughing, “What really?” Dean asked shocked, he looks down moving both hands around on my belly trying to feel it. “Babe you won’t be able to feel it just yet.” I said, “Oh, is that why you are laughing?” He asked, “No I am laughing at Peanut’s perfect timing.” I said smiling at my husband, “Where the hell do I get that?” Jamie said we both look at him weirdly, what the hell does he mean by that? “How do I find love like that, I thought I had it, but it never looked like that.” He said, “What the hell are you on about? Your love has always looked like this, your wife loves you, Jamie. You need to see someone to talk all of this with.” Dean said, “Easy for you to say.” Jamie said.

“Marriage isn’t easy Jamie; we see someone we both need it. You must work on your marriage if you want it to last.” Dean said, “What do you mean?” He asked, “Jamie he means you must always talk to each other, yeah Dean has heaps of secrets so do I but we trust each other. Some days we get into our heads too much and overthink things that cause fights. But we are a team we have each other’s backs; we must no one else will.” I said he sits and looks at us both thinking over what I just said, throughout the whole time I spoke Dean kissed my neck while rubbing my belly. “How would that work for us; I no longer trust Monica? Once that is gone the relationship tends to go too.” He said.

“You need to talk to her, and I mean really talk to her. No fighting, no yelling finding out deep down if you can trust her or not in moving forward. As we have all pointed out to you, she didn’t cheat she just didn’t see the need to let you know about your son’s DNA. I would rather do that than finding Dana balls deep with another man. Sorry that we all thought you had known and was being the better man, right now you are not.” Dean said. “Man, Dean I do not need to picture you two having sex.” Jamie groans out, while I snicker on Dean’s lap. “What the hell are you on about? Do you not remember the first time I had meet Dana?” Dean asked.

“Um wasn’t really paying much attention to you two. Sorry.” Jamie said that is good, I remember that night it was the best night I had ever had with someone, and now I have the best husband out of it. “Don’t be,” Dean said, think he is happy that his brother has no memory of what we did, “Now I need to know what really happen that night?” Jamie asked I looked at my husband, “Oh, please don’t tell him, Dean.” I begged, “But he was there he had seen it; we had seen them. So, he clearly doesn’t remember it.” Dean said, “Dana sweetie we know the pair of you fuck like bunnies so nothing new here.” Jamie said, Dean snickers holding in his laugh as I elbow him in the ribs. Jamie looks all innocent, while I can feel myself blushing.

“Babe you look so fucken sexy when you blush like that,” Dean whispered, I groan because I know the pair of them are right, we do have sex a lot. More than normal couples so I have heard from the mother’s group. All those ladies are so shocked and angry that he is my husband, I am still labeled the new girl in town. I am happy I no longer go to those groups; they tend to act odd around me because I had a set of twins, but I think manly they just wanted to perve on him when they are at our house. I warn him and he tends to stay out of the house until they have left. “Shhh, you.” I snapped at Dean, “I cannot do that while you are on my lap, because if I am quiet it’s because I am doing something, we need to wait a little longer before we can do that.” He whispered, “Well that is my cue to leave you two love birds alone.” Jamie said, “Talk to Aaron he knows a great person that can help you.” Dean called out to him, “I do not want Aaron’s help, Dean.” Jamie snapped, “Too fucking bad he is our brother and we help each other out.” Dean said, “Whatever you say, Boss.” Jamie said, “Hey Smartass change your attitude towards those of us who are trying to help you out.” Dean said, “Aaron dislikes me Dean so no I won’t change my attitude towards him.” Jamie said, before storming off back into the house as the rain has become very heavy. I cuddle into Dean some more as a breeze picks up and is a little chilly. He leans over grabbing the throw rug on the side of the chair next to us and throws it over me, wrapping me up tightly giving my forehead a gentle kiss.

“Babe are you ok?” He asked, “Yeah why wouldn’t I be?” I asked, “Nothing just notice when I come back you always seem to be alone or with one of my brothers. Are Monica, Sarah, and Erin stillnot talking to you?” He asked, can tell he is getting angry at them, “No Dean they are not.” I said trying to hide how hurt I am over it, “I really feel like telling them to pull their heads in.” he grumbles, “I know.” I said, he keeps biting my earlobe and kissing me, “Other than that, how was your day?” He asked, “It was good, no more cramps, ok on the morning sickness front only sick a few times today. The boys have been well behaved. What did you and Aaron do?” I asked, in the hopes, he will fill me in on it. “Good to hear lass, you know” I cut him off, “Don’t you dare say you cannot tell me.” I snapped at him, “You’re not going to drop this, are you?” He asked. “What do you think?” I asked, “Lass I think you are way too much like me than you even know.” He said, “Is that so?” I asked, “Aye lass it is.” I cut him off, “Why is your Scottish accent suddenly so thick?” I asked.

“No!” I cried out, Dean had reached down under my summer dress, his hand making its way up to my clit. As soon as I notice what he was doing I shoved his hand away standing up, glaring down at him. “You only did that so I would change the subject! Not going to work Dean,spill it now!” I yelled out, Dean groans, rubbing his face with his hands. Looking up at me finally noticing that I really do want to know. “Fine Dana.” He reaches up grabbing my hand pulling me back down onto his lap, not how I was on him before but this time straddling him. I could feel how hard he was and wondering why he put me on him like this, I put my arms around his neck looking at him. I’m in trouble with the government, could I be sent back to my home country? Please hell no, they will kill me or make my life living hell. Seeing the panic in my face he gently brushes my cheek with a smile on his face, I can see the love in his eyes. We are so lucky to have found each other, now all I want to do is kiss those lips of his. “Lass it’s not that bad.” He said.

“Then what is it?” I asked, “Aaron’s contacts have set the trap up; over the next twenty-four hours they should have him and the rest of his high-up members. Aaron is trying to wrap it up fast before he must ship out.” Dean said, “Ok, had a feeling that was what was going on.” I said, “We are safe for now lass; Sam has also just started talking. It’s more of what he’s saying that has me worried about you.” He said, I looked at him oddly, “What do you mean?” I asked, “He’s saying that he’s seen you kill people over in Ireland.” Dean said, “What?! I haven’t... oh... shite!” I cried out in shock, “What is it true?” He asked, “No not really” I mumbled, “This is yes or no type of answer Dana.” Dean said firmly.

I groan how can I tell him what happened, he has read everything about me but this, I have never had a bad dream about it. But it’s not what you think. He runs his hands down my body towards my hips, trying to get me to talk to him. I look him in the eye with a sad look on my face. “I didn’t kill someone, but I did watch someone get killed and didn’t do anything to stop it.” I said quietly I see the relief on his face, “Not as bad as I thought it was going to be.” He said, “Ok.”

“Who was it?” he asked, “The killer was my father, and the victim was one of his men who he found in my room,” I said, I felt Dean tense up his hands gripping my hips tighter, he presses his forehead to mine closing his eyes. I feel like jumping off him, but I don’t because I know he means no harm towards me. “I wish none of that happened to you.” He whispered, “Nothing you could do to stop it, Dean, you didn’t know me at the time.” I said, “What year was it?” He asked, groaning when I think he may know when this was because it was just before I left for good. I look at him and he’s now starting to look a little upset at me, closing my eyes. “Yes, you would have been able to stop it if I had known you.” I whispered, “Fuck! I knew it, I knew his death was odd. How badly did he hurt you? I want to know that he suffered for what he had done.” Dean growled out, “No, he didn’t hurt me, Dean, I may have led him on.” I whispered, Dean, looked at me shocked. “I was angry at my dad; I know it was stupid. Aedan was in the kitchen when I thought no harm in flirting with him, being my last night home. I didn’t think he would come up into my room later that night. I know I was stupid for not locking my door, I had always locked my door at night when I go to sleep so I don’t wake up with anyone unwanted in my room.”

While I am telling Dean, what happened his grip on me tightens again, I don’t even think his breathing either. “He hadn’t done anything as bad as your thinking Dean. Yes, I did wake up to someone touching my breast but my clothes were still on. Enjoying what he was doing I did pull him down for a heated kiss, we were getting hot and heavy when my dad stormed into the room pulling him off me. He pulled out his gun and shot him on my bedroom floor. Before he turned it onto me saying I kiss or date any of his men again lookout.” Dean started laughing, but it wasn’t his happy laugh oh fuck it’s his other laugh.

I look him in the eyes, putting my hand on his cheek, he stopped laughing. “Believe your dad came over here to sort us both out lass.” Dean said, “We knew that.” I said, “That we did. But why didn’t you pick a fight with him for killing him?” Dean asked, “I had a gun pointed at me with no way of getting out alive Dean, did what I could only do.” I told him, “He was my informant for the case, believe your dad used you to get rid of him.” Dean said, “Wouldn’t put it past him, now can I have my Dean back?” I asked, “I am right here lass.” He said, “Hmmm not really, you look like you have gone back to that old place.” I said.

He grabs the back of my hand pulling me to his lips kissing me with so much passion I needed to pull away to get my breath. Catching my breath, I look into my husband’s eyes his back. I smile at him putting my hand up into his beard pulling it back down to my lips for another kiss. This time he gripped my hips rocking me onto him, both letting out moans in the kiss, pulling away once I remembered why we shouldn’t. “Dean, babe stop,” I said.

“I know. Doesn’t stop my need for you.” he growls out, “I know babe I know.” I said, “What am I going to do with you?” he asked, “What do you mean?” I asked. “You have so many layers just when I thought I knew all your layers you do this. Dana McCarthy you are an Onion with many layers with only about half of them have been opened to me. Because I love you, I will get you to open them all up to me at one point in our lives together.” He said while I look at him wondering if I should laugh or slap him for what he just said. “Dean, did you just quote Donkey from Shrek to me? Mister McCarthy, you can talk you are worst than me in the layers department. But I love you.” I said, “But you love me? You had to add a but to that?” He asked, “Really you get that from all of that?” I sit back on his lap giggling at his face all screwed up trying to think of what I just said, then he gives me his playful cheeky grin of his.

“Oh, right the Donkey part, well seeing as the kids have been watching shit tons of movies that one part had stuck in my head other than that crappy let it go song. Can I say how glad I am we only have boys so far?” He said I look at him in shock, “Dean this one could be a girl, but just pointing it out there our boys will be watching Frozen too. Just because they are boys doesn’t mean they don’t get to watch it.” I said, “Lass I don’t mind them watching it once but Max and Billie have been watching it on repeat and they let them!” Dean snapped, I start giggling, “Wow Dean they seem to you that they are watching it on repeat, when you get home it’s their turn to pick the movie and it just always seems to be frozen.” I said, “Right.” He said not believing me, he leans forward lifting me a little so he can talk to my belly. “Peanut if you can hear me, please be a wee boy for ya dad.” He said, “Well you have a fifty percent chance of that happening.” I told him.

“When do we find out?” He asked, “When the baby is born.” I told him he groans, “Don’t you want to find out earlier?” He asked, “Right now, nope.” I climbed off his lap, giving him my best smile before heading to the sliding door. “Lass where are you off to?” he asked, “I need to pee.”

Lie Dana what a big fat lie, I don’t need to pee but I’ll head that way encase he is following me. I just needed to get off him before I let my hormones take over. I know I need a new set of panties. I still did a pee anyways turns out my bladder got full on the trip to the bathroom. I headed into our room to quickly put on a clean pair of panties. The door opens with me halfway in putting new panties on. It’s only Dean he has a look of desire all over his face when he notices what I was doing. He closes the door then locks it as he walks over towards me like I am his prey, it’s so bad that I am so turned on by what he's doing right now. He stops just mere inches from me brushing his hand over one side of my face. “Are you hiding something from me?” He asked.

He leans down picking up my dirty panties taking one look at them and his face turns into a smug smirk as he puts them back down and stops my hands from pulling the new ones up further. “I cannot wait any longer.” He crashes his lips onto mine kiss me hard, hands-on both sides of my cheeks pulling me in closer to him.

“Dadda?” Sebastian said loudly, Dean lets out a groan, then whispers, “Bloody cock blockers.” Dean said in a louder voice, “Hey my baby boy.” I quickly pull my pants back up and make my way out of the room, while Dean walks up to our son to see what he wants. I look back at them both as I close the door, the look on Dean’s face says tonight he's not going to let them stop him.

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